marcin ramocki
Since 2002
Works in brooklyn, New York United States of America

Marcin Ramocki is a new media artist living Brooklyn. His works have been exhibited at MoMa, Hirshhorn Museum, Pacific Film Archives, Art Futura, Wexner Center, ZKM, ACME Melbourne, Le Palais de Glace Buenos Aires and many more.

His recent project include the feature documentaries 8 BIT and Brooklyn DIY. Currently Marcin teaches New Media at Jersey City University. (
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SUPERLOWREZ at vertexList, 8 bit music by David Kristian (Montreal) and Bit Shifter (NYC)

Sat Dec 17, 2005 00:00 - Wed Dec 07, 2005

vertexList and BIT\_EDITIONS have the pleasure to present new media works by:

Joe Amrhein, Brian Conley, Matt Freedman, Kristin Lucas,
Jillian Mcdonald, Joe McKay, Jude Tallichet and Akiko Sakaizumi


Dec 17 2005 - March 14 206

Opening reception: Saturday Dec 17 7-10pm at vertexList.
Live 8 bit music performances by David Kristian (Montreal) and Bit Shifter (NYC) (opening 8.30 -10 pm, free admission)

Superlowrez is an experiment in re-visiting a historically significant moment when pixel and bitmap were in their infancy. vertexList and Bit Editions have asked eight artists: Joe Armhein, Brian Conley, Joe McKay, Kristen Lucas, Jillian Mcdonald, Akiko Sakaizumi, Jude Tallichet and Matt Freedman to generate content for custom build matrix of 12X14 pixels, resolution smaller than that of a cursor. Each animation contains 1984 frames, the memory limit of the chip used in production of the device.

The content of this Superlowrez edition reflects a variety of interests and themes that the participating artists have brought to the table. Joe Armhein continues to dissect the absurd lingo of art criticism while Brian Conley transforms a stream of animal brains into a gentle biomorphic flow. Matt Freedman and Kristen Lucas go for humorous, meticulous frame-by-frame stick figure animation. Jude Tallichet remakes the famous Empire State film by Andy Warhol. Akiko Sakaizumi plays with low-bit chickens and arcade game aesthetics. Jillian Mcdonald once again flirts with her virtual love obsession: Billy Bob Thornton. Joe McKay produces a low bit version of rock - paper - scissors.

The highly seductive medium of an LED light has been thoroughly examined in the history of contemporary art. Jenny Holzer’s sentences, Jim Campbell’s videos, Julian Opie’s geometrical pattern animations are just the most obvious examples. This time the glowing light of an LED is used to answer a simple question: how many (or, perhaps how few) pixels does it take to tell a story?

138 Bayard st
Brooklyn NY 11222
Tel: 646 258 3792

Bit Editions
340 North 12th Street
Philadelphia PA 19107
Tel: 215 925 4896


Aron Namenwirth and Jason Van Anden at vertexList

Sat Oct 22, 2005 00:00 - Sat Oct 15, 2005

vertexList space has the pleasure to present :

NONLINEAR COLLATERAL DAMAGE; a group of new pixel based paintings by Aron Namenwirth
MIXED FEELINGS; robotic interactive installation by Jason Van Anden.
The exhibition will open Saturday, Oct 22 from 7-10 pm and continue until Nov 13, 2005.

Aron Namenwirth’s new paintings are recordings of a superhero culture, camouflaged psychedelic meditations on the state of affairs, diseased micro-macro clubs,
spreading fear and self-destruction.

Source materials include: images of cues, waiting to vote, internet porn, collateral damage , Walmart, rainforest canopies, and healthcare’s images of Americans.

" These secular individual efforts on my part, reflect the failures of idealism, capitalism, and the idea of a mass movement. The flock is lost."

Jason Van Anden’s cybernetic artworks are equally emotional and logical. His verypersonal and humorous installation combines traditional fine art technique
and programming expertise.

Mixed Feelings includes a pair of emotive robotic sculptures named Neil and Iona, who react to gallery environment, visitors and each other;
as wellas an edition of chipboards based on their behavioral algorithms.

More about Jason Van Anden and his artwork can be found on his website
Vertexlist is located at 138 Bayard St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
corner of Bayard st and Manhattan Av.
Gallery hours: Fri, Sat, Sun 1-6 pm or by appointment.
For directions and  information contact us at 646 258 3792


Luke Murphy and John Parker at vertexList

Sat May 07, 2005 00:00 - Tue May 03, 2005

VertexList space has the pleasure to present digital artist Luke Murphy and sound artist/sculptor John Parker.

The exhibition will open Saturday, May 07 from 7-10 pm.

Murphy will present "Everything Made Pretty", a digital installation of projected kaleidoscopes dynamically created out of internet images. Also on display digital diagram drawings.

John Parker will contribute four sound sculptures made of pre-fabricated plastic elements, and a multimedia computer piece based on commercial mail print patterns.

Vertexlist is located at 138 Bayard St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
For directions and  information on gallery hours, contact vertexList at 646 258 3792
email:, or check our website


LivePictures at Jamaica Center, curated by Heng-Gil Han

Fri Apr 08, 2005 00:00 - Mon Apr 04, 2005

LivePictures: The Digital World Animates Contemporary Art
Opening reception: Friday, April 8, 2005, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning
161-04 Jamaica Avenue
Jamaica, New York 11432

JCAL features artists using digital technology in new media art. Works are categorized as animated, interactive and/or media or web-related. LivePictures: The Digital World Animates Contemporary Art is an examination of the impacts of multimedia/digital technology on creative artistic practice, curatorial presentation, and public reception. Keywords like game, surveillance, simulation, and automation guide the selection of works for the exhibition.

Participating artists include Shih-Chieh Huang, Eunjung Hwang, Ayran Kwang, Patricia McLaughlin, Marcin Ramocki, Daniel Rozin, Bill Viola, and Ricardo Miranda Zuniga.
Curated by Heng-Gil Han.

Exhibition: April 9 through June 4, 2005

Gallery Hours
Mondays thru Saturdays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Closed on Sundays and Holidays

Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning
161-04 Jamaica Avenue
Jamaica, New York 11432

Contact: April Peters, Project Manager
718-658-7400 ext. 152

E, J or Z train to Jamaica Center


Matt Freedman and Jude Tallichet at Vertexlist, live Game Boy music by role model

Sat Apr 02, 2005 00:00 - Mon Mar 28, 2005

vertextList  has the pleasure to announce "Twin Twin", a two person exhibition by Matt Freedmanand Jude Tallichet. The exhibition will open Saturday, April 02 from 7-9 pm.

Live game boy music performance by role model (aka Johan Kotlinski) from Sweden; starting 9pm, free admission.

Twin Twin  represents a meditation by the artists on the residual significance that the fallen World Trade Towers continue to have in our lives; the power they exert over our imaginations, even the way they have come to structure our consciousness.

138 Bayard St
Brooklyn NY 11222