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Fwd: First WYSIWYG of 2005 - next Tuesday!

I'm co-curator of this show. WYSIWYG scouts talent through the
blogosphere to bring the best and the brightest to the show. So bring
your favorite libation or mind altering substance and spend a night of
laughs, cheers and awkward moments.

If you have a blog and are a performer, writer, standup comedian or
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Hey kids! It


Re: Moving Companies California



Re: Re: Arts Intolerance: Emily Jacir/Ulrich Museum Wichita

On a soapbox, ya'll :

To this I would like to add that, given the current political climate
in this country, it would be "best practice" for all artists to be more
pro-active about their working relationships with institutions funded
by the government. Artists like Ms Jacir have to be vigilant of the
possible repercussions of their work. Whether it is fair or not, it's
beyond the point at this moment in time. All artists dealing with
anything potentially political need to be prepared for "the worse". The
question is how?

1. Know your rights and liabilities.
2. Know your hosting institution and its social and political
3. Identify your friends in the media; then create your own
broadcasting media.
4. Create, develop, and grow a network of resources and supporters.

It's all about building a community that will support you. It's not
easy, but it is certainly not impossible. On the contrary --it's
absolutely necessary.

The right knows this very well and they were absolutely brilliant at
exploiting this during the past election. I had the opportunity to talk
with Chuck DeFeo, the eCampaign Manager for Bush-Cheney 2004. We talked
about how technologically savy are a lot of the evangelical churches
they worked with. The point of our conversation was that, without the
actual social structure off line, the social networking online could
not have been so effective.

Extend this to a right wing group like the The Jewish Federation of
Kansas and how they use the internet to network people not only in the
state but around the world. You can see then how easy it would be for
them not only to mobilize people to the museum, but maybe a few dozen
if not a hundred signatures or emails --to make it seem like there is a
deluge of people opposed to Ms. Jacir's work.

Again, there is no excuse not to focus on what is happening today,
right now, in this country. Complaining does not change anything. It
might get you on the cover of a magazine or a newspaper but it will not
get you anywhere else. On the contrary. Not having a strong
counter-argument (or attack) will render you untouchable to a lot of
art institutions. They will not necessarily want to deal with the
hassle you bring with your work.

If you don't care about art institutions, then more power to you. If
you are like Ms Jacir and want to be in museums, then learn how the
enemy works and be prepared to battle --and if not to win, then to call
it a draw. Because to The Jewish Federation of Kansas it is war, and
Ms. Jacir's show is just one battle to win. To not take that seriously
is definitely and artist's "worst practices".

liza sabater

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Secular Blue America

The shocking truth about the FCC: Censorship by the tyranny of the few

On Wednesday, Dec 15, 2004, at 16:18 America/New_York, t.whid wrote:

> These seems to have been lost in the shuffle so I send again because I
> think it contains an important point, sorry if it dupes
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> OK, I'll admit that this is driving me crazy and that I should stop
> posting about it...
> Two things:
> First, we haven't discussed that tho it's probably NOT illegal for the
> museum to put these materials inside or outside the gallery, it
> probably IS illegal for the artist to cancel the show. I'm sure she
> has a contract with the museum and if she canceled the show she could
> be sued. So she may be forced into showing her work in an environment
> she finds unacceptable.
> Artists take note -- we may want to start adding 'acceptable
> conditions' clauses to our agreements.
> Second, for the apologists on the list, I demand space on your
> homepages in order to make my POV heard.
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Fwd: Let's give Conyers the million emails he wants

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> Date: Wed Dec 15, 2004 08:58:52 America/New_York
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> Subject: Let's give Conyers the million emails he wants
> The People's Email Network had 12,000 submissions to the Kerry
> campaign, the DNC, and the GAO on the qustion of election
> fraud and as to whether he should join the recount effort.
> Now Kerry is starting to take the initiative. Did our 12,000 voices
> speaking together have an impact? The fact is that he is acting.
> Now we ask if Congress should contest the Ohio electors.
> Representative Conyers made an appeal for a million emails to
> be sent. We had 2,000 submissons on this question yesteday
> alone. Here is a new one click page that looks up your senators
> and house representative and sends your personal message to
> them and the minority House Judiciary Committee, all at the same
> time.
> Please post this link everywhere you can, and also contact us if
> you would like to do a link exchange.
> Simply email back to get off list.


Fwd: A bloggers legal defense fund?

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> Date: Tue Dec 7, 2004 12:14:33 America/New_York
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> Subject: Re: A bloggers legal defense fund?
> Liza,
> Thanks for bringing attention to this issue. The longer you've been in
> the business of reporting on or re-creating culture, the more likely
> you've felt the pinch of corporate copyright.
> Wendy Seltzer and her EFF colleagues would certainly have valuable
> advice for a legal defense fund, but if it's dollars against dollars
> the Sony's of the world are always going to beat the Napiers or the
> Kottkes. Maybe bloggers should take a cue from Internet artists and
> wage on a more level battlefield--such as publicity.
> Re Jeff Jarvis's call for
> "3. Curriculum on legal rights and responsibilities, including libel
> and copyright. Also a wiki so no one has to do it all."
> Joline Blais, Mark Tribe, and I have been planning a comparable online
> resource, drawing from the Still Water-Eyebeam forum you mentioned and
> from his Columbia course on open source culture. More on that later,
> we hope :)
> jon
> liza sabater <> on Tuesday, December 7, 2004 at
> 1:50 AM -0500 wrote:
>> 7 Years after The Distorted Barbie, now there is talk of a legal
>> defense fund. The question is, should it be only for bloggers?