Leslie Raymond
Since the beginning
Works in Detroit, Michigan United States of America

Leslie Raymond is an expanded cinema artist living in Detroit, MI.

The hybrid nature of her artwork in the moving image eludes easy categorization. It extends from traditions of both experimental film and video art, embraces contemporary tools and materials, and explores new techniques in the creation of mostly single and multi-channel video, live cinema performance, and multimedia installation.

She and her partner Jason Jay Stevens are known as Potter-Belmar Labs, a collaborative team who have been working together in multimedia performance and installation since 1999.

Her solo and collaborative work has been shown at venues such as the the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Santa Fe, Argentina), San Antonio Museum of Art, Artpace (San Antonio, TX), the Sheldon Memorial Museum (Lincoln, NE), the McDonough Museum (Youngstown, OH), the Lausanne Underground Film Festival (Switzerland), the Sydney International Film Festival (Australia), Antimatter Underground Film Festival (Victoria, BC, Canada), Media Archeology Festival (Houston, TX), the Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, MI), PDX Film Festival (Portland, OR), Aurora Picture Show (Houston, TX), Chicago Filmmakers (Chicago, IL), Squeaky Wheel (Buffalo, NY), Los Angeles Filmforum, and Other Cinema (San Francisco, CA).

Born in Saint Paul (MN) and raised in Detroit, Raymond received her BFA in film and video from Rhode Island School of Design in 1990, and an MFA from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design in 1999. She is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.
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Mon Jan 26, 2009 00:00


Concurrent with the New Media Caucus panel Space: The New Frontier at the National CAA 2009, “@” is an exhibition that examines space and site.

With simultaneous locations in Los Angeles and Second Life (SL), “@”challenges artists to consider place & placelessness from within the context of networked culture.

The physical gallery space will be replicated within SL, featuring an actual window between the virtual and real worlds to observe and be observed.

The exhibition space will feature a floor-to-ceiling projection and a streaming video camera. This wall will serve as the interface between the Real Life (RL) in the gallery and its replication in Second Life.

The intent for “@” is to exploit the philosophically rich mirroring between RL and SL, as well as the paradoxical condition of being the observer and observed.


Three aspects to the show will be curated separately but are expected to connect conceptually:

1) installation in RL: a heterotopic space - "other space" or "alt space"- that contains the projection from SL and that can be modeled in SL. The artist is not responsible for creating the SL model.

2) video screenings: works concerning space and place vis-à-vis RL and SL. These works will be screened in an adjacent space in RL and streamed in SL

3) works based in SL that may cross RL boundaries. Objects and performances originating in SL that consider and make use of the synergistic interplay of RL/SL localities. Work may exist in either or both spaces.

Exhibition site: Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles, CA, and Seventh Eye in Second Life.

Installation will take place at the end of February


- Works may be in any medium. ( submissions must be web links)
- Physical works MAY be reproduced in the SL space.
- Please consider the exhibition context and propose new and existing works that fit this hybrid space.
- Links to high compression downloadable quicktime are recommended, suggested length is 3-5 minutes.
- The gallery is approximately 20' x 60' (detailed diagram available upon request)

Deadline: January 26

Please send proposals or documentation links to: