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Marc Garrett is co-director and co-founder, with artist Ruth Catlow of the Internet arts collectives and communities –,,, also co-founder and co-curator/director of the gallery space formerly known as 'HTTP Gallery' now called the Furtherfield Gallery in London (Finsbury Park), UK. Co-curating various contemporary Media Arts exhibitions, projects nationally and internationally. Co-editor of 'Artists Re:Thinking Games' with Ruth Catlow and Corrado Morgana 2010. Hosted Furtherfield's critically acclaimed weekly broadcast on UK's Resonance FM Radio, a series of hour long live interviews with people working at the edge of contemporary practices in art, technology & social change. Currently doing an Art history Phd at the University of London, Birkbeck College.

Net artist, media artist, curator, writer, street artist, activist, educationalist and musician. Emerging in the late 80′s from the streets exploring creativity via agit-art tactics. Using unofficial, experimental platforms such as the streets, pirate radio such as the locally popular ‘Savage Yet Tender’ alternative broadcasting 1980′s group, net broadcasts, BBS systems, performance, intervention, events, pamphlets, warehouses and gallery spaces. In the early nineties, was co-sysop (systems operator) with Heath Bunting on Cybercafe BBS with

Our mission is to co-create extraordinary art that connects with contemporary audiences providing innovative, engaging and inclusive digital and physical spaces for appreciating and participating in practices in art, technology and social change. As well as finding alternative ways around already dominating hegemonies, thus claiming for ourselves and our peer networks a culturally aware and critical dialogue beyond traditional hierarchical behaviours. Influenced by situationist theory, fluxus, free and open source culture, and processes of self-education and peer learning, in an art, activist and community context.
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Blank"The instinct of nearly all societies is to lock up anybody who is tru=
ly free.
First, society begins by trying to beat you up.
If this fails, they try to poison you. If this fails too, they finish by =
loading honors on your head."
- Jean Cocteau (1889-1963)

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<DT>"The instinct of nearly all societies is to lock up anybody who is tr=
free. </DT>
<DT>First, society begins by trying to beat you up. <BR>If this fails, th=
try to poison you. If this fails too, they finish by loading honors on yo=
head." </CENTER></DT></DIV></DL><FONT size=2>
<P align=center>- Jean Cocteau (1889-1963)</FONT></P></DIV>



life sentences for hackers

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BlankHouse OKs life sentences for hackers

But time may run out for computer crime bill in Senate



Re: getty.JPG

It wouild be great to see various visceral iamges other than poo - for inst=
ance - tears. One could write tears. Declaring one's fluidity 'literally'.


In a message dated 7/17/2002 10:31:17 PM Central Daylight Time, Nmherman@= writes:

is that really your own poo?

Actually it's a very legitimate question Marc. seriously, I think. Art-=

The poop is timed and dated just prior to the jpg, and is mostly a meal o=
f eggs. Therefore the poop was very smooth and like all egg tempera, dried=
cleanly and quickly.

Notice there are virtually no smudges on the scanner. Only a tiny portio=
n of shit was left to be cleaned up.

The original calligraphic masterpiece is now safely drying in an open man=
ila folder and emits little or no smell. I am considering whether to use s=
ome kind of fixative on the high-quality heavy-duty paper.

Oddly, I had assumed I'd be throwing a dirty stinky mess out of the house=
but shit tempera, hey it works man--maybe.

I also have the cleaned and sterilized brush I used, it was NOT done with=
a finger! I'll rhetoricate anyone who says different of denies the eviden=

Because shit stinks.

Max Herman,

The Genius 2000 Network



Re: Re: getty.JPG

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From: furtherfield
To: ;
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2002 11:22 AM
Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: Re: getty.JPG

It wouild be great to see various visceral iamges other than poo - for =
instance - tears. One could write tears. Declaring one's fluidity 'literall=



Re: Fwd: Re: [T7U9S2W] Unauthorized Use

Hi Curt,

I this incident is not a hoax - and all suddenly collapses around you. I
would gladly setup a protest site/petition to instigate some kind of debate,
which objective in its reasoning yet compassionate in its spirit. It does
seem as though (like Jess said earlier) that there is some kind of jobs
worth using the Getty administration to hurt you, picking on you for some
reason. Personally, I'd get rid of the image itself and replace it with some
text linking why you are not aloud to show the image - even though they do
not know who's it is. A very uptight/backward form of thinking. In a sense
you should be able to take them to court for hassling you really...


