Marco Donnarumma
Works in Edinburgh United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Performer, new media and sound artist, teacher, Marco Donnarumma was born in Italy and is based in London. He is a PhD student at Goldsmiths, University of London, funded by the European Research Council and supervised by Prof. Atau Tanaka and Dr. Matthew Fuller.

Marco looks at the collision of critical creativity with humanized technologies. He is known for his body-based performance works with custom open biotechnologies and physical interactive systems. He is a Harvestworks Creativity + Technology = Enterprise Fellow (New York, US) with support by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Marco has performed and spoken in 50 countries including US and South America, Europe, India, China, South Korea and Australia. His works have been selected at leading art events (ISEA, Venice Biennale, WRO Biennale), specialized festivals and venues (FILE, Panorama, EMPAC, New York Electronic Arts Festival, Sonorities, Némo, Mapping, Piksel, Re-New, Laboral) and major academic conferences (NIME, ICMC, Pure Data Convention, Linux Audio Conference @ Stanford CCRMA, SICMF). He curated a comprehensive journal publication on biotech and performing arts entitled Biotechnological Performance Practice (eContact! 14.2). His writings have appeared in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (MIT Press), in the book “New Art/Science Affinities” (CMU and Studio for Creative Enquiry, US), and several times in specialised conference proceedings.

His biophysical system Xth Sense won the 1st prize in the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition (Georgia Tech, US). He has been artists in residence at STEIM (NL), Inspace (UK), and National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance (DK). His work has been funded by the European Commission, British Council, Creative Scotland, New Media Scotland, and the Danish Arts Council. His projects have been reviewed on BBC, Reuters, Wired, RTVE, El Pais, Weave, Create Digital Music, We Make Money Not Art, Rhizome, and Digicult.

Currently, he investigates how body theory can provide perspectives on the design of combined biosensing and machine learning technologies for music and the performing arts.
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Nigredo, new private work for altered self-perception and biomedia - STEIM Preview

Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:00 - Thu Feb 21, 2013

Amsterdam, Netherlands

if you find yourself in Amsterdam this week...

"Come join us before the opening ceremonies of Sonic Acts festival for the initial preview of new media and sound artist Marco Donnarumma’s latest work, Nigredo.

Nigredo (Marco Donnarumma, 2013), developed during a residency at STEIM, is designed as a private 8 minute artwork to be experienced by one visitor at a time. The work draws from studies in analytical psychology, human sensory system, and biotechnology so to create an intimate and uncanny experience of one’s internal self.

The work uses ad hoc biofeedback methods and wearable bioacoustic technology to create feedback systems within the visitor’s own body through sound (bioacoustics) and bioelectric signals. The senses are heightened beyond their natural threshold, so as to induce an intense experience between viscera and perception.

The term Nigredo comes originally from alchemy, where it is referred to as putrefaction or decomposition. In order to create the philosopher’s stone, alchemists would produce a homogeneous black matter by slowly cooking all their ingredients at once. Later in the framework of analytical psychology, the term Nigredo became a metaphor for the moment of despair and disillusionment caused by a spiralling descent into the dark unknowns of the subconscious mind.

The techniques used in this artwork are completely safe, however, be aware that the work includes high sound pressure level, pulsating lights, and induced body vibration."



Private showings will happen every ten minutes from 11h-14h and 15h-18h
Due to the limited number of available slots it is recommended to reserve in advance.
Book your slot at the bottom of this page:


DATE: 21 FEB 2013

TIME: Five showings per hour, one every 10 minutes
11h – 14h
15h – 18h


LOCATION: STEIM, Achtergracht 19, Amsterdam

Hope to see some of you there,
best wishes,


Three biomedia performances in Rio de Janeiro: sonic, vexed, networked bodies

Thu Nov 15, 2012 19:00 - Sun Nov 18, 2012

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(Sorry for x-post)

SARC (Sonic Arts Research Center) and Multiplicidade Festival
with the support of the Transform initiative by the British Council

In Rio de Janeiro, a night of biomedia performances with Anna Weisling, Miguel Ortiz, and Marco Donnarumma.


- Dentro, a music performance for brainwaves and hear-trate biointerface (Ortiz)
- Liminal Corpus (world premiere), audio-visual trio for Xth Sense and networked biological bodies (Weisling, Ortiz, Donnarumma)
- Hypo Chrysos (South America premiere), action art for vexed body and biophysical media (Donnarumma)

Learn about the work on-line:

WHEN: h 19.00, Thursday 15th November 2012

WHERE: PANORAMA Performance Festival, Centro de Artes Helio Oiticica, Rio De Janeiro


Curated by Batman Zavarese for Multiplicidade, organized by SARC, with the support of British Council.


Hope to see some of you there,
best wishes,


Ominous, new work for the Xth Sense at the 5th Live Electronic Music Competition, ECPNM, BE

Fri Nov 02, 2012 15:40 - Sun Nov 04, 2012

Antwerp, Belgium

Dear all,

A novel piece for the Xth Sense [1], my visceral biophysical instrument, was commissioned by ECPNM (European Conference of Promoters of New Music), in occasion of the finals of the 5th Live Electronic Music Project Competition, during the ISCM World New Music Days [2].

The new work, titled "Ominous", is ready to be premiered tomorrow at De Singel concert hall, in Atwerp, BE.

"Ominous is a sculpture of incarnated sound... The performance embodies, before the audience, the metaphor of an invisible and unknown object enclosed in my hands. This is made of malleable sonic matter. Similarly to a mime, I model the object in the empty space by means of whole-body gestures. The natural sound of my muscles and its virtual counterpart blend together into an unstable sonic object... The listeners see through sound the sculpture which their sight cannot perceive."

Tags: multidimensional gesture, machine learning, muscle sounds, visceral embodiment.

Read more at:

Also on stage tomorrow John Eckhardt, one of the most fascinating performers of the contemporary music scene.

best wishes,


Picture courtesy of Vipul Sangoi.


DMT - a trio of biophysical music, augmented drums, hacked smartphones at ISEA2012, ABQ, NM

Sun Sep 23, 2012 18:00 - Sun Sep 23, 2012

Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States of America

Dear all,

we are thrilled to invite you to this upcoming concert at ISEA 2012: Wilderness, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

For the first time together on stage Adam Parkinson (stepping in for Atau Tanaka, who sadly couldn't join us),
Christos Michalakos, and myself Marco Donnarumma will present DMT.

DMT is the brand-new collaborative project by Donnarumma, Michalakos, and Tanaka.
DMT brings together the Xth Sense biophysical music, an augmented drum kit, and hacked smartphones for a wall of visceral and pulsing music.

Tomorrow, Sunday 23rd September, 2012
from 6pm to 8pm

The Box performance space
100 Gold Ave. SW -, Ste. 112B,
Albuquerque, NM 87102


Hope to see you there,
give us a shout if you plan to come,
best wishes,


Sound, flesh, openness, and biotech in Europe, US, and Brazil

Fri Sep 14, 2012 15:40 - Sun Dec 09, 2012


here's my 6-monthly mailout.
It includes a selection of what happened recently and what's coming up in the next months.

You'll find more info about:
- New Xth Sense project finalist at European Competition for Live Electronic Music
- Music for Flesh II, biophysical music at ISEA, New Mexico, US
- Biotechnological Performance Practice, a new publication out now
- Upcoming sonic body concerts in UK, Slovenia, Ireland, Hungary, and Brazil.
- Xth Sense biophysical tech schematic released, and user's forum now on-line
- On the press: Reuters, Create Digital Music, and Digicult features.

thanks for reading,
best wishes,