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Since 2002
Works in United States of America

Belgrade artists Marija Vauda and Nikola Pilipovic have been
collaborating as MANIK since 1999.Their work reflects the
march of history, sometimes literally outside their studio, and a
dialogue with the international artistic community through
organisations and events such as Rhizome and Free Manifesta. Tiija is
their first weblog piece, their previous work has been in mediums as
diverse as video, performance, happenings, email, painting and

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Oh, such a nice thing is to 'make waves' on fat asses.
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> Being critical is one of the most important human capabilities. From being
> able to just say "this is shit" to 1000 page research reports criticism is
> the only key to any change in any kind of activity. Why is criticism so
> unwelcome then? Why are we living in the era of super ultra conformism
> where everybody from age 16 has million tons of pressure to stay as he
> should be and not "make any waves". How come it all ended up in this ABC
> life system in which if you miss A you are fucked? And that every five
> minutes one has to kiss ass? Is new culture about kissing ass and is
> Internet an anti-ass-kissing weapon ( thanks to anonymous emails? ). Who
> are the biggest critics of our times? Artists? Does art teach people not
> kiss ass? I don't think so? What do! Does art teach anything at all?
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My name is Bond,-----James Bond.What's yours?
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Oh, such a nice thing is to 'make waves' on fat asses.

Who mentioned you, dishwasher?

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