Mattia Casalegno
Since 2004
Works in Los Angeles, California United States of America

Currently based in Los Angeles, CA, US.

In 2001 he co-founds the project Kinotek ( ), a seminal vjing and new media crew based in Rome, among the first italian collective to use digital tools for vj performances, with whom he partecipated at several international festivals such as ContactEurope, Dissonanze2003, Arezzo Wave/Elettrowave 2003, Italian Live Media (IT), AVIT (DE), OFFF (ES).

In the years 2002-2004 he is part of the italian experimental audio-visual trio metaXu, and since 2002 he started a prolific collaboration with the electro-acustic composer and artist Martux M ( ) aka Maurizio Martusciello, performing at festivals such as Mutek (CA), “Batofar Recherche l’Italie” (FR), Sintesi, International JazzFestival and RomaEuropa festival (IT).

In 2005 he designs live visuals for italian singer Meg (ex 99 posse, Multiformis) italian summer tour produced by Barley Arts promotion Italia and and co-curates "Mixing Identities", the first DVD compilation of emerging italian Vjs produced by ArezzoWave/Electrowave 2006 festival (IT).

During the years 2005-2008 he curates and performs live visuals in various audiovisual performances: “Grainscapes I”, a collaboration with S.Roux (Aperstartjee) and G.Davis (Carpark, Autumn rec) at the Netmage festival (IT). “Info-Naturae 1.0” with the ambient composer Emanuele Errante (Apegenine rec) at the 'Interferenze festival' and 'Sant’Arcangelo dei Teatri' (IT). “Strutture Dissipative” at Romaeuropa festival (IT). "Fuoriorari(a)" with E.Ghezzi, M.Martusciello, M. Masullo at the 'Toledo Gallery' in Naples (IT), and the performance “X-Scape 07” with Martux_M at Auditorium in Rome (IT).

In 2007 he's been commissioned by the Brussels-based events production company 'Villa Eugenie' ( ) for the design of a generative installation for Jean Paul Gaultier's “maDame” event, and for the visual concept of Sonya Rykiel's "50 ans" show in Paris.

During the years 2007-2008 he collaborates closely with the belgian audiovisual platform "Cimatics" ( ), by which is commissioned several multi-platform and audiovisual projects, such as "Disturbed City BXL", with the artist Michael Langeder ( ), and the light design for Vert Pop 2007 and 2008.

In 2009 he relocates to Los Angeles ..