Mark Tribe
Since 2004
Works in New York, New York United States of America

Mark Tribe is an artist whose work explores the intersection of media technology and politics. His photographs, installations, videos, and performances are exhibited widely, including recent solo projects at Momenta Art in New York, the San Diego Museum of Art, G-MK in Zagreb, and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. Tribe is the author of two books, The Port Huron Project: Reenactments of New Left Protest Speeches (Charta, 2010) and New Media Art (Taschen, 2006), and numerous articles. He is Chair of the MFA Fine Arts Department at School of Visual Arts in New York City. In 1996, Tribe founded Rhizome, an organization that supports the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.
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DISCUSSION Launches Revamped Web Site


June 26, 2002 Launches Revamped Web Site

Announces New Features and Enhanced Functionality

NEW YORK, NY, June 26, 2002, an online community focused on
new media art, announced today that it has redesigned its web site and
added several new web site features, including a global new media art
Calendar, Opportunity Listings, and a Community Directory.

The redesign and expansion are intended to make the site easier to navigate
and more useful to members. Informed by two member surveys and
a focus group, the revamped site is part of's strategic plan to
achieve long-term sustainability through community growth, community-based
revenue and scalable efficiency.

Highlights of the new site:

A significant percentage of the world's new media art events are already
announced on's email lists. This new feature makes these
announcements accessible on the web via a familiar calendar interface and
allows members to post events via email or a web-based form.

Opportunity Listings:
Similar to the Calendar, members can now both post and access new media art
opportunities -- such as jobs, grants, residencies, commissions, festivals,
conferences, and calls for papers -- on the web site.
Opportunities are organized chronologically.

Community Directory
Each member can now create a page on the web site
that includes, at the member's discretion, contact information, a
biographical statement, an image and a resume. The Community Directory also
displays a list of members who are currently logged on to the web site.
Alphabetical lists of all members and member search functions are in

"The new web site will be much more useful for our members around the world
and an essential resource for the new media art community," said Mark
Tribe, Founder and Executive Director of "For example, a
Korean museum curator could use our existing ArtBase to find Spanish
artists for an exhibition in Seoul, look up the artists' email addresses in
the Community Directory, and announce the opening reception in the Calendar." is a New York nonprofit organization that provides an online
platform for the global new media art community. Founded in 1996, serves as a grass-roots community center for new media artists,
curators, students, educators, writers and enthusiasts.'s
programs support the creation, presentation, discussion and preservation of
contemporary art that engages new technologies in significant ways. takes its name from the botanical term for an underground stem
that connects plants into living networks, a metaphor for the
organization's non-hierarchical structure. Widely considered to be the
world's leading online resource for and about new media artists and their
work, connects, supports, and educates the new media art
community and the public through cost-free programs including email-based
discussion groups and publications, online archives for new media art works
and writings, a new media calendar and opportunity listings, a community
directory, a new media art commissioning program, outreach events, and an
international internship program. has 12,500 members in 118 countries. The web site
receives six million hits each month, representing 50,000 unique visitors.
The text archive (TextBase) contains 2,500 articles, while its
art archive (ArtBase) contains 650 works of new media art.


Mark Tribe, Executive Director
115 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012
Tel: 212.625.3191
Fax: 212-625.9508

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Fwd: Natural Car Alarms

>X-Sender: (Unverified)
>Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 02:14:38 -0400
>From: Nina Katchadourian <>
>Subject: Natural Car Alarms
>"Natural Car Alarms"
>A public project by Nina Katchadourian for SculptureCenter
>Premieres June 29, 2002 across from the new MoMA QNS (33rd St and Queens
>coinciding with the public opening of MoMA QNS from10 am-10pm.
>For directions to MoMA QNS, please visit
> * * * *
>SculptureCenter announces "Natural Car Alarms," a migrating public art
>project by Nina Katchadourian, on view throughout Long Island City on
>intermittent dates from June 29 through November 30, 2002.
>Last summer, Katchadourian was on a residency at CCA7 in Trinidad. While
>hiking in a remote part of the island, she heard a bird that she thought
>she recognized. Eventually she realized that the birdcall was familiar
>because it was strikingly similar to a particular segment of a multi-tone
>car alarm heard regularly on the streets of New York. Pleased by this
>misunderstanding, she decided to create "Natural Car Alarms."
>"Natural Car Alarms" consists of a fleet of three cars, each outfitted
>with a unique alarm made of bird calls that mimics the typical six-tone
>siren sound it replaces. To create the alarms, Katchadourian worked with
>researchers at the Macauley Library of Natural Sounds at the Cornell Lab
>of Ornithology to find birds whose calls closely matched the car sirens.
>The birds used are a mixture of local and exotic, common and extinct.
>"Natural Car Alarms" will debut on Saturday, June 29th from 10 am to 10 pm
>at Queens Boulevard and 33rd Street, across from MoMA QNS, coinciding with
>the public opening of the new museum. The next day, the project will move
>to Jackson and 46th Aves, next to PS1, from 12-6.
>The project will several to various New York sites through November 2002.
>Confirmed dates are listed below; check the SculptureCenter website at
> for additional dates and locations.
>The project will be shown for the last time when the flock alights at the
>opening of SculptureCenter's new home on Purves Street in November.
> * * * *
>"Natural Car Alarms" can be seen and heard in the following places:
>June 29, 10am-10pm at 33rd Street and Queens Blvd. near MoMA QNS
>June 30, 12pm-6pm at Jackson and 46th Aves near PS1; also
>July 20, 12 pm-6pm at Jackson and 46th Aves near PS1
>September 22, 12 pm-6pm at Broadway and Vernon Boulevard near Socrates
>Sculpture Park.
>Additional dates and locations to be announced. Check the SculptureCenter
>website at for additional dates and locations.
> * * * *
>Special thanks to James Powderly, technical consultant, programmer, and
>engineer, and Carol Bloomgarden at the Macauley Library of Natural
>Sounds/Cornell Lab of Ornithology for archival research and assistance.


