Max Kazemzadeh
Since 2005
Works in Little Elm, Texas United States of America

Max Kazemzadeh is an Assistant Professor building an Electronic Media Art Program in the University of North Texas School of Visual Arts. Kazemzadeh studies human interaction via the context and influence of constructed interfaces. Reflecting on interfaces as influencing and influenced-by language, identity, culture, and interaction. Kazemzadeh's installation experiences exist as relational kinetic environments that employ reappropriated materials, custom hardware and software, redirecting the viewer's attention from technology, commodity, and the art object to play, adaptation, and human interaction. He has exhibited nationally and internationally.

Upcoming exhibitions include:
The VM Art Gallery (Karachi, Pakistan) Dec. '06
The Beijing Cubic Contemporary (Beijing, China) July '06
The Sanban Gallery (Beijing, China) June '06
Indiana University Museum (Indiana) June '06
-art gallery to be announced Feb. (New York City) June '06
Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid, Spain) '06
Arlington Museum of Art (Texas) May '06
Richland College Art Gallery (Texas) March '06
Dallas Center for Contemporary Art (Texas) March '06
Bath House Cultural Center (Texas) January '06

Upcoming talks include:
Central Academy of Fine Art (Beijing, China) July '06
Plano Art Center (Texas) March '06
Artechmedia International Forum (Madrid, Spain) Spring '06
Fort Worth Modern Art Museum (Texas) February '06

Kazemzadeh is presently organizing an international symposium and exhibition focusing on art and technology called Texelectronica, which will be held in Dallas, Texas.

Kazemzadeh also writes for a contemporary art magazine called Artl!es based in San Antonio, Texas.

His website is:
His blog site is: