Maja Petric
Since 2003
Works in Zagreb Croatia

Maja Petrić is an artist, a PhD candidate and a predoctoral associate at University of Washington’s Center for Digital Art and Experimental Media (DXARTS). She holds a Masters degree in new media art from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), and a Masters degree in journalism from University of Zagreb, Croatian Studies.

Maja grew up in Croatia during the violent fragmentation of Yugoslavia. It is then that she became preoccupied with using art to transform the traumatized sense of her surroundings. Her work is about changing the perception of space in function of art. Therefore, the subjects of her work are perception, space, and art. To change perception, she studies sensation, experience, and phenomenology. To create spatial situations, she practices designing spaces, fabricating structures, manipulating materials, and integrating lighting and audiovisual systems. The core of her artistic research is the sublime.

Her light art installations have recently been awarded the Richard Kelly Award, the Thunen Lighting Award, and the Doctoral Fellowship from Croatian Science Foundation.
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The Henry Art Gallery: Eyes of The Skin

Thu Jan 26, 2012 19:00 - Sat Feb 04, 2012

Seattle, Washington
United States of America

The Eyes of the Skin* is a dance/new media installation that delves into the complex nature of tenderness. It is a site specific piece created for the Henry Art Gallery.

This cross-departmental collaboration between choreographer, Jennifer Salk (Associate Professor, Dance) and new media artist Maja Petrić (PhD candidate, DXARTS) explores concepts of tenderness and fragility with a multi-sensory journey allowing viewers to experience the entire museum in unexpected ways. Upon entering the Henry viewers move through the interstitial spaces — hallways, stairwells, elevators, ramps — experiencing sound, light, and dance. These small environments create places of vulnerability, playfulness, intimacy, fragility and cruelty among a tightly knit group, choreographed by Salk.

Using light and projection technology, Petrić’s installations will appear in distinct locations in the Henry where the dancers interact. In the Stroum gallery, a large wall provides the backdrop to the main dance; it slowly “cracks” and discloses an illusion of a realm behind the wall.

Mixed Media Art Installation
Artist: Maja Petrić
Video Mapping: Hrvoje Benko
General Assistant: Jovanka Uzelac
Technical Assistant: Kim Brown

Choreography: Jennifer Salk
Stage Designer: Amiya Brown
Stage Manager: Monique Courcy
Light Board and Assistant Stage Manager: Esmeralda Valenzuela

Funding for Eyes of the Skin is provided by the University of Washington Donald E. Petersen Endowment for Excellence.

Performances are on January 26, 27, and February 2, 3 at 7:30PM and January 28, 29, and February 4 at 2:00PM. All performances are non-ticketed and free with museum admission.

Henry admission is by suggested donation: $10: General, $6: Seniors (62+), Free: Henry members; UW students, faculty, and staff with ID; high school & college students with ID; children 13 years and under, first Thursdays.
Petrić’s mixed media installation can be viewed from January 26 until February 4, 2012.

*Title of the dance performance is inspired by Juhani Pallasmaa’s book Architecture and the Senses: The eyes of the skin.


“MAKE US THINK” Photo Contest

Fri Feb 29, 2008 00:00

“MAKE US THINK” Photo Contest

Social Sauce is holding a contest in search of photographs that challenge opinions, tell stories, and make people think. We want to push the envelope of peoples’ perceptions of the world we live in.

Grand Prize:
$400 JetBlue gift card (or an Iphone!) + $100 to donate to a social or environmental organization of the winner’s choice*.

Additional Recognition:
The top 100 photos will be featured on the login screen

Entry Process:

1. Create a Sosauce account at
2. Upload your photo(s) of choice to a new album. You are free to choose your own album name.
3. Go into the album and change the privacy of the album to ‘public.’ This setting can be found at the top right of the screen.
4. Tag the photo(s) you want to enter into the contest with the phrase ‘wacky walrus’

Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm on Sunday, March 2nd.


1. No photos promoting hate or violence, evil deeds, shock photos, and no porn. Ironic or artistic renditions of these subjects will be treated on a case by case basis. Social Sauce reserves the right to remove any photo, at their discretion, that violates this condition.
2. No employee or family member of Social Sauce may enter the contest.


1. Entries will be judged solely on the sauciness rating they receive.
2. Any registered Sosauce user can rate an entry, and they are free to interpret the sauciness of the photo as they see fit.
3. Sauciness is determined by a combination of the number of ratings a photo receives and the quality of those ratings. Sauciness is a range of values. Thus two photos that appear to have the same sauciness level (as indicated by the color of the pepper) may be different.
4. In the small chance there is a tie; Social Sauce will determine the winner

Each entrant retains 100% ownership of the photos they choose to enter as indicated by the copyright, all rights reserved. Owners may utilize creative commons for distribution if they so desire. Social Sauce will not manipulate or use any photo entered for commercial gain outside of it being featured on

All entrants will be notified via their account email of the winners on Tuesday, March 4th.

If you have any questions, please notify Sean at either or 917.338.6225.

* Winners have the option of forfeiting either the travel voucher or Iphone and donating all winnings to the social or environmental organization of their choice.