Mary Choueiter
Since 2008
Works in Beirut Lebanon

Mary received a Merit Scholarship from the American University of Beirut where she pursued a BFA in Graphic Design. Early on, she discovered that scissors can do magic and engaged in a career of perfecting cut out techniques in bright colors. Her love for paper is only equaled by her love for what is on the paper; text, content, typography, and all the white space in between. Inspired by old Islamic calligraphic manuscripts, she conducted several experiments in designing Arabic fonts to write stories and fables on the history of her country, Lebanon.

The outcome of her collaborations in the Architecture, Art and Design interdisciplinary office, Atelier Hapsitus in Lebanon culminated with a series of 3-D formal explorations using Arabic letterforms. The forms lent themselves as function in a shelving system for a mansion, a curved handrail, laser cut tiles, and floor plans proposals in a retail space.

With an MFA in Digital Media, Mary aims to extend the element of play and her interactive hands-on work process from that of print to that of Digital Media. As she further drowns into code she interprets the digital language of binary 1s and 0s as pattern generators.