Martijn van Wagtendonk
Since 2008
Works in Colbert, Georgia United States of America

In the living room of a lovely canal-side home in Northern Holland is the world's oldest functioning planetarium. Eise Eisinga (1744-1828) built this model of the solar system in his home to demonstrate that there was no need to panic about a prediction made in 1774 claiming that the earth was to be thrown out of orbit by a collision. Inspired by the Enlightenment, Eisinga was convinced that knowledge could improve both mankind and society. His display of the order that guides the heavens is still considered accurate, and does not just function as an explanation, but unfolds for the viewer as a beautifully crafted moving work of art, performing on the ceiling in Eisinga’s home. Man's fascination with his world has led to innumerable explanations for why/how the universe as we know it exists. Using philosophy, religion, and science, we seek to understand who we are and why we are here. When I work on my installations I try, in the spirit of Eisinga, to evoke an environment to wonder in.