> Curt,
> Under the DMCA, links to copyrighted materials are also considered
> unauthorized use. So, you still have to take it down. Your only other
> if you can't work things out with Mary, is to file the counter claim as
> described in my notice to you earlier. That will result in the link being
> removed for 10 days, but will force the complaining party to file a suit
> pursue this matter further. The danger there being of course, that if they
> file suit and win, you will be responsible for their court fees.
> So, I must advise you to work this issue out, or remove the link from your
> site. We do not cherish shutting down access for our customers, but we
> follow the law.
> Chris Carter pair Networks
> ---
> pair Networks' Abuse Dept.
> Statement of Policy:
> >Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 16:30:02 -0400
> >To:
> >From: Curt Cloninger <>
> >Subject: Re: [T7U9S2W] Unauthorized Use
> >Cc:
> >Bcc:
> >X-Attachments:
> >
> >Chris,
> >
> >Mary and I have been in dialogue about this issue over the last
> >several days. The image in quesiton is not hosted on my site, nor
> >is it stored on pair's server. I'm merely linking to the image from
> >a page on my site.
> >
> >The image itself resides here:
> >
> >
> >The page on my site that links it is here:
> >
> >
> >Mary was not able to track down the creator of the image to even
> >discover whether he has a license or not. He may yet have a licence.
> >
> >Even if he doesn't have a licence, my site is a non-profit
> >collaborative art project. No money is being made off of this
> >image, and its use is probably fair in this context.
> >
> >Below, Mary requests "that you remove... the photographic files from
> >your server." The photographic files do not reside on your server.
> >
> >I have enjoyed fair and reasonable hosting service from pair
> >networks over the last four years. I am a web designer who has used
> >pair networks to host my client's sites, and I hope to be able to
> >continue to recommend your services to future clients. If you
> >remove my site due to this one instance of corporate saber rattling,
> >that will be truly unfortulate.
> >
> >Please get back to me before the three days is up.
> >
> >Sincerely,
> >Curt Cloninger
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >>Hello, this is Chris Carter from pair Networks, Inc. Abuse dept.
> >>
> >>Recently, we have received the notice below regarding illegal use of
> >>registered trademarks or copyrighted materials on your web site hosted
> >>with our services. Use of copyrighted materials or trademarks without
> >>permission is illegal, and as such is grounds for immediate termination
> >>your services with pair Networks as per our posted policies in our
> >>contract at If
> >>materials are not removed within the next 3 business days, we will have
> >>choice but to forcibly remove service to the pages in question.
> >>
> >>Once removed, these pages can only be reactivated if the offending
> >>material has been removed, or if a counter claim is filed in your
> >>Such a claim must include all of the following:
> >>
> >>* Your physical or electronic signature.
> >>
> >>* Identification of the material removed or to which access has been
> >>disabled and the location at which the material appeared before it was
> >>removed or access to it was disabled.
> >>
> >>* A statement under penalty of perjury of a good faith belief that the
> >>material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or
> >>misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.
> >>
> >>* Your name, address, and telephone number at which you can be reached,
> >>legal office at which notice can be served.
> >>
> >>* A statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of Federal District
> >>Court for the judicial district in which the address above is located,
> >>if your address is outside of the United States, that of the judicial
> >>district in which pair Networks, Inc. may by found, and that you will
> >>accept service of process from the person who provided notification or
> >>agent of such person.
> >>
> >>
> >>Once this is received, your services will be re-enabled after 10
> >>days. During this time, the person who provided notice of infringement
> >>their agents may file an action seeking a court order to restrain
> >>use of the infringing materials. If they do such, access to these
> >>materials will remain disabled until such time as a court order is
> >>releasing these materials.
> >>
> >>Please be aware that by sending this counter claim, you accept that this
> >>matter may be settled in a court of law, and that if you are found
> >>of the claims given, will be responsible for any legal fees and damages
