Luke Munn
Since 2009
Works in Colorado Springs, Colorado United States of America

Luke Munn is a Berlin based artist with a sound and socially focused practice. His work centres around re-activating, and re-presenting sound as itself: site-specific performances and projects that often use the architecture of a space, objects from the audience, field recordings of the area, or historically or socially derived audio. His work has featured in the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Q-O2 Brussels, Laborsonor Berlin, and others - with performances in Paris, Dublin, Chicago, Berlin, Auckland, and New York.

Luke Munn arbeitet als klang- und öffentlichkeitsorientierter Künstler in Berlin. Bei seiner Arbeit re-aktiviert und präsentiert er den Klang aus sich selbst heraus: Ortsspezifische Konzerte und Projekte nutzen die Architektur des Raumes, Gegenstände aus dem Publikum oder Feldaufnahmen der Umgebung und des historischen und sozialen Umfelds. Seine Arbeiten wurden unter anderem ausgestellt im Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Q-O2 Brüssel sowie Laborsonor Berlin und er gab Konzerte in Paris, Dublin, Chicago, Berlin, Auckland und New York.
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Recordings of your work/living space wanted

Tue Oct 19, 2010 00:00

Luke Munn, CoLab and The Big Idea are looking for audio recordings of your work or living space.

Submitted recordings will be included in an upcoming online interface, where these acoustics can be combined and explored, forming new sonic 'architectures' which bring together spaces: studios, offices, urban ambiences, and conversation snippets from different cities .

Recordings should be between 1 and 3 minutes in length, 10MB maximum, output in mp3, wav, or aiff format, and capture the essence of your space, whatever you feel that is - chaotic, noisy, social, near silent, or 'uneventful'.

Recordings may be submitted here (, or emailed directly to lukemunn AT lukemunn DOT com - all contributions are appreciated and will be credited by name.

For more information on the project, an interview and previous recordings, please visit:



Call For Artists: Searching For God

You're basically closing your entries to anyone who doesn't own Microsoft Office / PowerPoint. Not a good approach in my opinion.


Last Midi Background (LMB) (2009) - Sebastian Schmieg

interesting - I finished a similar piece a couple months ago for Window called "Deferred, Referred" which combines some of the same dated homepages with other media like radio stations, youtube clips, and flash intros.


PROCESS Festival Berlin

Sat Jan 02, 2010 00:00

PROCESS Festival Berlin is now accepting proposals for performances and new-media work, to be shown at our 2 day festival in mid-March 2010.

The Festival seeks to highlight new and compelling work in the field of generative or process music - focusing on sound pieces which are inspired by or emulate algorithms, biology, or other defined systems.

From scores generated from nature (Mamoru Fujieda's "Patterns of Plants") or mathematics (John Cage's "Sonatas and Interludes"), to interactives which allow users to create music (Brian Eno's Bloom for iPhone) or a system as simple as 2 tape recorders ("It's Gonna Rain" by Steve Reich), this space has enjoyed a compelling history.

As well as the traditional execution of code outputting music, we're also interested in projects which expand the definition or approach to this field. This could, for example, including hardware-based projects like custom instruments, more lo-fi, organic systems, or hybrids such as a string quartet playing a generative score.

Web-based new-media projects will be shown onsite via a Macbook with wireless connection, as well as linked via the festival website. Performances should be between 20 and 40 minutes long, to allow a diverse selection of pieces over the festival period.

We're unable to offer artist compensation or provide travel costs to the event, although composers outside of the Berlin area are encouraged to partner with local artists to perform works. Please contact us if you're interested in this avenue.

Please e-mail us with your name, short bio, contact details, type of work and a description of your project. Links to relevant imagery, sound, or documentation (if available) are also helpful.