Manuel Olias
Since 2005
Works in Madrid

Lives and works in Madrid, Spain.
His interests revolve mainly around drawing and painting and include other media like video, video-dance and net art. Although mainly self-taught, he attended classic engraving and drawing classes at the school of Artesanos, the Escuela de Artes y Oficios and the Fine Arts University of Valencia.
He has exhibited his work in Spain since 1990. While still in his home city, he shows at Lae.sferazul gallery and artists club, a reference in the spanish independent art scene of the late nineties. During this decade he undertakes numerous commissions for graphic works, decoration and visuals for clubs. He also draws and self-publishes comics, and creates performances together with Taller Dsastre collective.

He moved to Madrid at the end of 1999 to be art director for a company dealing with free software and web desing. While still freelancing some design jobs, since 2002 he focuses in his studio work.

His series of drawings and online project Dibujos a ciegas ( has been exhibited in Madrid and New York, and will travel to Vancouver and San Francisco in 2008. It's listed at

His video "Todo disfraz está hecho de recuerdos" was screened at the ATA Film & Video Festival in San Francisco in October 2007. That same year three video pieces made together with dancer and choreographer Camille Hanson were screened in the Pradillo Theatre in Madrid.

Involved since 2002 in the online international projects "ArtContext" and "WarTime, reflections on and reactions against wars by digital and network artists". He is part of the video community and on-line television

In 2002 co-founded Manklared Arts Collective: Arts Against War & Madrid Independent! Artists Porfolios. The group functions as a meeting point and hosts online exhibitions.

Group exhibitions:
1987 The Tretze Art Gallery, Castellon
1990 The Velazquez Gallery, Valencia
1992 La Nova Art Gallery, Alaquas
1992 La Marina Gallery, El Puig
1994 Circulo de Bellas Artes, Valencia. Artesanos Engraving group
1995 Circulo de Bellas Artes, Valencia. Artesanos Engraving group.
1998 The Laesferazul Art Club, Valecia. 'La Quincena Fantastica'. Laesferazul artist grup.
1998 The Contemporanea Art Gallery, Granada. Laesferazul artist grup.
2002 - 2004 Proyect (WarTime netart) -offline shows: 13/12/02 Ritzy, Brixton, London UK |
11/01/03 Caerano S. Marco IT | 12/02/03 The Other Cimena, London UK | 15/02/03 'peace
lovers ball', London UK | 15/02/03 Mario's night for peace, LA US | 01/03/03 247 @SO36, Berlin DE. | 12/03/03 Banff, Canada | 31/03/03 ART TOPOS @ Art Athina, Athens GR
SE London UK | 02/04/03 '365 Art Project', Athens, Greece.../ 12/9/2003 Standart,
Madrid. (Laagencia) ...
2004. Abierto. v1. La Nave. Pintura escultura danza.
2008. La Casa de los Jacintos, Madrid. March. Buzos nodriza.

Individual exhibitions:
1995 The Marina Art Gallery, El Puig (Valencia). Pinturas y dibujos.
1996 Circulo de Bellas Artes, Valencia. 'La mirada estratosferica'
1997 Laesferazul art gallery, Valencia. 'Pin tu- ras'
1997 The Nova Art Gallery, Alaquas. /
1997 - 1998 The Sarc City Council program, Valencia.
1999 'Meson de Morella' City Council. Valencia.
2003. Joya Brooklyn. New York. 'Flags series'. Jun.
2004. Ladinamo. Madrid. 'Wan Fo Standard Paper' series.
2004-2005. Tesauro. Madrid. ''Standard Wan Fo'' series. Nov -Enero.
2006. La Casa de los Jacintos, Madrid. "Unas pinturas y unos dibujos". Sept-Oct.
2007. NYStudioGallery. Blind Traces - Dibujos a Ciegas. New York, 2-24Feb
2007. Teatro Pradillo. Ciclo de jovenes creadores GRACIAS X FAVOR. Dibujos a ciegas.
Madrid, 22 may - 2 de junio
2007 Galeria de Arte LARRA10. Deco Nature. Madrid, Spain. Jun
2007 ATA Film & Video Festival. San Francisco CA. Video installation "Todo Disfraz está
hecho de recuerdos". October 10-12.