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Fwd: Afternoon picnic

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Wendy Tremayne <>
> NOTE: The date of this event is Friday (today) August
> 27th
> ?
> Who:? You and everyone you know (looking for 200-300
> of our
> closest?friends)
> ?
> What: To?have a picnic in the shape of?a human "NO!"
> that can be seen
> and photographed from the skies.
> ?
> Where:
> meet at the Obelisk, inside Central Park.? Enter the
> Park at 79th
> Street on the East side, and walk till you get to the
> East Drive, take
> a turn right.?
> ?
> Why:? The idea that during the most important
> political convention of
> our time, when millions want to make their voices
> heard, that people
> are not allowed to peacefully gather in Central Park
> for the whole
> world to see, is WRONG and must be responded to.?
> ?
> We aim to make a massive, visible NO to make it clear
> to people that
> this ruling was wrong and to give heart to those who
> are going to be
> showing up in the park on Sunday anyway.
> ?
> When:? Gather at 4:00 - be very, very, very on time.?
> We will have just
> a very short time to make this come together and be
> photographed.?
> ?
> Again on why:? Because, we refuse to live in a New
> Rome!? A compelling
> and visual response to this ruling before sunday will
> make a big
> difference in shaping the mood and confidence of the
> people on Sunday.
> ?
> See you in the Park!
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Re: Re: Biennale Internazionale dell'arte Contemporanea?


Fascinating reading.

Do any of you know of similar "equivocal" art events like this one?
Also, have any of you participated in paid awards like The Webbys?
What's your take on that?

/ l i z a

On Friday, Aug 13, 2004, at 09:28 America/New_York, Agricola de Cologne

>> Why do you figure only a few "go public"?
> There are certainly a couple of different reasons.


Re: Re: Art World Mobilizes....

Piggy-backing on Joy's and GH's posts,

I will be blogging the convention for three sites : (my blog) (Christian Crumlish's metablog)
and, (USDAT's convention and election blog)

I will be covering most events outside the RNC (I'm still working on
those press passes). My blogging will be tracked at Technorati and
Feedster convention portals. If you would like me to attend and blog
about your event, please drop me a line or two at :

elections [at ]

I am most interested in cabaret / vaudeville acts dealing with sexual
politics, creatively disruptive uses of technology and any
offline/online use of social networking. Please keep in mind there are
more than 200 events happening all throughout the Imagine Festival
alone : If charging a fee, comps will be most welcomed.

liza sabater

On Monday, Aug 9, 2004, at 11:36 America/New_York, G.H. Hovagimyan

> Activists, here’s your chance to counter all the right-wing media
> and Republican controlled blogs during the Republican National
> Convention in New York. All you need is a digital camera or a
> cellphone camera. You can upload your photos of your demonstrations,
> actions, or police misconduct as they are happening to
> The posts and photos are put up immediately. For instructions and
> password email To view site point your browser to
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> -> questions:
> -> subscribe/unsubscribe:
> -> give:
> -> visit: on Fridays the web site is open to non-members
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John Perry Barlow invites you to dance for democracy during the RNC


Check out John Perry Barlow's call to action (JPB is co-founder of the
Electronic Frontier Foundation [ ] ). I am so totally into
this. Smart/Flashmobbing, carnival-style. Pass it around. Barlow is
serious about coordinating this kind of protesting during the RNC.

liza "i'll shake my booty for democracy" sabater

PS: Is dancing during a flashmob called flashdancing? Just a thought...

Maureen Dowd recently observed that the Republicans had become so
obsessed with rejecting the 60's ethic of doing it if it feels good
that they have taken up an ethic of doing it if it makes someone else
feel bad. Moreover, the GOP strategy of basing their root-level
organization on Hot Protestantism has infused their ranks with a lot of
chilly Puritanism, which, as H.L. Mencken defined it, is "the haunting
fear that someone, somewhere, is having a good time."

These were among the factors in mind recently as I turned my thoughts
to what I might do to vex the Republicans when they gather in New York
a month from now. Furious as I may be at their policies, conventional
protest is not an option.

If it were peaceful protest, they would ignore it even if two million
people turned up. They have a demonstrated capacity to do that. Indeed,
the administration consists of such fervent God-anointed idealists that
they would "stay the course" against any opposition short of a majority
too overwhelming to rig their electronic voting machines against.

If the protests in New York should turn even a little violent, it will
be to Bush's benefit. This is so much the case that I rather expect to
see undercover agents provocateurs scattered among the ragtag
disaffected who will shortly descend on Manhattan. And the NYPD, while
generally my favorite police force on the planet, can get themselves in
a froth when they feel spooked. One thrown bottle could result in days
of riveting television, during which Bush would have plenty of
opportunity to pretend, convincingly to some, that he was Gary Cooper.

Besides, anyone with an explicit intention to protest Republican
policies, anyone carrying an anti-Bush sign, indeed, anyone wearing a
neither a smile nor a Bush button, is likely to be corralled into one
of the remote "Free Speech Zones" that Mayor Bloomberg will graciously
provide his guests, there to vent his fury upon his fellow infuriated.
None for me, thanks.

I have another idea, and you can help. Indeed, as wild, fun-loving
BarlowFriendz, I'm counting on you to help.

I want to dance in the streets.

I don't want to confront the Republicans. I want to discombobulate
them. I don't want to argue with them, which would only convince them
further, I want to throw them off their game. I don't want to be
aggressive in my discontent. God knows there's been plenty of that on
all sides. I want to be genial. But disconcerting.