Marco Donnarumma
Since 2009
Works in Edinburgh United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Where performance art and sound art converge through technology, here lies Marco Donnarumma’s work. Italian born, living and working in London, Marco focuses on how to configure human bodies and machines through sound. He uses biotechnologies, software algorithms and body sensors to create intensely physical performances, concerts and live installations.
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[RADICAL] use of biotechnology to integrate networked bodies and interactive dance

Fri May 03, 2013 16:35 - Mon May 06, 2013

Troy, New York
United States of America

Rensselaer Arts PHD Candidate, Heidi Boisvert, premieres performance at EMPAC that cultivates an expressive virtual world populated by corporeal sounds and generative imagery from dancers' bodies.

TROY, NY - April 8th, 2013 - The Arts Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute announces the premiere of a mechanomyogram (MMG) multi-media production, "[radical] signs of life," on May 3rd at 4:00 pm and May 4th at 7:30 pm in Studio 2 at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC). Through responsive dance, "[radical] signs of life" externalizes the mind’s non-hierarchical distribution of thought. Music is generated from the dancers‘ muscles and blood flow via biophysical sensors that capture sound waves from the performers’ bodies. This data triggers complex neural patterns to be projected onto multiple screens as 3D imagery. As the audience interacts with the images produced, they enter into a dialogue with the dancers.

The performance makes use of biophysical technology to integrate networked bodies and interactive dance. It was conceived and directed by new media artist and game designer Heidi Boisvert in collaboration with an international team of artists, including Pauline Jennings (Choreographer), Doug Van Nort (Sound Designer), Allen Hahn (Set & Lighting Designer), Raven Kwok (Visual Designer), Amy Nielson (Costume Designer) and Marco Donnarumma (Sensor Designer & Developer). The project features the Xth Sense (XS), a biophysical sensor that detects and captures mechanical sound waves produced at the onset of musculature contraction. For "[radical] signs of life," a wireless network and stand alone armband was custom developed for the XS by engineer MJ Caselden, and industrial designer, Krystal Pernaud.

The choreography for the hour-long performance will be composed in real-time by five dancers from a shared movement database in accordance with pre-determined rules. Outfitted with two wireless sensors each, the dancers--Jennifer Mellor, Ellen Smith Ahern, Hanna Satterlee, Avi Waring and Willow Wonder--will create patterns that dissolve from autonomous polyrhythms to intersecting lines as they slip through generative video and light.

"[radical] signs of life" was produced, in part, at Harvestworks with funds from the Rockefeller Foundation’s New York City Cultural Innovation Fund and the National Endowment for the Arts. The work was made possible through generous support from the Rensselaer Arts Department along with iEAR Studios, and EMPAC staff. Rehearsal space was granted by an Artistic Residency at the Contemporary Dance and Fitness Center in Montpelier, Vermont.

Limited Seating. Reservations recommended. To make reservations, please contact the EMPAC Box Office at 518.276.3921.

Media Contact:
Heidi Boisvert,, +.1.917.536.2792
Full press package available upon request.
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Altered self-perception and incarnated performance in New York, Seoul, Amsterdam, Graz

Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:55 - Sun Jul 07, 2013

Dear friends and colleagues,
After 6 months of winter, we can now warm up our minds with a deserved spring.
Here we are with the fifth mailout April 2013.

- Nigredo: a new private work for altered self-perception created at STEIM
- New award: Creativity + Technology = Enterprise funded by Rockefeller Foundation
- [radical] signs of life: a large-scale, biophysical, interactive dance premiere at EMPAC
- Ominous, and other incarnated sounds in Graz, Seoul, Amsterdam, New York
- The Xth Sense featured on the BBC
- Biomuse (1990) meets Xth Sense (2010), wrapping 30 years of biotechnology in music

thanks for reading,
sincerely yours,
Marco Donnarumma


Biophysical Music Poland Tour - Bios@Techne@Art

Wed Mar 27, 2013 17:25 - Thu Apr 04, 2013


Curated by Maciej Ozog, Bios@Techne@Art is a program of performative events spanning 4 major cities in Poland. The aim is to foster discussion around the role of biotechnologies in performance art, and explore how such framework can inform the cultural perception of the body.

