Mary Agnes Krell
Since 2005
Works in United States of America

Mary is a senior lecturer in Digital Media Practice and Theory at Sussex University where she convenes a BA in Media Practice and Theory. She's worked as a digital author and artist (creating interactive media for the web, CD-ROM and installations) in the UK and internationally for over ten years. She is also an associate member of Forced Entertainment as a digital author and, with them, she's created a number of interactive works that have been exhibited around the world at venues including the ZKM (in Karlsruhe, Germany), the ICA (in London) and The Art Institute of Chicago. Nightwalks, an interactive virtual reality piece created in collaboration with the company won the Transmediale in 2000.

Mary is working with The Lee Miller Archives and Penrose Film Productions on an interactive exhibition of Lee Miller's WWII photography. That work, "Traces of Lee Miller: Echoes from St Malo" can be seen as a part of the touring exhibition, "Lee Miller's War" (in Auckland and Sydney in mid-2007) and as a part of the Lee Miller centenary exhibition at the V&A Museum in London during late 2007. She also recently collaborated with Petra Gemeinboeck on her Impossible Geographies of Memory Project.
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Job Posting: Senior Lecturer in Emerging Field + PT Lecturer in Photography

The links to the posts are:

Emerging Fields (official title = Senior Lecturer in Media Practice)

Photo (official title = Lecturer in Media Practice - photography Part Time)


Senior Lecturer in Emerging Field + PT Lecturer in Photography

Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:03

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Department of Media & Film at Sussex Univeresity is hoping to hire new faculty members in media practice areas. There are currently two open positions (FT Media Practice: Emerging Fields and PT Media Practice: Photography).

Please forward these to any interested parties.