luca barbeni
Since 2004
Works in torino Italy

At the end of 1999, Luca Barbeni with the group 80/81 starts to work at Island.8081 (, a project.
Thanx to Nora Barry, The bitscreen’s (a site dedicated to digital cinema) supervisor, Island.8081 partecipate at the exhibition FUTURE CINEMA from 16th november 2002 to 30th march 2003 inside the ZKM of Karlsruhe.
From 2004 to 2006 collaborates with Teknemedia ( as journalist for the webmagazine of this contemporary art portal.
In 2006 he started to work with Chiara Garibaldi and Simona Lodi on the project Piemonte Share Festival, ( at the beginning as external curator and then since 2007 as curator. In 2006 he pubblished the book “Webcinema, l'immagine cibernetica” and with the collaboration of Piemonte Share he curated many webcinema exhibitions, the last one, Until the End of Cinema ( ), has become another book, Until the End of Cinema, pubblished on december 2010.
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Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:00 - Sun Mar 18, 2012

Rivoli, Italy

Remembrance, Insight, Imagining anew: The Turin Art Scene from the Eighties to Today
An open conference on culture and the arts.
By Francesco Bernardelli and Olga Gambari
Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art
Piazza Mafalda di Savoia
10098 Rivoli - Torino
16th - 18th March 2012
open daily 10 AM to 6 PM

Simona Lodi, artistic director of Piemonte Share, will be participating by video link on Saturday 17th March at 4 PM in Art in Digital Culture and in the New Media Era. The Spread of New Organizational and Democratic Models.

Three days designed as an open space for delving into the past, present and future, by Francesco Bernardelli and Olga Gambari, to be held on 16th-18th March 2012 at the Castello di Rivoli.
Turin certainly has a long heritage as a city at the crossroads for new and exciting things. With the benefit of hindsight at a reasonable distance in time, the present can help us understand the past movements and events that built the contemporary artistic and cultural wealth of the local territory, so as to build a new, proactive approach to the future. Taking such an approach to the local creative scene is quite clearly a collective demand, a priority felt not only by professionals and people in the sector but by the public at large, who over the years has come to support and cherish the issues and venues of contemporary culture in Turin. Hence the goal is to recover and restore the identity of a city that produces and makes full use of its artistic, ethical and economic assets. For three days at the Castello di Rivoli, from 16th to 18th March 2012, an open conference for all comers to focus on different perspectives on the state of art in Turin since the 1980s, and understand where the future lies.

BACK TO THE FUTURE is a democratic discussion about and for the city. Open not only to professionals in the sector, it creates a space for encounter and exchange on the trends, issues, needs and models of the different art worlds and micro-systems that together have built the pluralist cultural scene of Turin, a store of energy and possibilities for the future.
The conference is organized over three days, featuring presentations and critical insights on the past, both near and far, debates, round table discussions and narrations by leading figures from the contemporary cultural scene-bringing together art, cinema, literature, theatre and music.

Press Office Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art
Silvano Bertalot - Manuela Vasco
T +39.011.9565209 - 211, F +39.011.9565231
C +39.3387865367 ;


Cymatics at Waterman’s International Festival of Digital Art

Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:00 - Wed Feb 29, 2012

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Waterman’s International Festival of Digital Art
Watermans – 40 High Street, Brentford, West London, TW8 0DS
Saturday 7 January – Sunday 19 February 2012
Daily 12 noon – 9 pm, Free
There will be an opportunity to meet the artist on Saturday 7 January 2012

In collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London, in 2012, Watermans will present one of the most ambitious collections of digital and new media art ever displayed in London.

Cymatics by Suguru Goto, produced by Action Sharing, represents Europe as part of Waterman’s International Festival of Digital Art.
A panel of expert judges has selected one installation from each of the five continents together with an additonal installation from the UK, to capture the depth and breadth of creativity working with this exciting art-form.

All six artists have been commissioned to produce work designed to explore the nature of interactivity in digital art. Each installation will only come alive when people interact with it. And so the invitation to everyone is to come and “Be part of the Art“.

Cymatics is a kinetic sound sculpture that expresses the artist’s vision of nature through a series of symbolic elements that are used harmoniously in a technological context.

Cymatics creates real spaces that are metaphysical and spiritual at the same time. A place where art is a bridge between the material and the spiritual, between technology and nature, and between the humanities and science. The result is a harmonic vision of the elements of nature, demonstrating the morphogenic effect of sound waves (cymatics).

The creative process involved building a synergy between music to be seen and images to be heard, so as to create a sensorial performance for the complexity of human perception.

Goto’s works have been performed at major festivals. In 1998, he was invited to perform at Sonar, Barcelona; in 2003, he gave a concert at the Pompidou Centre, in Paris; in 2011 performed at Share Festival and in 2009 his ’Robotic Music’ was shown at the 53rd Venice Biennale in Italy.

Cymatics is exhibited at Watermans as part of the International Festival of Digital Art 2012 with support from The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and The Japan Foundation.

Cymatics is the second project to be produced by Action Sharing, an initiative proudly sponsored by the Torino Chamber of Commerce.

