Mac McKean
Since the beginning
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

Mac McKean's video and interactive work can be seen occasionally around the City of New York, Brazil and elsewhere.

Exhibits include
Bronx Conversions Series
Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival
La Isle (Rio de Janerio) Video Art Festival
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Re: re: Rhizome needs to drop its membership fee and free its content

I agree. Very few content sites survive for long by charging for their content and those sites are all financial sites like WSJ and, not art sites. Rhizome could keep the membership fee--only members can upload artworks and view Opportunities. And it could ask for donations, via PayPal, etc.

However, all content should be free. And linked, blogged, RSS-fed, spread far and wide. This will probably result in an increase in members, I suspect, not a decrease, as the site goes from being a club of faithful to a public resource.

Perhaps there could be a Rhizome store if more money is needed. Sell netart trinkets, t-shirts, whatever. But the content = free...

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