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This profile is way out of date. I should probably update it. Realistically just go to to find out more about me.

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When you go surfclubbin', don't forget your hat.

I agree....but what is going on?

I thought NN was an interesting entity on it's own but it also went a long way to promote the individual artists. Who for the most part seemed to be engaged in this type of practice before getting together.

There is also a lot of distinction being made between first gen and new gen. It would be interesting to know what are the criteria for each group. Maybe a quiz.


Wow, just... wow

i drew a self-portrait on our planet" seems like a stretch. He drew a self portrait in numbers that where later plotted on top of a map of the planet.

not that theres anything wrong with that.



Art Bomb at the ROM

yeah, i'm not so sure.