Mads Skovbjerg Paldam
Since 2002
Works in United States of America

Born 1972 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Studied social sciences (MA) and comparative literature at Aarhus University (Denmark), Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris) and Humboldt University (Berlin). Working as a freelance web designer and programmer since 1997.
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Associations: Are you normal? What is normal?


Associations is an interactive internet installation designed to allow you to ponder how some central terms and concepts might be associated and to allow you to compare your associations with those of others that came before you.

You are presented with five words - one in the center and four associated words surrounding it. The surrounding words are selected based on the associations of previous visitors with a random element. You are invited to contemplate the relationship between the central word and the surrounding ones, and select the one which you think is more strongly associated. Then the selected word becomes the central one, and you are presented with four new surrounding words. If you do nothing, the surrounding words will change at a fixed interval.

When the installation has collected enough data about you, it calculates your normality index score, an indication of how your associations compare to those of other visitors.

I hope you find this installation interesting, and that you are presented with some thought-provoking associations that will allow you to explore your own conscience as well as the rich common conscience of the English language.

Sincerely, Mads