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upcoming exhibition: Video Vortex.2

Video Vortex.2
December 8, 2007



Deadline July 1, 2007
********************* is the essential online tool for everyone involved in
arts and culture who creates, collaborates, shares and produces across
borders in Europe. This interactive web platform was launched in 2006
to encourage dialogue, networking and collaboration across physical,
cultural and imaginative borders across 48 countries in the broader
Europe. Initiated by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and jointly
developed and supported by many of Europe's leading cultural
organisations, LabforCulture offers a wealth of essential information,
debate and research - including all the latest news, vital funding
tips, blogs and a vast searchable database of cultural organisations
operating from Rome to Reykjavik. will celebrate its first anniversary in the summer of
2007 and in this context we are pleased to announce a call for an
experienced media art curator or curatorial collaboration to
conceptualise and manage an online presentation of specially
commissioned artworks, for presentation in early 2008.

Call for proposals
This is an open call to Europe-based curators to propose a creative
concept for the LabforCulture anniversary project, be responsible for
the ultimate selection of artworks and critically reflect on the
project throughout its duration and after its end. The concept and
commissioned artworks should address, challenge and rethink issues such
as cross border dialogue, cultural intersections, crossings or
networks, in the context of LabforCulture and cultural cooperation in
the broader Europe. The curatorial proposal will contextualise and
document the work in relation to the scope, content and technological
framework of

Curatorial profile
The selected curator/s should:

* have demonstrated experience in either curating Net Art and/or
artists who use the internet as integral to their practice.
* have a curatorial track record in the field of media art
* have demonstrated cultural project management experience
* demonstrate their ability to write about and critically evaluate the
presented works

The curator/s will be contracted by the European Cultural Foundation on
a freelance basis for the period of August 1, 2007 to May 15, 2008, and
will receive a fee of 7000 Euro (excluding 2 required trips to
Amsterdam for work with the LabforCulture team, but including any
additional travel required to deliver the proposed project, to be
discussed with the LabforCulture Director). In addition to the fee, a
fixed commissions and documentation budget will be provided.


* design a concept and thematic framework for the project
* make the final selection of artists
* maintain an appropriate timeline for agreed outputs
* be the main contact person for the commissioned artists
(LabforCulture will be responsible for the administration of the
project in terms of contracts, payments and overall coordination of the
* manage the agreed commissions and documentation budget, which will be
overseen and administrated by LabforCulture
* write an engaging curatorial statement to be published on
LabforCulture in November 2007 and a subsequent series of texts to
accompany the presentations in 2008, introducing and reflecting on the
selected artists/artworks
* be available to travel to Amsterdam as required, to meet with
LabforCulture staff over the course of the project
* work in close collaboration with the LabforCulture team in relation
to the technical framework and requirements of the commissioned artworks
* work with the LabforCulture team to agree and implement an
appropriate page/section for the project that integrates with the
current website design and branding
* work with the LabforCulture Communications team to promote the
project and be available for press interviews
* gather and prepare documentation about the commissioned artists and
artworks for presentation on
* ensure appropriate documentation of the project is undertaken and
after its end, reflect on the process, challenges and experience of the
project in a final text/public discussion forum.

Selection panel
Annet Dekker (Head of Exhibitions and Artlab, Netherlands Media Art
Institute, Amsterdam, NL) and Kelli Dipple (Webcasting Curator, Tate,
London, UK) will join the LabforCulture content development team to
select the curatorial proposal.

Interested curators are asked to submit the following material BY EMAIL
ONLY no later than July 1, 2007:

1. Cover letter
2. Curator's CV
3. Proposed title for the project
4. Curatorial concept
5. Examples of artists and/or artworks that demonstrate the curatorial
6. A proposed timeline for associated landmarks and outputs
7. An estimated budget with preliminary allocations for commissioned
work, associated travel and documentation activities (broad areas of
expenditure only)

Proposals should be sent to the attention of:

Angela Plohman
Content Development




+ + DEADLINE: 1 SEPTEMBER 2007 + +

in brief:
residency period 3 months
dates from September 2007
location Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands Media Art Institute is pleased to annouce an open call
for the fall 2007 round of its Artist in Residence (AiR) program.

The AiR programme at the Netherlands Media Art Institute aims to support
the exploration and development of new work in
digital/interactive/network media and technology based arts practice.
The residency provides time and resources to artists in a supportive
environment to facilitate the creation of new work that is produced from
an open source perspective. We encourage a cross disciplinary and
experimental approach. This is a practice based residency designed to
enable the development and completion of a new work.

Our focus for this open call is on open source interactive
* installation art, in which the following occurs:
* interaction between tools and/or software
* interaction between tools and artwork
* interaction between audience and artwork

The Netherlands Media Art Institute offers an open environment with
technical assistance and an active advisory board which will give
feedback and support in technical, conceptual and presentation issues.
There is access to studio and exhibition equipment,
technical support from the Institute's staff and production help from
interns. The technical staff is specialized and has good contacts with
programmers of the following software, a.o.: PD/PDP, Blender, Dynebolic,
Linux. We expect the artist to have knowledge and insight in the
technical realization of the concept.

It is integral to the mission of the AiR program that artists
participate in presenting their work in a public form appropriate to
their project. This can include gallery installations, demonstrations of
research in progress, panel discussions, on-line projects, or multimedia
performances, in addition to open studio events and workshops. For this
reason we ask that artists include in their proposal possible examples
of how they might like to present their work publicly.

At this moment the Netherlands Media Art Institute provides in travel
costs. It doesn't provide accommodation for artists living outside of
Amsterdam. However, we are willing to help the search but cannot
guarantee a place for living.

