Madeline Hollander
Since 2006
Works in New Yok, New York United States of America

Madeline Hollander
550 Broome Street #13
NY, NY 10013
(310) 367-8529

Madeline Hollander is an artist and dancer from Los Angeles who works with film, choreography, and new media to explore the audience/performer relationship and offer unexpected points of view. Her work aims to foreground the peripheries of everyday life and destabilize the delineations between dancer and choreographer, performer and audience, and artworks and the stage. She has collaborated with various choreographers, directors, and visual artists internationally and is continuously looking for new ways to extend choreography beyond the realms of dance and the human form. Madeline graduated from Barnard College with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology with a concentration in Visual Arts and lives and works in NYC.