Louisa Conrad
Since 2009
Works in Middlebury, Vermont United States of America

Louisa Conrad is an artist living in Iceland.
You can visit her website at http://www.louisaconrad.com
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A Peoples Guide to Icelandic Butterflies

Sat Oct 24, 2009 00:00


We are seeking submissions of drawn butterflies in conjunction with the International Day of Climate Action (October 24th).

All drawings (simple or elaborate, realistic or fantastic, amateur or professional) must be accompanied by a name (scientific or common, actual or imagined) and a brief description and sent as .jpg's to icelandicbutterflies@gmail.com. Each entry will be compiled into a digital archive/interactive online gallery. The goal is to have 350 samples of soon-to-be-Icelandic butterflies by October 24th, 2009! So spread the word!! and THANK YOU.

(This would be a GREAT CLASSROOM EXERCISE. We would love to incorporate as many children's voices/visions as possible)

Full information at http://www.350.org/icelandicbutterflies