Application form:

The application form can be send to:

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Artist in Residence
c/o Annet Dekker
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
the Netherlands


Faith in Exposure --- Exhibition and Seminar

Faith in Exposure

Exhibition and Seminar
24 February




Manifestation from 18 January - 17 March 2007
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond
Netherlands Media Art Institute
de Appel
Maison Descarte

Art in the New Field of Visibility is an event which aims to explore the
complex interactions between art and media, within the context of the
debate about the role and the function of image in our society. The
program consists of a series of exhibitions, screenings and talks
organized by the Netherlands Media Art Institute, the Flemish Arts
Centre de Brakke Grond, de Appel, Maison Descartes, Institut Francais
des Pays-Bas, Institutul Cultural Roman Boekarest and the Goethe
Institut Amsterdam.



International Symposium
Friday 19th and Saturday 20th January from 10.00 hour
Concept: Bogdan Ghiu, Maria Rus Bojan
Participants: Pascal Beausse, Corin Braga, Edwin Carels, Emilian Cioc,
Irina Cios, Ann Demeester, prof. dr. David Garcia, Bogdan Ghiu, Katarina
Gregos, Sagi Groner, Hanneke Grootenboer (o.v.), prof. dr. Boris Groys,
Khalil Joreige, Eric Kluitenberg, Vesna Madzoski, Natasa Petresin,
Jean-Christophe Royoux, Bart Rutten, prof. dr. Rolf Sachsse, Ive
Stevenheydens, Suzanne van de Ven
Saturday January 20th at 12.30 h. Lecture Prof Dr. Boris Groys
Within the context of the debate about the role and function of image in
our society, the symposium “Art in the new field of visibility” attempts
to create a broader framework for comprehending the recent metamorphosis
of all the communication forms and the implications of this process in
the art field. The emergence of a new synthesis of the worldwide
communications field has generated an interesting process of unifying
the semiotic distinctions between words and images, between art and
non-art, between visibility and non-visibility. This process reveals a
paradigm shift that is dramatically altering the boundaries, calling for
new strategies of research and approach, adjusted continuously to the
increasing complexity of our world.
Through four interdisciplinary panel discussions, the participants at
the symposium will attempt to decipher the various aspects and features
of our predominantly visual culture, exploring artists’ reaction to the
generalized media experience and to stereotypes and globalization.
Topics referring to the new regimes of image as a consequence of living
in a transparent society, as well as topics referring to the crisis of
representation and the existing situation of visual homogenization, will
also be discussed.

Entrance: 20,- (students 10,-) --- including lunch
Reservations: T +31 20 6229014 or

Strategies of Confinement in the Age of Biopolitics
19 January - 25 February
Opening 19 January 17.00 hour
Artist: Alexandra Croitoru, Johan Grimonprez, Mladen Miljanovic, Solmaz
Shahbazi, Sean Snyder
Curator: Zoran Eric
More information:

Strategies of Confinement in the Age of Biopolitics
Thursday February 8th 20.30 h, Zoran Eric in conversation with Bart Rutten
Videoworks from: Harun Farocki, Walid Raad & Atlas Group, Artur Zmijewski
Curator: Zoran Eric
More information:


18 January - 10 February
Opening 18 January from 17.00 - 19.00 hour
Artists: Pierre Bismuth, Heather & Patrick Burnett-Rose, Claude Closky,
Sagi Groner, Sami Kallinen, Matthieu Laurette, Gabriel Lester, Anna
Maltz, Cristi Pogacean, Julika Rudelius
Curator: Maria Rus Bojan
More information:

24 February - 17 March
Opening 23 February, 17.00 h.
Artists (t.b.c.): Beirut Letters, De Geuzen,, Lynn Hershman,
Olia Lialina, Avi Mograbi, Oog (Nanette Hoogslag / Volkskrant), Sean
Snyder, Thomson & Craighead, Jody Zellen
Curator: David Garcia
More information:

Saturday 24 February
With contributions by: Jody Dean, Noortje Marres, Richard Rogers, Sean
Snyder, David Garcia (moderator)
More information:


Exhibition and videoscreening
19 - 27 January
Opening 19 January 20.00 hour
Artists: Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige
Curator: Natasa Petresin
Friday 19 January 21.00 hour
Videoworks from: The Atlas Group/Walid Raad, Daya Cahen, Sebastian Diaz
Saturday 20 January 20.30 hour
Videoworks from: Egle Budvytyte, Keren Cytter, Jakup Ferri, Mario Garcia
Torres, Driton Hajredini, Ahmet Ogut, Natascha Sadr Haghighian & Judith
Hopf, SilentCell Network, Clemens von Wedemeyer & Maya Schweizer
More information:


20 January - 10 February
Opening Saturday 20 January at 17.00 hour
During the opening Pascal Beausse will talk to Bruno Serralongue
Artists: Ziad Antar, Alain Declercq, Clarisse Hahn, Florence Lazar &
Raphael Grisey, Bruno Serralongue, Olivier Zabat
Curator: Pascal Beausse
More information:

Thanks to:
BeamSystems, Cultures France (Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres),
Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam, Gallery Diana Stigter, Amsterdam,
Gallery Yvon Lambert, Paris, Gallery Plan B, Cluj, Galerie Laurent
Godin, Paris, Lisson Gallery, London, Maison Descartes Institut Francais
des Pays Bas, Amsterdam, Embassy of Romania, Den Haag Project Stichting,
Amsterdam, Sebastien de Ganay Collection, YDL, Amsterdam.

Special thanks to: Mircea Pinte, Raluca Truscanu, Thomas Michelon,
Valeriya Zakopay

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Montevideo / Time Based Arts
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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