marcin ramocki
Since 2002
Works in brooklyn, New York United States of America

Marcin Ramocki is a new media artist living Brooklyn. His works have been exhibited at MoMa, Hirshhorn Museum, Pacific Film Archives, Art Futura, Wexner Center, ZKM, ACME Melbourne, Le Palais de Glace Buenos Aires and many more.

His recent project include the feature documentaries 8 BIT and Brooklyn DIY. Currently Marcin teaches New Media at Jersey City University. (
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What Was Old Is New Again @ ZKM

Thu Nov 20, 2008 00:00 - Sat Nov 15, 2008


What Was Old is New Again
A Meeting of Art and Scholarship

Fri-Sun, November 21-23, 2008
Symposium at the ZKM\_Lecture Hall
Karlsruhe, Germany

from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.$6356

Every religion, political ideology, philosophy, and scientific theory embodies a set of structured beliefs. These belief systems maintain a symbiotic liaison with the arts. Throughout history, communal beliefs have relied on music, theater, painting, and dance in order to propagate accepted doctrines, and the arts in turn have shaped the articles of faith.
The conference brings together artists and scholars in an unusual forum. The arts addressed deal primarily with media, the major art form that has only come to the fore in recent decades. The scholarship concerns antique matters, such as Sumerian music, early Egyptian medicine, and the omens, codes of law, and creation myths of Mesopotamia. The divergent perspectives of the participants augur well for innovative ideas emerging from this close encounter between scholarship, the arts, and the belief systems of early and modern times.

Participants: Mel Alexenberg / Netanel Anor / Michael Bielicky / Bazon Brock / Yiyi Chen / Michael Cohn / Brian Dillon / Dragan Espenschied / Dmitry Gutov / Jenia Gutova / Wayne Horowitz / Th. J. H. Krispijn / Bo Lawergren / Olia Lialina / Barbara London / Naomi May / Luke Murphy / Muzaffer Özgüles / Marcin Ramocki / Morty Schiff / Irene Sibbing / Joey Skaggs / Peter Weibel / Martin Williams / Jocelyn Wolff / Henry Zemel .


Noah Loesberg & Kelli Miller @ vertexlist,

Sat Oct 25, 2008 00:00 - Sun Oct 19, 2008

Noah Loesberg& Kelli Miller, October 25th to November 23, 2008.

VertexList has the pleasure to present Noah Loesberg: "Infrastructure" and Kelli Miller: "Believer"

A reception will take place on, Saturday, October 25th 2008 from 7pm - 10pm. The exhibition will be on display until Sunday, November 23, 2008.

Noah Loesberg presents Infrastructure, a suite of familiar and recognizable yet overlooked objects from domestic and urban environments. From an enlarged plaster copy of a storm drain to stacks of sewer pipe fabricated with cardboard to a giant smoke detector he weaves a narrative and allegory of the banal and sublime and impending disaster, catastrophe, and entropy.

In Believer, Kelli Miller presents a range of work from renderings of computer and electronic equipment circuit boards, to a ten-minute video parody of self-help infomercials. Her work mocks the false promise of technology and utopian ideals and subverts the logic and rhetoric of motivational philosophies and undermines the relentless positivity of advertising media.

VertexList gallery hours are Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1pm - 6 pm, or by appointment.
We are located between Graham and Manhattan Avenues on Bayard St. For more info
please visit our website or call 646 258 3792.



Sat Sep 06, 2008 00:00 - Wed Sep 03, 2008

United States of America

September 6 - November 2, 2008

The video game as a medium and a style of life has reached its middle age along with the first generation of people who grew up playing them. The non-linear, interactive, processor based narratives, which at first mimicked Hollywood and struggled to convey their simple content with 8-bit processors, gradually became the largest entertainment industry in the history of electronic media. RESET/PLAY is an exhibition attempting a critical exploration of contemporary art inspired by video games. Questioning the history, control mechanisms, political and art-historical implications of electronic games, RESET/PLAY assembles a formidable group of international artists who made a significant impact on this growing post-game artistic sub-genre. Artists include Cory Arcangel, Michael Bell-Smith, Mike Beradino, Brody Condon, Alex Galloway, JODI, Guthrie Lonergan, Kristin Lucas, Joe McKay, Michael Smith, Eddo Stern and Keita Takahashi.

RESET/PLAY is organized for Arthouse by guest curators Marcin Ramocki and Paul Slocum, both of whom are practicing media artists who also run independent spaces in Brooklyn and Dallas, respectively, that focus on media art. The exhibition will be accompanied by an 8-bit music and film festival co-organized by the Austin Museum of Digital Art.


Net Ae 2.0 postmortem

x-arn, tom and everybody else:
you are absolutely right 2005/06 is a mistake, and I stand corrected..
The reason I wrote 2005/06 is because in the first version of this document I specifically referred to "surf clubs" and then I realized that the introduction section needed to be more inclusive, so I changed it to "group blogging" ... without adjusting dates. I will correct my PDF accordingly, thanks!