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Marc Lafia is an artist, filmmaker and information designer. Over the years Lafia has made various experimental films and conceptual art pieces exhibited in the U.S. and internationally. His early films (Auto-re-tour, Fini-la-guerre) explore the tensions between narrative and the pure surface of film.

Lafia has taken his film interest into the space of new media and his most recent work, The Vanndemar Meme-x or Lara Croft Stripped Bare by her Assassins, Even has been exhibited in the Walker Art Center1s Artist Entertainment Network (2000) show and Germany1s ZKM Net_Condition (1999) exhibition curated by Peter Weibel. In these and two other new media works -- the World Picture Clock and Hyper Hyper --, Lafia looks to create open works allowing the viewer, or user-participant, to author and read against and within an archive both personal and collective.

Marc Lafia is also Founder, Information Architect and Editorial-Creative Director of, a new website which allows for the experiential, contextual and associative exploration of the arts. Launched in December 1999, the site has been recognized with numerous international awards and distinctions including the Silver Medal from ID magazine, the Communication Arts Award for Interactive Design, and two Art Director1s Club Awards, 77th and 79th. Lafia has been published in various journals and online publications including Art Forum, and speaks regularly at international art and media conferences. He was recently selected as a finalist for the SFMOMA Webby Prize for Excellence in Online Art.

Since receiving an MFA in film theory and production from UCLA in 1989, he has carried on an art, design and film practice ranging from conceptualizing music videos for Madonna, to developing video games, adapting comic books, teaching at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design, and directing short films and his recent first feature, Suitcase.

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Computational Films Screening

Hi Rhizomers NY

I will be showing excerpts of a number of new computational films this
coming Tuesday, March 4 at the Thomas Erben Gallery. Announcement below.

Computational films by Marc Lafia
'Between', 'Variable Montage', 'Masks', 'Window', 'Bridge' and 'Sea'

In these works I am interested in the image in the registers of photography,
cinema and computation. Each of these media proffers unique properties of
time. Moving the qualities of one into the register of another complicates
and intensifies its experience; what becomes of the still image in movement
and the moving image made still?

The first work OEBetween


In Search of a Poetics of the Spatialization of the Moving Imagept 4 (final dispatch)

In Search of a Poetics of the Spatialization of the Moving Image pt4
Marc Lafia

"In the new world the characteristic unit will be small, highly mobile,
independent and intelligent."
Robert Fripp (1974)

The moving image now is pervasive and saturates much, if not all of our
social space, if not our global sphere


Sing to Me and Tell Me Your Story

For those of you in Tel Aviv -

'Sing to Me and Tell Me Your Story'
Marc Lafia and Dana Levy
@Holon Digital Art Lab
Opening Oct 10 through Dec 10th 2002

Singing is often the most heart felt way to communicate emotion and a sense
of being. Songs come from many varied places and have long and fractured
lineages. In this 4 screen computational video installation, Marc Lafia and
Dana Levy are in search of the traversal of song, rhythm, language and the
movement of people, and through computation aim to tease out underlying
correspondences, forgotten connections, across time and geography. Over 50
people from 35 different countries now living in Tel Aviv, were invited to
sing a song from a place of true and genuine emotion, and then to tell the
story of their sentiment. The songs and statements, in many languages are
interwoven, sampled and remixed, continually shifting context opening up
problematics and complexities of the notions of OEhome