mark cooley
Since 2002
Works in United States of America

Mark Cooley is an interdisciplinary artist interested in exploring the intersections of art, activism and institutional critique in a variety of contexts. Subjects of particular interest are U.S. foreign policy, corporate culture, and the political economy of new technologies. Recently, Mark has focused his attention on food production and consumption and the ways in which artists may mediate in these processes.

Correction: Launch of Manchester-Peripheral at Futuresonic 2006

drew hemment:

Please note: previous announcement about Manchester : Peripheral

contained typing error. Corrected version below.


by Alastair Dant, Tom Davis & David Gunn (UK/USA)

The sounds of Manchester, for you to remix. Manchester : Peripheral

is an interactive SoundMap that uses physical workshops and virtual

interfaces to allow individuals to create their own "folk songs".

It creates a constantly evolving audio portrait of the area and an

intimate guide to the urban landscape. Sounds and musics contributed

by local people are remixed via an online SoundMap, with a physical

installation in development for 2007. Visitors to the website are

encouraged to save and share their mixes and to submit their own

sounds for inclusion on the site, creating an ongoing relationship of

collaborative creativity with the wider community. Looking beyond the

city centre, Manchester : Peripheral delves deep into the musical

culture of four wards across the Manchester's metropolitan borough,

celebrating a far more diverse and complex image of Manchester.

Manchester : Peripheral is one in a series of ongoing works by the

Folk Songs Project using digital art, community engagement and audio

recordings to explore individual and collective identity in regions

across the world.

A new project commissioned by Futuresonic, Manchester International

Festival and Museum of Science and Industry.

A part of Futuresonic 2006



Here’s an article I wrote about Heath Bunting’s “SuperWeed” project for the “System_Hack” show. Read Up!


Too Much Patriotism? Keep Freewaves Alive Part Deux


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Wigged Productions presents "Extrapolations", an online exhibition

Seth Thompson:

Wigged productions is pleased to announce the opening of its online
exhibit Extrapolations. Curated by Humberto Ramirez, the show
includes work by Lana Lin, The Yes Men, Arzu Ozkal Telhan, Deva
Eveland, eteam, Jason Nelson, Jody Zelen and Peiyun Lee. The
curatorial project focuses on works situated outside of mainstream
visual strategies using anachronism, simulacra, radical denial,
historical revision, humor etc. The idea of critique as an oblique
activity, tangential and tactical is central to this project. The
show will run through June 15, 2007.

Please click on the link below to access the curatorial essay and exhibit.

Seth Thompson
Wigged Productions


Slavery's Ephemera

Slavery's Ephemera
By Judith Jackson Fossett
Design by Erik Loyer

From Editors' Introduction

Nearly 150 years after the height of the plantation South, the presumed �romance� of the era still seems to hold sway in the American national imaginary. Tourism at plantation sites has surged in recent years. The visitor to these locales surveys a very particular past, for tour guides typically focus on architectural spectacle and period furnishings as they sketch a specific (and usually white-washed) history of ephemeral southern grandeur. The visiting tourist is powerfully positioned within a mise-en-scene of imagined hospitality, an immersive experience underwritten both by the mansions� scale and lush settings and by the simultaneous erasure of virtually all traces of slavery. The visitor is swept into a stage set ripe for fantasy, creating a powerful scene for the projection of romance and structuring a sort of mobility through an imagined space of history. This fantasy unfolds in an isolated temporal and geographic zone, narrativized as separate in space and time, a lost moment reflecting a �gentler� past that mustn�t be disturbed by the ghostly presence of the slave. These tours serve to freeze the possible meanings of the South, the plantation, and the past along very narrow registers.