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Re: you know the drill

What's annoying? Taking the photos or being taken as a paparazzi?

On Wednesday, March 12, 2003, at 01:05 AM, t.whid wrote:

> I'm probably going to stop doing this as I'm getting to be known as
> the guy who takes the photos and it's annoying.
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Re: Intro text for Cory Arcangel's "Data Diaries"

On Tuesday, February 18, 2003, at 02:05 PM, Alexander Galloway wrote:

> But the greatest thing about Cory's net art is that he's not a net
> artist. He never was and never will be. If net art was cinema, then
> Jodi would be Godard--fresh, formalist and punk-rock to the core.
> Entropy8zuper! would be Tarkovsky--lush, magical and complex. Etoy
> would be Verhoeven--hyper modern, sexy and a tad fascistic. And this
> leaves Cory, playing in the rec room with his Pixelvision
> camcorder--all dirt-style, geekcore, and what we like.


there's also an (obvious) formal/visual relation to structuralist
filmakers like paul sharits / michael snow and a bit of ken jacobs
thrown in as well (in the form of _proto_cinehacker).

(so clearly, better to be filed under cinema than

what i like about how the data dairies render now (through quicktime) -
is this quality of a non-sensical *expose* of cory's dirty laundry
dressed up as a (retro) structuralist film. naked data in a naked city.

and i certainly don't mind reading a little bit to laugh like that.