Marco Donnarumma
Works in Edinburgh United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Performer, new media and sound artist, teacher, Marco Donnarumma was born in Italy and is based in London. He is a PhD student at Goldsmiths, University of London, funded by the European Research Council and supervised by Prof. Atau Tanaka and Dr. Matthew Fuller.

Marco looks at the collision of critical creativity with humanized technologies. He is known for his body-based performance works with custom open biotechnologies and physical interactive systems. He is a Harvestworks Creativity + Technology = Enterprise Fellow (New York, US) with support by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Marco has performed and spoken in 50 countries including US and South America, Europe, India, China, South Korea and Australia. His works have been selected at leading art events (ISEA, Venice Biennale, WRO Biennale), specialized festivals and venues (FILE, Panorama, EMPAC, New York Electronic Arts Festival, Sonorities, Némo, Mapping, Piksel, Re-New, Laboral) and major academic conferences (NIME, ICMC, Pure Data Convention, Linux Audio Conference @ Stanford CCRMA, SICMF). He curated a comprehensive journal publication on biotech and performing arts entitled Biotechnological Performance Practice (eContact! 14.2). His writings have appeared in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (MIT Press), in the book “New Art/Science Affinities” (CMU and Studio for Creative Enquiry, US), and several times in specialised conference proceedings.

His biophysical system Xth Sense won the 1st prize in the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition (Georgia Tech, US). He has been artists in residence at STEIM (NL), Inspace (UK), and National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance (DK). His work has been funded by the European Commission, British Council, Creative Scotland, New Media Scotland, and the Danish Arts Council. His projects have been reviewed on BBC, Reuters, Wired, RTVE, El Pais, Weave, Create Digital Music, We Make Money Not Art, Rhizome, and Digicult.

Currently, he investigates how body theory can provide perspectives on the design of combined biosensing and machine learning technologies for music and the performing arts.
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Incarnated Sound | Marco Donnarumma US Tour 2012

Sat May 05, 2012 14:15 - Sun May 27, 2012

United States of America

||||| Biophysical Music, Sonic Flesh theory and Body Hacking courses ||||


Dear all,
hoping it might be of your interest,
I'm sharing with you the schedule of the upcoming USA Tour.

I'll be performing, teaching and speaking with and about the Xth Sense in 5 cities on the East Coast.
See the planned events below, and feel free to get in touch if you happen to be in the area.

For detailed information you're welcome to visit:

You can still book a place for the Xth Sense workshop in New York at:

best wishes.


||| ACM - CHI 2012 Liveness
||| 5-10 May
||| Austin Conference Center, Texas

- Presentation “Xth Sense: recoding visceral embodiment”
Other presenters include Toby Harris, Maria Lantin and Leila Sujir, among the others.


||| They, Who Sound
||| 7 May
||| Avant Garden, 411 Westheimer, Houston, Texas.

- Performing “Music for Flesh II”, interactive music piece for enhanced body.
- Performing “Nascent”, incarnated sound sculpture, US Premiere;


||| Washington DC
||| 15 May.
|||American University, Washington DC.

A night of Biophysical music with Marco Donnarumma.
- Performing “Music for Flesh II”;
- Performing “Nascent”;
- Open Workshop “Performing incarnated sound: the Xth Sense”.


||| Tanaka/Donnarumma, Mobile and biophysical music
||| 18 May
||| Spectrum, 115 West 23rd Street #22, Manhattan, New York.

- Performing “Music for Flesh II”.
Also on stage Atau Tanaka with his mobile musical instruments.


||| Xth Sense Workshop New York
||| 19-20 May
||| Harvestworks, Manhattan, New York.

- Workshop “Xth Sense, Biophysical Music”.
Hands-on training in augmentation of the body for musical performance.
Build your own low cost biosensing wearable device for muscle sounds.
Book a place at:


||| NIME Conference
||| 21-23 May
||| University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

- Performing “Music for Flesh II”;
- Poster “Music for Flesh II: informing interactive music performance with the viscerality of the body system”

Picture courtesy of Bence Kollanyi


Xth Sense - Biophysical Summer Workshops Mexico DF, New York, London, Berlin

Mon Apr 23, 2012 14:40

Dear all,

hoping it might be of interest, I'm writing to forward the info related to the Xth Sense (XS) Summer Workshops.
The XS is a free and open biophysical technology.
It was recently named the "world's most innovative new musical instrument" by the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (US).

Courses are taking place worldwide, below detailed info and how to get involved.



Xth Sense - Sonic Body and Biophysical Music
Build your own low cost biosensing wearable device for muscle sounds.
Hands-on training in augmentation of the body for musical performance.


\\\\\ MEXICO DF | *Liveness*
It is the first Mexican gathering of international artists whose main interest lies in the critical investigation and distribution of a discourse around theater, dance or performance practices that rely on a tight relationship between body and technology.
@ Centro Multimedia del Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico DF

\\\\\ NEW YORK | *Harvestworks*
Founded in 1977, its mission is to support the creation and presentation of art works achieved through the use of new and evolving technologies.
@ Harvestworks, New York, USA

\\\\\ LONDON | *BEAM Festival*
It is a high-tech music weekender, a playground of homemade instruments and sonic installations, where you can listen to, watch and learn how to create your own physically living electronic music.
@ Artaud Forum, Brunel University, London, UK

\\\\\ BERLIN | To be announced
This session needs to be confirmed, but expression of interest are welcome.


Visit this page below, and book your place by visiting the related links for each event.

Places are limited to 10 participants for each session, so it is recommended to book in advance.
If you want to host an Xth Sense workshop, don't hesitate to contact me at


Hypo Chrysos, action art for vexed body and biophysical media


"Hypo Chrysos exasperates the viscerality of the body system, so to critically explore the territory in between biosciences, technology and performance art." Octophonic corporeal sound, sensing video and 2 concrete blocks of 15kg each.


Hypo Chrysos is the second, new performance work based on the Xth Sense (XS), a biophysical open technology for musical performance and responsive milieux.

This work tries to investigate a very different field of interaction, if compared to my previous piece for the XS, titled Music for Flesh II.


Liveness, Prosthesis and Avatars in US, Mexico and UK

Wed Feb 29, 2012 07:25 - Wed Mar 14, 2012

Latest award, upcoming performances and talks, a seminar with Daito Manabe, plus TV and radio interviews:


Xth Sense first prize at Margareth Guthman Musical Instrument competition, US

Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:10 - Mon Feb 20, 2012

United States of America

The Xth Sense [1], has been awarded the first prize at the prestigious Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition [2] as "the world's most innovative new musical instrument."

The GNMIC is an annual event to find the world’s best new ideas in musicality, design, and engineering.
It takes place at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, US.
This critically acclaimed event seeks to provide a fertile platform for the advancement of the studies on New Musical Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)

The Xth Sense is a free and open project; release for public use is scheduled in April 2012.
Please, visit the link below for further information.

[1] a biophysical wearable technology for musical performance and responsive milieux