Action Sharing, a project by Piemonte Share, is designed to create a platform for syncretic research, encouraging the convergence of art, innovation and science.
Based in Turin (IT) and directed by Simona Lodi and Chiara Garibaldi, Action Sharing is the only project of its kind in Europe to give artists a team of robotics engineers, with specific high-level expertise, to produce works of visual art.


Call Action Sharing 2 - Postponed

Wed Dec 29, 2010 00:00


The Sharing, in partnership with the Turin Chamber of Commerce, is announcing the second Action Sharing competition.
The deadline to subscribe has been postponed until midnight, 6th December 2010.

Action Sharing is an ideas competition for artistic projects that make syncretic use of mechatronic elements.
Area of key interest for The Sharing include: art, music, drama, performance art and dance.
The Turin Chamber of Commerce has sponsored the competition with a view to promoting the creative capital to be found in the Piedmont region, where art and technology are two strategic sectors for the local economy, as part of its commitment to supporting initiatives that promote interdisciplinary co-operation.

Artists are invited to enter projects that make use of the devices required by the competition (electric motor/linear voice coil actuator) in the areas of key interest stated above.
The aim of the competition is to identify and select artistic projects that can be developed in partnership with leading companies in the mechatronics sector, the Polytechnic University of Turin, and Regione Piemonte institutions.

The idea judged the best will win a prize of €1500*.
*one thousand, five hundred euros, including tax and social security contributions.

Download the Competition Terms and Conditions:

Fill the form:


Share Festival 2010 - The end of mistakes

Thu Nov 18, 2010 00:00 - Thu Nov 18, 2010


The 6° Share Festival - Smart Mistakes took the audience by surprise this year, treating them to 30 artists, 35 conferences, 2 exhibitions, 1 special project, 5 performances and 25 exclusive events in six consecutive festival days and 3 warm-up days.

Thanks to the Youth Museum programme of events, organised in partnership with Club To Club and Musica 90, with the co-operation of Prospettiva2 - Teatro Stabile di Torino, the Regional Museum of Natural Science and Your Time Torino European Youth Capital, we were able to really appreciate the strength and prove the value of organising events on-line as a team. The result was that lots of people came together to share a truly unique experience in Turin.

A lot of people have asked us why we chose mistakes as the guiding thread for this year’s festival.
The decision has to do with the fact that we see the festival as a sort of narrative, a story to be told. In every story, there is always a narrative expedient, a trigger that makes the plot unfold. And then there are always the good guys and the bad guys. In our case, the heroes are the artists, and the villains are the mistakes and hiccups they come face to face with along the creative process.
Through their works, the artists tell the story of this encounter - with technological errors, biological mistakes or moments of serendipity - and how things pan out in the end. Some win, others are seduced and change sides, joining the forces of evil (such as glitch art), while others again stand firm and fight, bearing the bruises of battle.

Everyone found inspiration to be drawn. All our guests, artists and conference speakers stuck to the topic of Smart Mistakes with unwavering loyalty.

We hope that YOU too have be inspired, as mistakes mark the emergence of a problem, which calls for solutions, and it is solution that leads to innovation.

The time has also come to thank our guests and hear about what they - and you, friends of the Share Festival - found most intriguing at this year’s festival.

We invite you to download the Smart Mistakes catalogue here, in PDF

and to give us your feedback on the Share Festival blog.

Video streaming of the conferences here:\_id=3537〈=en

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Share Festival 2010 - Winner Share Prize

Thu Nov 11, 2010 00:00 - Thu Nov 11, 2010


The inauguration of the 6th Piemonte Share Festival was accompanied by the announcement of the winner of the Share Prize 2010 and the honorary mention. The objective of the prize is to discover, promote and support the digital arts. This year around 270 artists submitted an equivalent number of entries for the prize, from 20 different countries.

An international panel of judges, consisting of Jurij Krpan (Ljubljana), Andy Cameron (London), Fulvio Gianaria (Turin) and Bruce Sterling (Austin/Turin), reviewed the works submitted by participating artists.

From the six finalists (Kuai Auson, Perry Bard, Sonia Cillari, Ernesto Klar, Knowbotic Research and Teatrino Elettrico) the judges selected Ernesto Klar winner of Share Prize. His interactive, audiovisual installation Relational Lights uses light, sound, haze and a custom software system to create fluid, gradual transformation, a three-dimensional light-space that the audience can interact with actively, manipulating it with their presence and movement.

Honorary mention was given to Kuai Auson for the work Oh!M1gas, based on the activity of an ant colony under video and audio surveillance, transforming the ants into DJs and creating a sound-reactive space which reveals the connection between scratching, as an aesthetic expression created by human culture, and the ‘calls’ produced by the ants as a means of communication.

On behalf of the judges, Bruce Sterling explained the decision saying:

The winner of the Share Prize 2010 is Ernesto Klar for his installation Relational Lights. In this work, a huge algorithmic complex is hidden behind a simple, elegant interface. This work of interactive art is a fantastic, world class work - congratulations Ernesto.

Our special commendation goes to Kuai Auson for the installation Oh!M1gas (pronounced hormigas). In this unique, ingenious work from Cologne, ants - social networkers par excellence - become techno musicians. An intelligent industrial design acts as back-up to the musical ants, which after touring several countries are now performing here in Italy too - good luck with your career Kuai.