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Marc Garrett is co-director and co-founder, with artist Ruth Catlow of the Internet arts collectives and communities –,,, also co-founder and co-curator/director of the gallery space formerly known as 'HTTP Gallery' now called the Furtherfield Gallery in London (Finsbury Park), UK. Co-curating various contemporary Media Arts exhibitions, projects nationally and internationally. Co-editor of 'Artists Re:Thinking Games' with Ruth Catlow and Corrado Morgana 2010. Hosted Furtherfield's critically acclaimed weekly broadcast on UK's Resonance FM Radio, a series of hour long live interviews with people working at the edge of contemporary practices in art, technology & social change. Currently doing an Art history Phd at the University of London, Birkbeck College.

Net artist, media artist, curator, writer, street artist, activist, educationalist and musician. Emerging in the late 80′s from the streets exploring creativity via agit-art tactics. Using unofficial, experimental platforms such as the streets, pirate radio such as the locally popular ‘Savage Yet Tender’ alternative broadcasting 1980′s group, net broadcasts, BBS systems, performance, intervention, events, pamphlets, warehouses and gallery spaces. In the early nineties, was co-sysop (systems operator) with Heath Bunting on Cybercafe BBS with

Our mission is to co-create extraordinary art that connects with contemporary audiences providing innovative, engaging and inclusive digital and physical spaces for appreciating and participating in practices in art, technology and social change. As well as finding alternative ways around already dominating hegemonies, thus claiming for ourselves and our peer networks a culturally aware and critical dialogue beyond traditional hierarchical behaviours. Influenced by situationist theory, fluxus, free and open source culture, and processes of self-education and peer learning, in an art, activist and community context.
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Hi Max,

Amazing stuff eh!


As the emperor discovered, the mob is fickle and its base tastes revolve =
around not honor but on who can best entertain it. Though the mob has great=
size, its lack of ideology and honor also means that it lacks value and th=
e ability to achieve anything substantial. It is surely large, but remains =
powerless in all meaningful ways. That idea is contrasted in the movie by a=
n army of men who believe in their leader because of his honor and vision. =
Though their numbers are far smaller than the mass, their unified values ar=
e able to achieve a positive result. No one in the mob cares for anything a=
nd none would risk their life or anything at all because they desire only t=
he safe path of nothingness. Aspiration is not in them - only the noble dre=
am and seek to make dreams come true, for dreams and value are every time w=
orth risking the whole of one's existence. If one is! victorious, he has wo=
n great value, or if he has lost, he at least has the respect of those who =
understand that the pursuit of value was worth dying for. Life without hono=
r and value, as symbolized by the mob and their approach, is meaningless. V=
aliant struggle to preserve the value of nobility will always be glorious b=
ecause it continues to keep alive the possibility of meaning in this world,=
against all of those who would so quickly forsake it.

I like how this guy uses messianic talk about money and hierarchy and all=
. I think Jesus was in fact talking a good part of the time about Empire a=
nd Capital. So he beat Marx and Negri to the combo? I wouldn't be surpris=

God that Gilder article was good. Morbid and solipsist reading but sorta=

And yes, Jesus does talk about bread and circuses! Labor and entertainme=
nt. What a weird site.



Re: backward engineering

Hi there Andres,

Your worries about bad companies, governments exploiting DNA as an open
source code, I believe is a very valid question. One only has to look at the
companies that have already ruined living eco environments constantly for
profit, global control. And they do not seem that bothered, other than as a
marketing ploy to genuinely deal with such issues. Oil companies have
eagerly killed people for profit. Plus with the manic effort of many neo -
liberal cultures, companies to take away the civil right of personal
privacy, how can we trust our governments to protect us? We cannot. They
displayed no interest in respecting life other than for use as a commodity.
Humanity is worth money, mass working units. Governments and the many
idiotic (mostly) males that have cruelly abused their power disappoint me
greatly - I do not trust them at all.


> I've been asking the same question to my self for a while, now I


Re: pretty lies

Hi Natalie,

Ihave just had a look at vanilla sky & it does look like another waste brai=
n space. Yet another well promoted distraction from life.


you should whatch vanilla sky wrote:

This capricious idea which is drowned in an external facade - is nothin=
g but a dream a pretty lie
In time you will learn, yet fears dig deep suggesting that time will be=
nothing but a tentative barometer
Things look and seem in the right place, everything is exact to your re=
quired and lustful measurement
A glowing example of the human race, parading the perfect example of wh=
at others should aspire to be
A design - designed to make free spirits worry, worry about the outer s=
pace between them and others
On this archetypal product a veneer glows like a glaze which hides the =
rust that eats away inside
How can one be free when faced by stereo - typical - post - idealists, =
declaring war on self love
Pictorial delusion infests all hope and advertises a template of which =
all lost eyes infest on
This mutation of the exterior is merely a polish to hide the inferior m=
ythology which presumes style
It slips and ! slides and poses grace, hinting pure face as it sniggers=
choosing a vacuous Armour
And you are fooled by this tinsel wrapping, which reflects how unrealiz=
ed you really are
This invented criterion is a visual soap opera created for the empty he=
art who fears the mind
As the recommended lie oozes into place, the myth becomes a reality per=
taining the lowest denominator
Dictating the way, the way we should be - deconstructed, instructed - t=
old and sold a classic ideal
It threatens inner smiles and is crushed under steel, it squeals under =
emotional blackmail
For systematic creed identity is pushed aside for the chosen utopia re =
- invented, invested
Lives are re - constructed losing thy original core which once burned p=
roud and warm
Post - human triviality distorts our realities, opting for the shield t=
hat covers our true selves
Soon we will become acceptable by the soul - less eyes who judge other =
peoples lives
ENTRENCHED clothed in facile styles, dis! sected and conformed to the u=
ltimate self mutilation
And all this is because one must concede and conform to someone else's =
pretty lies

marc garrett (1989)

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Spoken word

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Re: censorship on rhizome

Yeah thanx,

Alex & I sorted it out to that point...


> At 16:49 +0100 6/21/02, furtherfield wrote:
> >Hi Rachel,
> >
> >Might be getting closer to the source - it is not censorship at all. It
> >could be someone who has put on child protection, in relation to language
> >their comp; but is still receiving rhizome raw.
> >
> >marc
> this looks to be the software that blocked the email. not to hard to
> find, took about a 10 sec google.
> prolly someone who's place of business uses this software. i thought
> it was fairly obvious from the message that it wasn't rhizome's
> server doing it.
> At 12:22 +0100 6/21/02, furtherfield wrote:
> >
> >The following message:
> >
> below is the server that caught it.
> >TO:
> >FROM:
> >DATE: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 11:24:10 +0100
> >Subject: Re: Mail Delivery Status Notification
> >
> >
> >Has been deleted by Mail Essentials for the following reason(s):
> >
> >Body contains word(s)/phrase(s) 'sex'
> fairly clear that Mail Essentials was the culprit on,
> nothing to do with rhizome.
> --
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