According to each venue, I'll be performing three diverse pieces of biophysical music for the open and free instrument Xth Sense:

- Music for Flesh II, solo piece for enhanced body
- Ominous, incarnated sound sculpture
- Hypo Chrysos, action art for vexed body

Works info

Xth Sense and biophysical music

Each concert will also see on stage:

- Maciej Ozog's Transient Body / Liminal Space,
- Gerard Lebik's Tractography Neural Tracts Noise



- 27.03.2013, 7 pm, Gdansk
Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Jaskółcza 1, 80-767 Gdansk, Poland

- 28.03.2013, 8 pm, Warsaw
Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle,
ul. Jazdów 2, 00-467 Warsaw, Poland

- 29.03.2013, 8 pm, Wroclaw
Falanster, ul. Św. Antoniego 23, 50-073 Wroclaw

- 02.04.2013, 7 pm, Lodz (Panel discussion)
Art Factory, ul. Tymienieckiego 3, 90-365 Lodz, Poland

- 03.04.2013, 8 pm, Lodz
Art Factory, ul. Tymienieckiego 3, 90-365 Lodz, Poland

For complete details to attend the events see:


Nigredo, new private work for altered self-perception and biomedia - STEIM Preview

Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:00 - Thu Feb 21, 2013

Amsterdam, Netherlands

if you find yourself in Amsterdam this week...

"Come join us before the opening ceremonies of Sonic Acts festival for the initial preview of new media and sound artist Marco Donnarumma’s latest work, Nigredo.

Nigredo (Marco Donnarumma, 2013), developed during a residency at STEIM, is designed as a private 8 minute artwork to be experienced by one visitor at a time. The work draws from studies in analytical psychology, human sensory system, and biotechnology so to create an intimate and uncanny experience of one’s internal self.

The work uses ad hoc biofeedback methods and wearable bioacoustic technology to create feedback systems within the visitor’s own body through sound (bioacoustics) and bioelectric signals. The senses are heightened beyond their natural threshold, so as to induce an intense experience between viscera and perception.

The term Nigredo comes originally from alchemy, where it is referred to as putrefaction or decomposition. In order to create the philosopher’s stone, alchemists would produce a homogeneous black matter by slowly cooking all their ingredients at once. Later in the framework of analytical psychology, the term Nigredo became a metaphor for the moment of despair and disillusionment caused by a spiralling descent into the dark unknowns of the subconscious mind.

The techniques used in this artwork are completely safe, however, be aware that the work includes high sound pressure level, pulsating lights, and induced body vibration."



Private showings will happen every ten minutes from 11h-14h and 15h-18h
Due to the limited number of available slots it is recommended to reserve in advance.
Book your slot at the bottom of this page:


DATE: 21 FEB 2013

TIME: Five showings per hour, one every 10 minutes
11h – 14h
15h – 18h


LOCATION: STEIM, Achtergracht 19, Amsterdam

Hope to see some of you there,
best wishes,


Three biomedia performances in Rio de Janeiro: sonic, vexed, networked bodies

Thu Nov 15, 2012 19:00 - Sun Nov 18, 2012

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(Sorry for x-post)

SARC (Sonic Arts Research Center) and Multiplicidade Festival
with the support of the Transform initiative by the British Council

In Rio de Janeiro, a night of biomedia performances with Anna Weisling, Miguel Ortiz, and Marco Donnarumma.


- Dentro, a music performance for brainwaves and hear-trate biointerface (Ortiz)
- Liminal Corpus (world premiere), audio-visual trio for Xth Sense and networked biological bodies (Weisling, Ortiz, Donnarumma)
- Hypo Chrysos (South America premiere), action art for vexed body and biophysical media (Donnarumma)

Learn about the work on-line:

WHEN: h 19.00, Thursday 15th November 2012

WHERE: PANORAMA Performance Festival, Centro de Artes Helio Oiticica, Rio De Janeiro


Curated by Batman Zavarese for Multiplicidade, organized by SARC, with the support of British Council.


Hope to see some of you there,
best wishes,