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Male enhancement is a rapidly expanding field, with new advances made every day. It is one of the fastest growing medical sciences, with hundreds of products available for the consumer, but not all of them are created equal. Many products are simply cheap knockoffs or even scams designed to dupe the consumer.

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Now while there are certainly many scams as there are in every business, there are most assuredly numerous products that do work. Many products will live up to the claims that are made about them; it's just a matter of how much research you do to find the right male enhancement for you.

Penis pills are the most commonly used form of male enhancement, as they are the most effective for an increase in both length and girth, all while being the best value. Penis pills have been around for a while now, and the medical community has had plenty of time to do different tests to determine their validity and safety. Can they actually give you gains? Are the results permanent? Most importantly, are they safe to use?

The medical community has largely agreed that yes they do work, but not to the exaggerated extent that the corporations would have you believe. When penis pills first became popular, the usual claim was that they would add up to 5 inches to your length. These claims have been deemed unrealistic and false advertising, but you can expect to add about 3 inches in terms of both length and girth.

It's very important to think about what women really want when getting intimate. Most women really do not want what men think they want. In fact, the length of a man's penis is much less important than the girth.

The majority of women in the world believe that length is second to growth in terms of importance. Girth is actually the first increase and the largest increase you will see when taking penis pills, so they really are amazing. The average amount of growth you will usually see after only 2 weeks of taking the pills, in terms of girth, is about 0.5 inches.

The length of the penis, while less important than the girth, is none the less always on men's minds. It will take a slightly longer time to increase while taking the penis pills, but after a month, most people will see an average increase of 0.5 inches.

When considering penis pills, it's important to remember that while many people say they are dangerous, those claims are unfounded and groundless. Penis pills are very safe and are made from all natural ingredients. You should just do a little research to feel comfortable before making a purchase.