"art.bit collection" at ICC

>X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Version 5.0.2-Jr2
>Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 01:03:59 +0900
>From: yukiko shikata <>
>Subject: "art.bit collection" at ICC
>*here i bcc the info. to some friends and media related people.
>dear all,
>hope all are fine...!
>here i send you the information of "art.bit collection" exhibitoin
>at ICC from June 21 till August 11(lead by Masaki Fujihata, and
>Kouichirou Eto) where i support curating aspects.
>it is the first exhibition at ICC to show the condition and relation
>of software and art.
>there will be symposiums, workshops and performance during the
>period, and i will organise one symposium on July 13 titled
>"art_bit_culture(tentative)"with JODI,, exonemo, doubleNegatives,
>LAN, Florian Cramer and Eto.
>all the best ,yukiko
>"art.bit collection"
>Date: June 21 (Fri) - August 11 (Sun), 2002 10:00am-6:00pm
> closed: Mondays, August 4 (Sun)
>Venue: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] Gallery A, B
>Address: Tokyo Opera City Tower 4F,
> 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1404 Japan
>URL for this exhibition:
>Organizer: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]
>Curator: FUJIHATA Masaki (Media Artist / Professor, Tokyo National
> University of Fine Arts and Music) and ETO Kouichirou (Media Artist /
> Researcher, International Media Research Foundation)
>Curatorial Support: SHIKATA Yukiko (Curator / Professor-in-special-
> contract, Tokyo Zokei University)
>Cooperation: International Media Research Foundation / Department of
> Inter Media Art, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
>on "Art.Bit Collection"
>In the art world, a work of art is called an "art piece." The word "
>piece" designates a thing that actually exists, but since software
>creations exist only as binary data, calling them an "art piece" doesn't
>suit well. Substituting "bit" for "piece," we have decided to call such
>a work an "art bit."
>In the case of software, which is used as a medium, material, tool,
>and environment for art, it is necessary to know the conditions of the
>"art bit"; under the present circumstances, however, when the market is
>glutted with high-performance application software, it is becoming
>increasingly difficult to stretch the individual's imaginative powers.
>Some people have even become convinced that no new software is needed
>beyond what already exists. Software ought not to be simply a tool that
>allows us to imitate actual operations and rationalize routine work. We
>must delve down and discover new possibilities that are latent in
>software and experiment with them through trial and error as "art bits."
>The "Art.Bit Collection" exhibit brings together and displays works that
>explore software possibilities in this sense -- programming language
>(especially visual programming language and language environment
>software for computer music), network community (software available on
>the Internet for creating and exhibiting artwork), software for visualization
>for the World Wide Web, new application software, and interactive works.
>Although we cannot perhaps say that these art bits have as yet evolved
>into major works in this sense, we can say that each of them contains a
>"bit of art" that shows extraordinary creativity.
><7 categories with 39 works>
>*Visual Programming Environment (8 works)
> How can we create open ended Programming Environment for the end-user?
>*Media Programming Environment (5 works)
>*CommunityWare (1 work)
>*Virtual Environment (3 works)
> You can feel strange reality by virtual environment in computer.
>*Web Browser historical view and alternatives (7 works)
> You can see history and the future of Web Browser.
>*Behind the Network (5 works)
> Visualize the streams of network and data on network.
> You can realize there are many background behind the network.
>*NoiseWare - deconstructing desktop and application (10 works)
> Input noise into desktop and application.
> They reconstruct your common sense about computer.
>NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]
>Tel: +81-3-5353-0800 (International)
>E-mail :
>URL for this exhibition:


NYSCA Funds The Distribution Of New York Media Artists Work

Mon Jun 17, 2002 01:00

The New York State Council on the Arts' Electronic Media & Film Program announces the availability of funding towards the distribution of recently completed independent media arts projects by New York artists.

With management assistance from National Video Resources, awards of up to $5,000 will be made on a competitive basis for audio/radio, film, video, computer-based work, and installation art incorporating these media. This funding category was established to help professional artists in the State gain greater exposure for their work.

These awards can be used for distribution expenses such as marketing, dubs/prints, transfers, closed captioning, subtitling, or CD-ROM release costs. Funding decisions will be based on the artistic quality of the work and the relevance of the distribution plan.

Deadline for submission is August 15, 2002. Applications will be available by June. Awards will be announced in December 2002.

To receive the guidelines and application contact NYSCA's Electronic Media & Film Program by:
+ phone 212/741-3993
+ email
+ writing to the NYSCA-EMF Program, 175 Varick Street 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10014.