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Mark Cooley is an interdisciplinary artist interested in exploring the intersections of art, activism and institutional critique in a variety of contexts. Subjects of particular interest are U.S. foreign policy, corporate culture, and the political economy of new technologies. Recently, Mark has focused his attention on food production and consumption and the ways in which artists may mediate in these processes.

The New American Dictionary

The Boston-based performance group Institute for Infinitely Small Things has published a book called The New American Dictionary.

The dictionary highlights the terminology of fear, security and war that has permeated American English post 9-11. It includes 68 new terms i.e. Preparedness and Freedom Fries as well as terms that have recently been redefined i.e. Torture.

The dictionary also has an interactive dimension. 58 terms are left undefined for the reader to pencil in their own definition. Furthermore, readers are invited to submit their additions to the institute for a possible inclusion in the 2nd edition.

The New American Dictionary is available at several online stores.


exhaust emissions balloons

a huge balloon, tied to a car�s vent-pipe, depicting the amount of exhaust emissions a car releases a day.

the "bursting earth" project is similar, but more dynamic. activists attach world globe balloons on exhaust pipes of cars in Berlin. the exhaust gas inflates the ballons. after the message becomes readable, there is a big "bang".

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Aram Bartholl is a german artist renowned for making physical abstractions of the digital world, particularly game-worlds.

One of Aram's not-to-be-missed performances is inspired by the popular computer game World of Warcraft (WoW).

In WoW, the nickname of the player's avatar is constantly hovering above the head of the player so that the identity is visible for everyone else in the game.

Aram took this little feature out of cyberspace to see how it would look if people's names would float above their heads in the physical world too.

WoW has been performed at different locations around the world. Luckily, it is well-documented!

Getting coffee WoW style Workshop in Ghent Project Site




Aesthetics and Politics

REALIZING THE IMPOSSIBLE: ART AGAINST AUTHORITY by Josh MacPhee, Erik Reuland, editors :: There has always been a close relationship between aesthetics and politics in anti-authoritarian social movements. And those movements have in turn influenced many of the last century's most important art movements, including cubism, Dada, post-impressionism, abstract expressionism, surrealism, Fluxus, Situationism, and punk. Today, the movement against corporate globalization, with its creative acts of resistance, has brought anti-authoritarian politics into the forefront. This sprawling, inclusive collection explores this vibrant history, with topics ranging from turn-of-the-century French cartoonists to modern Indonesian printmaking, from people rolling giant balls of trash down Chicago streets to massive squatted urban villages and renegade playgrounds in Denmark, from stencil artists of Argentina to radical video collectives of the US and Mexico. Lots of illustrations, all b&w.;


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(Second) Life Studies: Geoff Scott at The Field Museum of Art

(Second) Life Studies
Master landscape painter Geoff Scott offers up a gorgeous series of conte, pastel and watercolor studies. Done on location during Geoff's most recent metaverse travels.

The Field Museum of Art is a privately held museum institution dedicated to collecting and exhibiting Fine Art that endeavors to illuminate, celebrate and document the natural world. Since our inception in 1987, our mission has led us to collect and exhibit the work of many renowned master artists who've found inspiration in representing the wonders, beauty and sublimity of nature for future generations to enjoy and contemplate.




Press release: Calling America blog live 3/11 - 3/17

Sat Mar 17, 2007 00:00 - Mon Mar 12, 2007



Calling America is a citizen's journalism project that explores, through a series of programs, the possibilities of sociable media platforms and common communications technologies in the practice of participatory journalism and documentary.

Program 1: March on the Pentagon

The first installment of Calling America takes place amidst the backdrop of the March on the Pentagon, March 17, 2007. A diverse group of activists from across the country were asked to keep a daily journal beginning one week prior to the march and ending the day of the march. Each participant will record, via telephone, a daily journal entry in which they reflect on their geographic, mental, spiritual and political journeys to Washington D.C. Participant's journal entries are recorded live and archived to the Calling America blog throughout the week. The project's aim is to provide an intimate look into the personal and political lives of a group of individuals brought together, at a critical point in history, to engage in direct democratic action.

Visit the blog (live from 3/11 - 3/17/2007)

Calling America has been developed for Multimediale, an art, politics and new media festival taking place at Provisions Library, Washington DC, April 19 - 22, 2007.


MULTIMEDIALE considers the process in which the artist engages new media to affect or offer social and political change. Society is a global network of immediate communication in which artists proactively participate by using experimental media strategies. They explore new possibilities and reach outside the boundaries of their specific local situation and discipline. Using art as a vehicle for dialogue and criticism, they affect public opinion by building models and conceptual frames to offer social change or alternatives.

MULTIMEDIALE offers multiple ways of approaching art that goes far beyond traditional ways of thinking about media. It stimulates artists to create new work and explore new spaces for art making (= the city and its virtual appearance), hence the theme: CAPTURING THE CAPITAL!

MULTIMEDIALE seeks to energize the Washington DC community with new ideas about art, society and politics.

Organized by Randall Packer and Niels Van Tomme, curated by Niels Van Tomme.

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