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Mark Cooley is an interdisciplinary artist interested in exploring the intersections of art, activism and institutional critique in a variety of contexts. Subjects of particular interest are U.S. foreign policy, corporate culture, and the political economy of new technologies. Recently, Mark has focused his attention on food production and consumption and the ways in which artists may mediate in these processes.

Loca - Location Oriented Critical Arts


Grass-roots, Pervasive Surveillance

Loca is an artist-led interdisciplinary project on mobile media and surveillance. It forms part of an AHRB funded research programme exploring the shifting boundaries between art practice, the event and data systems. Loca is grass-roots, pervasive surveillance. A person walking through the city centre hears a beep on their phone and glances at the screen. Instead of an SMS alert they see a message reading: We are currently experiencing difficulties monitoring your position: please wave you network device in the air.

Loca is an exercise in everyday surveillance, tracking digital objects in physical space. What happens when it is easy for everyone to track everyone, when surveillance can be affected by consumer level technology within peer-to-peer networks without being routed through a central point?


The project foregrounds secondary characteristics of mobile communications, such as the ability to locate consumer mobile devices in real-time and near-real-time, and the kinds of peer-to-peer pervasive surveillance that is possible as a result. Loca explores the shifting nature of surveillance as it ceases to be the preserve of governmental or commercial bureaucracies.

Pervasive surveillance has the potential to be both sinister and positive, at the same time. The intent of Loca is to equip people to deal with the ambiguity and to make informed decisions about the networks that they populate.


Interferenze 2006, Naturalis Electronica


INTERFERENZE 2006, Naturalis Electronica

With its 2006 edition, INTERFERENZE,
international festival of sounds, new visual arts
and media, is seated in the mountains of the
partenio / Valle Caudina, which it will fill live
performances, installations, projections,
seminars, free camping, artists and public.
Although INTERFERENZE is tied to the land,
electronic and multimedia arts are its driving
force: performances, installations, events,
workshops and conferences complete the event.
INTERFERENZE confirms its traditional division
into three thematic macroareas: 1) SOUNDS, with
laptop culture artists; 2) NEW MEDIA, video,
software art and new technologies; 3) TALKS,
WORKSHOPS, CONFERENCES. A new section will form
focused on the interconnection between electronic
arts and the rural.


ISEA2006 Papers


Intelligent Agent Special Issue

"In collaboration with the ISEA2006 Festival and Symposium taking place from August7-13 in San Jose, intelligent agent is featuring the papers presented at the ISEA symposium in this special issue, which is published both online and can be ordered print-on-demand at the intelligent agent website. As the symposium is breaking with some of the conventions of a conference ��� encouraging a more dilaogical format where papers are not formally presented but pre-published online and discussed in the symposium sessions ��� this special issue also slightly deviates from the traditional publication format of conference proceedings. Rather than serving only as a form of "documentation" after the festival, this issue also functions as an "on site" companion to the symposium, making the papers available to symposium visitors for easy reference. It is part of the nature of this process that the essays included here are in various stages of "development": some of them have been previously published and discussed on mailing lists and then revised; others are in a "beta" stage, proposing ideas for further discussion within the symposium..." -- Patrick Lichty and Christiane Paul, Intelligent Agent.

Sources: intelligent agent Vol. 6 No. 2 and ISEA 2006


There Has Been a Change of Plan

ryan griffis:

Begin forwarded message:

> Raqs Media Collective : 'There Has Been a Change of Plan'
> (Selected Works 2002-2006)
> Nature Morte Gallery, A 1 Neeti Bagh, New Delhi
> August 5 - 26, 2006
> - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
> Sometimes, adjustments have to be made. Schedules need calibration.
> There are contingencies, questions, obstinate demands, weak excuses,
> strong desires. You return to the city you never left. You pause,

