Lisa Stansbie
Since 2004
Works in United States of America

Lisa Stansbie is an artist and Head of The Department of Art and Communication at The University of Huddersfield U.K whose work crosses the disciplines of film, sculpture, installation, photography and digital practices.

Her series of works Spitfire Beach (2010) were shown in the Short Cuts exhibition in March 2010 at g39 Cardiff, Wales U.K and were on long-term display at The Arts Council Headquarters, London (2010-2012). Stansbie's audio piece Background to a film: Spitfire Beach (2010) features on A History of Background audio CD + booklet published in an edition of 1000 by cantaudio033 in February 2011. Spitfire Beach was also shown in April 2011 as part of the g39 and Halle 14 collaboration Portmanteau, in Leipzig, Germany. In March 2011 she was commissioned to make the new film work Ark (2011) in response to the Artemis Archive in Leeds. This film was exhibited in the Hunter Gatherer exhibition at Project Space Leeds April - August 2011.

Her solo show Flight at Huddersfield Art Gallery January - March 2012 showcased Stansbie's existing and new work related to the notion of flight via wings, journeys, travels and aeroplanes. She was commissioned in August 2012 to make the film Diaphone for Outcasting Fourth Wall supported by Arts Council Wales and Cardiff Contemporary.

Recent work investigates the narratives, processes, rituals and apparatus of the sport of open water swimming with a focus on the ‘cult’ of channel swimming, in particular the collective interaction and identity of the channel swimmer.

The work combines both object based sculpture, photography, drawing and films that research the sport by a direct involvement and performance within it. Documentary processes and re-enactment are engaged, with Stansbie as the subject of the study in the video series Acclimatisation (2012). The piece documents the body’s physical response to cold-water immersion and the method of acclimatising (habituation) over a set period of time, a process that is core to channel swimming training. This piece in particular reflects aspects of ‘positive deviant’ behaviour (Ewald and Jiobu, 1985) where there is an over commitment to extending the action (Hughes and Coakley 1991) undertaken by extreme athletes. Sandettie Lightship (2012) and Shipping Lane (2012) are part of a series of sculptural photographs made from the same apparatus that channel swimmers use to feed themselves during a swim.

Stansbie has written and published around sport and contemporary art and notions of storytelling and voice in artists film.

She was joint editor (with Derek Horton 2008-2012) of an experimental online magazine project centred around notions of narrative and storytelling.

Her PhD from Leeds Metropolitan University Zeppelinbend: Multiplicity, encyclopaedic strategies and nonlinear methodologies for a visual practice was completed in 2010 and exists solely as a website

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Soanyway – special ‘avant garde’ edition – call for submissions

Thu Dec 01, 2011 23:20

Soanyway – special ‘avant garde’ edition – call for submissions
The latest Soanyway, Issue 13, ‘Before or Since’, online now at, is a special edition featuring extracts from Richard Kostelanetz’s Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes, together with a newly commissioned interview between Kostelanetz and Michael Butterworth. Working respectively in the USA and the UK, Kostelanetz and Butterworth have been important figures in the literary avant-garde since the 1960’s, at the forefront of crossovers between experimental literature and conceptual art.
Avant-garde is a term that, although disowned and devalued now by some, Kostelanetz, retains faith in and is determined to hold on to.
We intend to expand Issue 13 and so now invite artists and writers to submit work for inclusion that responds to the idea of the avant-garde, or to any of Kostelanetz’s Dictionary entries, or to any of the ideas and publications discussed in his interview. These can be in any medium and format, and should be sent to as soon as possible to


Lisa Stansbie The Wings

Tue Sep 01, 2009 00:00 - Sun Aug 23, 2009

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Lisa Stansbie - The Wings ::: Vyner Street Gallery, 23 Vyner Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 9DG

1 to 14 September (Opening Event: Tuesday 1 September from 6.30pm)

For The Wings, Lisa Stansbie has created in the gallery space a fictional bar described in her earlier narrative film Apprehension (2007). Somewhere between an installation, a stage set and an elaborate frame within which to view the original film, it marks a significant departure in Stansbie’s work into a larger-scale manipulation of space and materials. Like all her recent work it has evolved through a strategy that uses the internet as a chaotic information source to generate a continuing series of connections and associations in an ever-expanding digital archive. This is used as the basis for her production of new films and object-based works that create coherent and intriguing narratives from the random threads of connection between isolated fragments of information on the web. In the case of Apprehension, the starting point is the pedigree of a racehorse, woven into a complex narrative that takes place in the bar that is rendered visible and material here.



Fri Jan 30, 2009 00:00 - Sat Jan 31, 2009

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Derek Horton and Lisa Stansbie are pleased to announce the launch of Soanyway online magazine, available at

Contributors to the project so far are:

Steve Argüelles, Dale Devereux Barker, Erini Boukla, Richard Caldicott, Jimin Chun, Alan Dunn, Odette England, Karin Felbermayr, Derek Horton, GH Hovagimyan, Krissie Ireland, Joe Mawson, Joseph Nechvatal, Yelena Popova, Claire Potter, Keith W Roberts, Doug Sandle, Phil Sawdon, Silver-Mawson, Marina de Stacpoole, Alex Staiger, Lisa Stansbie, Lisa Torell, Tony Trehy, Paul Violi, Rob Voermann, Jim White

Soanyway is an international project centred on words, pictures and sound that tell stories. We interpret the idea of a ‘story’ very openly, in relation to fact and fiction, narration or implication, and structure or a lack of it. And we regard most history, theory and critique as stories about stories.

New additions to Soanyway online will be made regularly and we are hoping to publish the magazine in printed form in the near future.

Soanyway welcomes submissions in any form, medium and format. Material to be considered for inclusion and/or enquiries about possible submissions should be sent by email to:

“There's a thousand sides to everything - not just heroes and villains. So anyway, ... so anyway, ... so anyway… “So anyway” ought to be one word. Like a place or a river… Soanyway River.”
(Zabriskie Point, 1970, Michelangelo Antonioni)

Derek Horton is an artist and writer and was the co-founder with Peter Lewis of /seconds -
Lisa Stansbie is an artist -