Marco Donnarumma
Works in Edinburgh United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Performer, new media and sound artist, teacher, Marco Donnarumma was born in Italy and is based in London. He is a PhD student at Goldsmiths, University of London, funded by the European Research Council and supervised by Prof. Atau Tanaka and Dr. Matthew Fuller.

Marco looks at the collision of critical creativity with humanized technologies. He is known for his body-based performance works with custom open biotechnologies and physical interactive systems. He is a Harvestworks Creativity + Technology = Enterprise Fellow (New York, US) with support by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Marco has performed and spoken in 50 countries including US and South America, Europe, India, China, South Korea and Australia. His works have been selected at leading art events (ISEA, Venice Biennale, WRO Biennale), specialized festivals and venues (FILE, Panorama, EMPAC, New York Electronic Arts Festival, Sonorities, Némo, Mapping, Piksel, Re-New, Laboral) and major academic conferences (NIME, ICMC, Pure Data Convention, Linux Audio Conference @ Stanford CCRMA, SICMF). He curated a comprehensive journal publication on biotech and performing arts entitled Biotechnological Performance Practice (eContact! 14.2). His writings have appeared in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (MIT Press), in the book “New Art/Science Affinities” (CMU and Studio for Creative Enquiry, US), and several times in specialised conference proceedings.

His biophysical system Xth Sense won the 1st prize in the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition (Georgia Tech, US). He has been artists in residence at STEIM (NL), Inspace (UK), and National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance (DK). His work has been funded by the European Commission, British Council, Creative Scotland, New Media Scotland, and the Danish Arts Council. His projects have been reviewed on BBC, Reuters, Wired, RTVE, El Pais, Weave, Create Digital Music, We Make Money Not Art, Rhizome, and Digicult.

Currently, he investigates how body theory can provide perspectives on the design of combined biosensing and machine learning technologies for music and the performing arts.
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Xth Sense, Biophysical generation and control of music [at] Imagine Create Festival

Thu Mar 31, 2011 16:30 - Thu Mar 31, 2011

Derry, Ireland

/// Xth Sense.

The Xth Sense is a low cost, Open Source-based framework for the application of muscle sounds to the biophysical generation and control of music (or more generally for responsive milieux). 
The framework includes a low cost biosensing wearable device, and a modular DSP software (Pure Data-based) for real time capture, analysis and design with muscle sounds.
Marco Donnarumma will be reporting on the methods used during the research, present findings, issues, and perspective outcomes, while discussing the aesthetic criteria underpinning the research.

Further info and live performance reel:

Donnarumma is a performer, new media and sonic artist.
He's currently interested in critical analysis and development of experimental paradigms for embodied interaction in performative environments.

/// Among the other invited speakers: 
Ricky Graham (Ulster), Dennis Fischer (Ableton), Gregory Taylor (Cycling '74), Jeff Burke (UCLA), Alex Beim (Tangible Interaction), James Alliban (Augmatic), Katsuyuki Shibata (Fukuoka University).


/// About Imagine Create:
Imagine Create is a digital arts festival which brings together a leading-edge line-up of talents and minds from the worlds of art, design, new media and software development.
Expect five days of inspirational talks, demonstrations, panels, exhibits and performances delivered by the people and tools transforming digital culture.
The biennial event will take place at locations around the city of Derry~Londonderry and runs from 29 March to 2 April 2011.

For further information please visit the festival website


Non-Bio Boom Premiere - Musicircus for Xth Sense Biosensing Wearable Tech

Tue Mar 15, 2011 19:00 - Tue Mar 15, 2011

Edinburgh, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Dear all,
I'm glad to inform you about this event.
At the moment I'm artist in residence at Inspace, Edinburgh, developing a site specific, multichannel and participatory work for 10 biosensing wearable devices (Xth Sense).

The piece will be premiered tomorrow Tuesday along with my other work for biosensing device Music for Flesh II; further info below.

Inspace is a laboratory that explores the cultural significance of informatics and new media practice.
Inspace is home to a joint research partnership between the School of Informatics and New Media Scotland.

Tuesday 15th March 2011, 7.30 for 8pm.
Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

As a part of our Non-Bio Boom season we are delighted to host a new work development residency by Marco Donnarumma, with Brendan F Doyle (Production Sound Engineering). The residency will conclude with two concerts over the course of one evening for bio-sensing wearable technologies.

The first concert will include Music for Flesh II (, a new solo piece by Marco Donnarumma; the second concert will be the premiere of a multi-channel work specifically created by the artist for Inspace, which will actively involve the audience in an augmented Cagean Musicircus.

Admission free, but on-line booking is required:

Xth Sense is an ongoing research project which investigates experimental applications of Open Source based, bio-sensing technologies for musical performance and responsive milieux.
The Xth Sense software framework is implemented in Pure Data.
Further information:

Marco Donnarumma is a performer, new media and sonic artist currently interested in critical analysis and development of experimental paradigms for embodied interaction in performative environments.