> take
> stock. Sit still and let a conversation begin. Maybe?
> Around you, aeroplanes sit on wooden platforms in a wilderness like
> widows on a funeral pyre. Clocks measure fatigue, anxiety and modest
> epiphanies across latitudes. A door to nowhere stands obstinately
> against the sky. All your cities are a blur.
> "Do you like looking at maps?"
> Meanwhile, measures are taken, shoes lost and found, ghost stories
> gather, the city whispers conspiracies to itself, the situation is
> tense but under control. Someone offers you a postcard.
> Now: Let's see what happens.
> -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
> Raqs Media Collective is pleased to announce its first solo

> exhibition
> in Delhi - 'There Has Been A Change of Plan' at Nature Morte Gallery.
> The exhibition features selected works (2002 - 2006) in the form of
> cross media installations with networked computers, objects,

> postcards,
> video, sound, prints and projections.
> Works exhibited include: 'Lost New Shoes', selections from 'A Measure
> of Anacoustic Reason', 'Location (n)', '28.28 N / 77.15 E :: 2001/02
> (Co-Ordinates of Everyday Life, Delhi 2001-2002)', 'Erosion by
> Whispers', 'Preface to a Ghost Story' and 'There Has Been a Change of
> Plan'. (See Details in PDF attatchment with this mail)
> - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
> About Raqs Media Collective
> (Excerpt from the Wikipedia Entry on Raqs Media Collective -
> Raqs Media Collective was formed in 1992 by independent media
> practitioners Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula and Shuddhabrata

> Sengupta.
> Based in Delhi, their work engages with urban spaces ...


Free Culture Sponsors Wikimania Awards

Attention free content creators and wikimaniacs alike: is co-sponsoring the Wikimania Awards in conjunction with the 2006 Wikimania Conference taking place in Cambridge, MA on August 4-6, 2006. (Shout out to all that would like to attend the conference: register here.)

The Wikimania Awards were created to promote the creation of excellent free content around the world. The authors of such content have made millions of ad-hoc collages, designs, and art exhibits possible. Awards will be given to the best entries in each of nine categories, covering video, animation, audio, photography, and drawing.

Entries must be suitable for some Wikimedia-related project, and must be released under free licenses such as the GFDL or Creative Commons BY-SA or Public Domain Dedication. The full set of rules and submission information is available here.

The closing date for all submissions aside from those created en route to/at the conference is August 1, 2006, so don’t delay. There will be an international and (cyber) star-studded set of judges, along with some great prizes and exposure for the winning entries!


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Experimental Animation Adjunct Professor Wanted

Mon Nov 04, 2013 17:00

Fairfax, Virginia
United States of America

George Mason University School of Art is now accepting applications for adjunct professors to teach 2D and 3D experimental animation courses for the spring 2014 semester.

Inquiries please email Mark Cooley at for more information.

Mark Cooley
New Media Art Program Coordinator
Green Studio Coordinator
School of Art, George Mason University


open source software / college new media art programs

Anyone, know of any college new media art programs that focus on using open source software. I'm doing some research.




A Lion King Remake

Lion King Remake: A recipe for Hilarity and Disaster (or at least a few good laughs over lunch with a copyright lawyer).

This is what you get when you add:
40 or so severely fatigued freshmen game design students
+ a cruel instructor ready to indulge in his student's childhood dreams (which in this case, are sponsored by the Disney Corporation).
+ a staged classroom battle and eventual consensus over candidates for 'remake' (close competitors included Terminator 2, Harry Potter & LOTR).
+ each student given two 15 second segments of LK to remake.

chaos ensues


Adjunct Professor New Media Art George Mason University (DC suburbs)

Thu May 31, 2012 12:25

fairfax, Virginia
United States of America


The New Media Art program in the School of Art at George Mason University is currently accepting C.V.s for potential adjunct professor teaching positions in New Media Art beginning this fall.

Interested individuals please contact Mark Cooley -

Thank you,

Mark Cooley
Associate Professor
Program Coordinator - New Media Art
School of Art
George Mason University



Obama's war two years on.