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online art interventions

Hi there

I worked with a group of artists in 2011 and 2012 to develop 'Dawn Chorus', an intervention into Twitter. The intervention took the form of us writing the dawn over Twitter, from different locations across the UK. We wanted to intervene into the space of Twitter, which is often seen as literal and ego-driven, with a poetic, playful, semi-fictional account of the dawn.

In its first iteration, Dawn Chorus was performed entirely online. We liked the idea of different readers seeing different versions of the performance, depending on who they followed. The second time, Dawn Chorus was also streamed live to Vox Populi performance space in Philadelphia (where it was of course not dawn!), and the third time we held an event at a medieval tower in east London at dawn, which included tweeters, storytellers, performers and other artists.

In each case we tried to make links between the real world and the online world, and to explore how the two realms interact. For obvious reasons, these are difficult projects to document, but we have some transcripts of the performances, and there is some information on my website: