Mattresses Beds
Since 2010
Works in Birmingham United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I have 15 years of retail and managerial experience within the bedding industry, including: working the showroom floor, customer support, problem management, low level management and senior management.

My career began within the family business with simple tasks such as data entry and shop floor selling. I moved up through the ranks and then into low managerial positions within the family business. In 2004 I made a job description change from senior internal management to online marketing consultant. This change was the best move I could have possibly made because it opened up new business opportunities within our online marketplace and gave me a sense of purpose and strong desire to achieve within our new online business interests. It has also allowed me to leverage and pursue one of my hobbies, writing.

Today I continue to work consulting the online management team here at and continue to write, more recently from a perspective of simply offering simple general knowledge to the general public focused around my retail sector within the bed and mattress industry.