> >>caused the complaining party by your use of these materials, and
> >>to escalate this matter to be settled by the courts if desired by the
> >>complaining party.
> >>
> >>Pair Networks, Inc. abides by the procedures given in the Digital
> >>Millennium Copyright Act for the handling of claims of copyright
> >>infringement against our customers. As such, pair Networks, Inc. cannot
> >>be held liable for any damages, losses, or legal fees resulting in the
> >>removal of these materials. If the original claim was mistaken or
> >>invalid, then the party issuing this claim in the notice below can be
> >>liable for any damages, loss, or legal fees resulting from this notice
> >>yourself, and to pair Networks, Inc. Contact information for this party
> >>is included in the notice below.
> >>
> >>If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please let us know.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> > <<PairNet.doc>>
> >> >
> >> > Mary Walsh
> >> > License Compliance Specialist
> >> > Getty Images
> >> >
> >> > 122 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 900
> >> > Chicago IL, 60603
> >> > 312-344-4223
> >> > 312-341-9636 fax
> >> >
> >> >
> >> >
> >> >
> >> >
> >> >
> >> > =======================================================
> >> > This email and its contents are confidential. If you
> >> > are not the intended recipient, please do not disclose
> >> > or use the information within this email or its
> >> > attachments. If you have received this email in error,
> >> > please delete it immediately. Thank you.
> >> > =======================================================
> >>
> >>Pair Networks, Inc.
> >>2403 Sidney St., Suite 510
> >>Pittsburgh, PA 15203
> >>
> >>Dear Domain Administrator,
> >>
> >>Your company hosts a website at PLAYDAMAGE - DOM which contains a
> >>photograph belonging to Getty Images as represented by the Stone
> >>The web site is and the image in use is BE9994-001. I
> >>attaching a screen grab of the use in question and our original image.
> >>the copyright to this image belongs to the respective photographer,
> >>Images is the photographer's representative and as such, is the
> >>entity that is
> >>permitted to issue licenses for use of this image. Any use of the image
> >>without such a license from Getty Images is unauthorized. A license is
> >>in order to receive permission to reproduce or manipulate this image.
> >>
> >>We have searched our records and have found that no such license has
> >>issued by us for this use. If they have not arranged for a license
> >>from Getty
> >>Images or Stone prior to commencing use of the image, they are
considered in
> >>violation of Title 17 U.S.C.S., the Copyright Act of 1976. The use of
> >>image on the web page hosted at your site is illegal under copyright
> >>Under Section 512(c) of the Copyright Act, known as the Digital
> >>Copyright Act, upon notice of infringement, in order to take advantage
> >>limitation of liability, qualified Internet Service Providers must
> >>expeditiously remove the infringing material.
> >>I have contacted Curt Cloninger on three separate occasions beginning on
> >>15, 2002 and as recent as yesterday requesting compliance with our terms
> >>conditions of use and have stipulated that he should cease and desist
the use
> >>of this image. Mr Cloninger has not yet cooperated nor has he expressed
> >>inclination to do so.
> >>
> >>At this point I am seeking your immediate intercession with this matter.
> >>Please remedy this offense with either:
> >>
> >>(1) Your immediate contact with the site owner demanding the prompt
> >>removal of
> >>the graphics owned by and copyrighted to Getty Images (2) that you
remove the
> >>site itself and/or the photographic files from your server.
> >>
> >>Your expeditious attention to this matter is greatly appreciated, as we
> >>no other recourse for remedy without undertaking legal action. Please
> >>understand that this letter is not a warning or threat. It is being sent
> >>you as part of a legal process that must be followed in an effort to
> >>our legal rights. Getty Images is committed to investigating licensing
> >>infractions not only to protect our own interests, but to protect
> >>those of the
> >>photographers who submit their photos to us as well. We feel that your
> >>cooperation regarding this matter is fully warranted, and expect it will
> >>promptly forthcoming.
> >>
> >>Best Regards,
> >>
> >>Mary Walsh
> >>Licensing Compliance
> >>Getty Images, Inc.
> >>122 South Michigan Ave., Suite 900
> >>Chicago IL, 60603
> >>312-344-4223
> >>312-341-9636 fax
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