Picture Courtesy of


Live Media Updates February 2011

Thanks everybody, your feedbacks are much appreciated.
And, yes indeed, there's so much happening and so much to explore!


Live Media Updates February 2011

Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:49 - Mon Feb 28, 2011 - New Media Art and Open Source Culture
Marco Donnarumma's blog around new media art, sound research, shared knowledge, and constructive criticism

Upcoming events: 

4-5 March, 2011
Pure Data mini-conference
- Solo sonic piece Music for Flesh I for augmented muscles sounds (Xth Sense Biosensing Wearable Technology)
- Paper Presentation: “Xth Sense: Researching biological sounds of the body for an experimental paradigm of musical performance”
Marco Donnarumma
Department of Music, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

12-16 March, 2011
Inspace, Non-Bio Boom New Work Residency
- Development of a site specific, multi-channel participatory concert for Xth Sense Biosensing Wearable Technology
Marco Donnarumma
Inspace, Informatics DPT University of Edinburgh and New Media Scotland, Edinburgh, UK

15 March, 2011
Inspace, Non-Bio Boom, Live Media 
- Solo sonic piece Music for Flesh I for augmented muscles sounds (Xth Sense Biosensing Wearable Technology)
- Premiere of a new multi-channel, participatory Cagean Musicircus for Xth Sense Technology.
Marco Donnarumma
Inspace, Informatics DPT University of Edinburgh and New Media Scotland, Edinburgh, UK

9 April 2011
Expanded Video Performance
- Audiovisual concert I C::ntr::l Nature v.3.0 for augmented bass guitar and butterfly
Marco Donnarumma
CHB, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

15-16 April, 2011
Netaudio LX, Lisbon
- 2 Days Workshop Pure Data for Live Media
- Invited speaker
Kuoyah concert for live electronics
Marco Donnarumma
Cinema S.Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal.

24 May to 6 June, 2011
Host Guest Ghost, Danish National School of Contemporary Dance 
- two weeks workshop in partnership with the Skolen for Moderne Dans (Danish National School of Contemporary Dance).
Training and formation of dance and music students to develop a live media piece for interactive dance.
Project will be developed around the Xth Sense biosensing wearable technology, in order to implement a biologically sensing and responsive environment controlled and excited by the performers in real time.
Public event and final presentation on 5th June.
Project leader: Marco Donnarumma with Jeannette Ginslov
Dansehallerne, Centre for Modern Dance, Copenhagen, Denmark

Past events:
- Talk "Pure Data and Hacktive Behaviours" @ Edinburgh Linux User Group, Scotland, UK
- Live impro sonification for Shu Lea Cheang and Martin Howse "UKI" @ Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway
- Presentation "Golden Shield Music, a sonification of IT censorship techs" @ Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway
For further information about workshops, contents, collaborations, commissions or critics feel free to drop me a line at:
info [at] thesaddj [dot] com
these are just excerpts, if it sounds interesting please visit
Some Autonomous Systems Short-listed at Screengrab New Media Art Award
31st October 2010
My recent works Golden Shield Music and The Invisible Suns Project were both short-listed at Screengrab New Media Art Award and they are currently being exhibited at eMerge Gallery, Townsville in Australia. The exhibition is organized by James Cook University, if you’d happen to be in the area the show runs until 18th November [...]

Call for Submissions - Linux Audio Conference, 2011, Ireland
2nd November 2010
Paper-submission, call-for-music and registration are now open for the Linux Audio Conference 2011 – May 6-8 2011, Maynooth, Ireland. As in previous years, we will have a full program of talks, workshops and music. The Linux Audio Conference 2011 will include several concerts. We are looking for music that has been produced or composed entirely or mostly using GNU/Linux [...]

Listen: High Spheres, Participatory Soundscape Concert @ Re-New Festival, 2010
2nd November 2010
I just uploaded an excerpt from 6 channels open air participatory soundscape concert “High Spheres” hosted at Re-new Festival, Copenhagen in May 2010. The concert – performed by the audience and managed by an autonomous responsive system developed in Pd – took place for the opening of the festival and last around [...]

libpd: An embeddable sound engine for Android, iOS, C, Java, and more
5th November 2010
libpd has reached a 0.1 release, enabling developers to use Pd as a sound engine in their applications. Out of the gate, we have extensive code samples for Android 1.5 and later, plus the basic tools to work on iOS (recent armv7 recommended for now, with other devices soon). In the near [...]

“Golden Shield Music” reviews on We Make Money Not Art and Wired
29th November 2010
While here in Edinburgh we are drowning in the snow, I thought I’d post a brief note about few reviews published in these days after my appearance at Piksel Festival (hopefully soon you’ll get also a report of the festival). A fantastic and accurate review of my talk at Piksel “Golden Shield Music: sonification of IT [...]

Undervine, data visualization + Pure Data sonification at SFMOMA, San Francisco
3rd December 2010
Hans Christoph Steiner just posted his latest collaborative project Undervine to the Pd-announce mailing list. Data sonification made in Pure Data. Below the original message by Hans. Working again with Bobby Pietrusko and Stewart Smith, I created sonification for visualization of data about the global wine industry. It opened [...]

