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Michaekl Foucault

Thu Jan 26, 2006 00:00 - Fri Jan 27, 2006

Does anyone on here read foucault...enjoy foucault?


Re: Re: schizoanalizys for beginners

Fri Jan 27, 2006 00:00 - Fri Jan 27, 2006

the production of discourse"
Hence the key word "production"
Another word close enough to replace production in this context is "distribution"

Faucault is simply saying what happens "WHEN" discourse is in circulation.......when it hits society.....affects society.......influences society.......etc..

Your probably reading into it too

As for foucault making mistakes......thats common to men

If he didn't have a few kinks in his armor I probably wouldn't read him

But I don't find him arrogant or self righteous

He was an explorer, a searcher, a genius in my book

Marisa Olson wrote:

> I know there is a facetious pun at play here, but I just wanted to
> chip in
> about a subject very important to me...
> I have long been appalled by the way that theorists supposedly steeped
> in
> psychoanalytic readings could misdefine schizophrenia and then
> consistently glamorize this very serious, very misdefined condition as
> some sexy alternative to 'reality.' There is a long list of scholars
> who've become quite famous in the course of building and upholding
> this
> farce.
> Now I'm all for creativity, metaphor, and wordplay, but I feel that
> any of
> us with a ligitimate interest in these discourses or in contributing
> to
> any kind of meaningful conversation have a personal responsibility not
> to
> entrench this kind of grossly irresponsible scholarship.
> marisa