Lorenzo Gabba
Since 2003
Works in Cape Town South Africa

Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: 5"10'
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark blonde

I live in a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. I recently started a society for South African creatives called Third World Collective (http://lorenzo.web1000.com/3wc/). I'm also a senior member of deviantART (http://www.deviantart.com/), resources supervisor for deviantMAG (http://www.deviantmag.com/) and used to work on digitexturia.com with mgee (until he decided to convert it to a personal portfolio site). I'm proficient with Photoshop, QuarkXpress, 3dsmax and most of the Macromedia range of software.

My favourite styles are 3d-abstract, smooth airbrush and crisp (non-antialiased) pixel work. I've just completed a course in graphic design and desktop publishing at a local college (http://cape.owlco.com/) and hope to make a career out of what i've learnt. I've also partaken in several courses in advanced web development and e-commerce. Along with this, I've had approximately a decade of technical knowledge that allows me to be versatile in the I.T. field.

As for hobbies, I enjoy creating digital art and playing the occasional Dungeons and Dragons (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/) campaign with my friends. I listen to all kinds of music including metal (0ldsk00l!), grunge, punk (not ska), acid jazz, trip-hop, drum 'n bass, progressive trance and psychedelic rock. I love the online gfx community and remember its old underground spirit - something that I try to instill in my work.