Meggan Gould
Since 2004
Works in Providence, Rhode Island United States of America

Meggan Gould, photographer/media artist, currently living in Mumbai, India.


|| Selected Exhibitions ||

Siggraph 2005 Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2005

TechArt II, South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, MA, Best in Show

Digital Visions (online), University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Art:Word/Word:Art, Kuhn Fine Arts Gallery, Ohio State University Marion, Marion

Top 40, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA, 2005

Drift In, Drift Out, Group VI Art Gallery, Dartmouth, MA, 2005

Go ogle, Gallery 244, New Bedford, MA, 2004

Packet, online, New Langton Arts, CA, 2004

Fact/Fiction, Juror: Dawoud Bey, Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT, 2004

Scratch, Gallery 244, New Bedford, MA, 2004

Foire Internationale de la Photo, Biévres, France, 2002

Photoautotroph, ATA, San Francisco, CA, 2001

Diplômes 2001, Gallery Spéos, Paris, France, 2001

Regards sur la Ville, Le Piano Qui Chante, Paris, France, 2001

|| Education ||

MFA, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, 2005

Certificate in Photographic Studies, Spéos (Paris Photographic Institute), 2000 - 2001

Certificate in documentary writing and photography, Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, 1999

BA, International Studies/Anthropology of Science, University of North Carolina, 1998.

|| Grants/Awards ||

University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Chancellor's Centennial Scholarship, 2005

Antonio Cirino Memorial Art Education Fellowship, 2003 - 2005

Visiting Artist, Rhode Island School of Design International Program in New Media, 2002

|| Related Experience ||

Photography Instructor, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, 2004-2005

Pinhole Project Coordinator, Zanzibar International Film Festival, 2004

Photography Instructor, Spéos (Paris Photographic Institute), 2001 - 2003

Curator, Spéos (Paris Photographic Institute), 2002 - 2003

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Re: Re: Google

that is how I have it functioning on the local level--anyone can enter anything and it comes up with the average, while showing you a sort of slideshow of all of the results, but next phase is certainly to make that happen online....

neuston wrote:

> I wonder, If I could input my own words for searching, that would be
> great.
> Meggan wrote:
> > The google series is an exploration of how we interact with, search
> > for, define, and integrate imagery into internet space. The google
> > search engine has become a cultural icon in itself, a verb... and so
> I
> > use it to flesh out icons, canonic cultural imagery, to explore the
> > interplay between text and image. I have written a program that
> > averages the first 60 results of a google image search--most images
> > emerge as a hopeless jumble of pixels, but
> > an elusive category retains a certain degree of clarity. All change
> > over time,
> > shifting in the space between links and clicks.