Report: Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway 2010
22nd December 2010
In November I had the great pleasure to take part in the Piksel Festival 2010. I presented the work Golden Shield Music, a sonification of IT censorship technologies during a talk focused on the current state of IT censorship techs. Piksel “is an international event for artists and developers working with Free/Libre and Open Source technologies in [...]

Pd inside: The Inception app
6th January 2011
via Pd announce list RjDj strikes the mainstream world once again… Next level: Inception The App with Christopher Nolan, Hans Zimmer and … RjDj. Over the last couple of months RjDj teamed up with film director Christopher Nolan and Composer Hans Zimmer and brought the concept of augmented sound to a whole new level. The first result of [...]

Thimbl – the anti-twitter and the Telekommunist Manifesto
28th January 2011
Original message from the Thimbl project team. Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve sent out a email newsletter, hasn’t it? As some of you may know, I’ve gotten drawn into the world of social media, and have been hanging around in places like Facebook and Twitter. There are a few reasons for this, one, to [...]

3rd Pure Data Scots Users Meet Up, 4th February, Glasgow
2nd February 2011
Hi all, here a little reminder. On Friday 4th February we’ll be gathering for the 3rd Pure Data Scots User MeetUp. The meeting kicks off at 15.00 at the Electron room, CCA, Glasgow. Meeting is free, public and open to all practitioners, beginners, artists, programmers, musicians, passionates of digital arts and simply anybody who might be interested in spending [...]

LPM Rome IX Edition Call for Works
3rd February 2011
LPM 2011 ROME MINSK from LPM Live Performers Meeting on Vimeo. Ready to participate? The LPM registration form LPM is on-line. Hurry-up and send us your project! We are looking for live audiovisual performances, vj sets, interactive installations and workshops proposals from artists, practitioners, thinkers and makers involved in LIVE VIDEO. This year we aim at investigating and presenting [...]

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Marco Donnarumma aka TheSAD
Independent New Media and Sonic Arts Professional, Performer, Instructor
ACE, Sound Design MSc by Research (ongoing)
The University of Edinburgh, UK
LAB: | |


Live Media and FLOSS Seminary, FAD Festival, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Sat Sep 04, 2010 00:00


FAD Festival de Arte Digital presents:

Live Media and FLOSS Extended Production Seminary with Marco Donnarumma - UK


03-04 September - FRIDAY AND SATURDAY
@ Multiespaço - Oi Futuro, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

11h to 17h

Cost: *** FREE - with prior registration


(31) 3229.3131 / (31) 9694.35.45

simposio [at]

On-line program:


Dia 03 e 04/09 - SEXTA E SÁBADO * necessário inglês | ministrado em Língua Inglesa

Live Media and FLOSS Extended Production Seminary - Marco Donnarumma - Reino Unido

Descritivo do workshop: Durante a apresentação, os participantes aprendem teoria básica sobre o Live Media e são apresentados ao conceito de FLOSS (Software de natureza livre). Na segunda parte, aprendem o significado de "processamento de dados de audiovisual em tempo real”. Na terceira parte, constroem estruturas básica de processamento e ainda descobrem truques e dicas para criarem sua própria ferramenta de desempenho. Na última parte, os participantes são incentivados a construírem novas ideias com seus laptops, instrumentos musicais, câmeras, máquinas fotográficas, webcam, microfones, sensores de dispositivos MIDI.

Biografia do artista: Marco Donnarumma (Itália, 1984) é um artista independente que trabalha com novas mídias. Professor, compositor, músico e baixista, mora em Edimburgo, Reino Unido. Sua pesquisa é focada em performances audiovisuais em tempo real, sistemas de computação sensível, instalações interativas e composições eletroacústicas. Suas obras, especialmente os projetos de performance ao vivo, são regularmente apresentadas internacionalmente. Donnarumma já expôs e apresentou em 19 países na América do Sul, Europa e Ásia.

Personal Blog:

[English Version]

Live Media and FLOSS Extended Production Seminary - Marco Donnarumma - UK

Brief description: Firstly participants acquire a basic theoretical knowledge about Live Media and are introduced to the concept of FLOSS (Free Open Source Software).
During the second part, they learn the meaning of “real-time audio-video data processing” through practical excercises illustrating different level of complexity in dataflow programming.
In the third part they build basic audio visual processing structures and find tricks and tips to create their own performance tool.
Eventually participants are encouraged to develop new ideas making use of their own musical instruments, cameras, photo cameras, webcam, microphones and MIDI device or sensors.

Bio: Marco Donnarumma (Italy, 1984) is an independent new media artist, teacher, composer, performer and bass player based in Edinburgh, UK. His research takes life in multiple forms such as audiovisual real-time performances, responsive computing systems, interactive installations and electro acoustic compositions. His works, especially the live performance projects, are regularly presented internationally. Donnarumma has exhibited and performed in 19 countries across South America, Europe and Asia.

Personal Blog: