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invitation for 9/6 rhizome digest


could the announcment below be posted to the 9/6 rhizome
digest please?

i imagined the project would interest your readers as the
material was collected, heavily processed, and created
using digital media, it is installed in a new media
gallery, and involves projected light and spacialized
sound. i am a new media artist and my collaborator is a
composer working in electronic sound and improvizational
performance. i spared the list (and the editors) the
tedious self promotional material which lists our
credentials. if credentials would help i would gladly
send them.


----- SNIP -----


Revisiting September 11, 19[72]
September 11 - November 29, 2002
Opening September 11 at 7:30pm
Lisa Hutton and Mark Polishook
Jack Straw New Media Gallery 4261 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle
(206) 634-0919

To explore how the events of September 11, 2001 have
transformed social memory, Polishook and Hutton compiled a
database of immersive sound and projected light for
gallery installation.

The artists view 1972, with fashions such as platform
shoes and bellbottoms trousers, the debut of the popular
TV show All in the Family, press coverage of a meeting
between President Richard Nixon and Elvis, and traumas
that include the Vietnam War and the terrorism of the
Munich Olympics, as a time of contradiction. It is a
period removed enough from the present such that it stands
apart with its own issues and concerns. Unfortunately, it
is precisely the contradictions and subtleties, the
nuances, of such times that are lost in the aftermath of
the September 11 attacks.

By connecting the seemingly mundane year of 1972 to the
present day, Polishook and Hutton suggest that trauma
dissolves memory by reshaping our understanding of what is
and what was. Memory and perception, as experienced in
their work, is fleeting and ephemeral - paradoxically
present and absent. The installation thus marks the events
of September 11 by examining and placing them in the
larger context of the past.

The opening reception will feature a presentation by
Polishook and Hutton as part of the monthly Composer
Spotlight series. Admission is free.

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Lisa Hutton
Mark Polishook