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Mobius in Ft. Point, Boston

Sat Nov 19, 2005 00:00 - Tue Nov 15, 2005

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| 368 Congress St, Boston | November 19 @ 8 pm | $20 |

If you enjoy performance and other live art in transient DIY venues 
on November 19 is for you. It's brought to you by Mobius, Boston's favorite
experimental art collective.

Artists include:
Margaret Bellafiore, Magaly Ponce, Sandy Huckleberry, Vela Phelan, Alice Vogler,
Dirk Adams and Jeff Huckleberry, Karl Viksnins and Yar Laakso,
Lawrence Johnson and Lewis Gesner, Jennifer Moses and Lisa Greenfield, Stephen
Sheffield, Colleen Paz, Jen Rosselli and Jeff Mission (Beatfix Studios),
Kirsten Forkert, Joanne Rice and Mari Novotny-Jones, Cortney Provini and Erica
Bell, Lisa Lunskaya Gordon, Piotr Parda, Travis Fuller, Milan Kohout, Eric
Legacy, Ben Vigoda, et. al. (Joseph Gumpper, Stephanie Holmes, Charles Kemp,
Dave Merrill, Dan Paluska, John Rice, Chris Scharl, Carmen Staaf, Ben Vigoda)

"Even without a home base, the one thing Mobius can be counted on is a bazonkers
fundraiser. Its annual "ArtRages" loft party includes installations, videos, and
performances by some two dozen member artists, plus music and sound-art-type
stuff including local laptop-pop swells Certainly, Sir, the R&B/rap group the Press,
noise destroyers Human Shield, the circuit-bent grooves of Burnkit2600, and
members of MIT’s Experimental Musical Instruments Workshop. " Also featuring
cash bar and free food buffet. | 368 Congress St, Boston | November 19 @ 8 pm | $20 |
617.542.7416 or http://www.mobius.org/fall05/artrages.htm

SPONSORED BY: Harpoon Beer, ATS, Trader Joe's, The Middle East, Picante Mexican Grill, the Elephant Walk, Luckys, Iggy's and Berkeley Investments

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