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Pyramid Schemes | A Collaborative Project

Thu May 02, 2013 19:00 - Thu May 02, 2013

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

'Pyramid Schemes' is a collaborative exhibition organized by Lawrence Lek and The White Review to showcase a collection of short stories about real and imaginary buildings. Drawing inspiration from the work of Victor Hugo, Apollinaire and Jorge Luis Borges, the project invites forty-eight contemporary artists and writers to submit 100-word texts that explore architectures of their own creation.

For one night only, an immersive installation at The White Building in Hackney Wick will shape the collected texts into a panoramic cityscape. Please join us on Thursday 2nd May from 7-10pm to celebrate the spectacle of this fictional city. A limited edition of fold-out artists’ books will be produced to accompany the event.


Darran Anderson ▲ David Bainbridge ▲ Anna Blair ▲ Jorge Luis Borges ▲ Martin Byrne ▲ Jen Calleja ▲ Steven Chodoriwsky ▲ S.J. Christmass ▲ Calvin Chua ▲ Holly Corfield-Carr ▲ Rishi Dastidar ▲ Adrian Dannatt ▲ Alexandre Dumas et al. ▲ Rachel Falconer ▲ Jon Ferguson ▲ Adam Nathaniel Furman ▲ Niall Gallacher ▲ Patrick Goddard ▲ Oliver Griffin ▲ Evan Harris ▲ Rye Dag Holmboe ▲ John Holten ▲ Victor Hugo ▲ Matt Hutchinson ▲ Miranda Iossifidis ▲ Daniel Ivec ▲ Claire Jamieson ▲ Verity-Jane Keefe ▲ Clare Kirwan ▲ Miles Klee ▲ Alana Kushnir ▲ Léopold Lambert ▲ Patrick Langley ▲ Lawrence Lek ▲ Bella Marrin ▲ Dorrell Merritt ▲ Thomas More ▲ Amanda Oosthuizen ▲ Daniel Rourke ▲ Andi Schmied ▲ Jack Self ▲ Camila Sotomayor ▲ St. Augustine ▲ Viktor Timofeev ▲ Karen Whiteson ▲ Eley Williams ▲ Nathan Witt ▲ Alan Worn

The project continues themes explored in Lek’s essay ‘Pyramid Schemes: Reading The Shard’, featured in The White Review No. 7 alongside works by Luc Tuymans and John Stezaker.

Supported by SPACE Studios and the White Building.



BYOB London 2013

Mon Mar 04, 2013 23:59

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The White Building
Sunday 10.03.2013
After party at CRATE brewery

BYOB - ‘Bring Your Own Beamer’ is a series of one-night exhibitions hosting artists and their projectors. It celebrates the moving image and explores how we interact with the virtual world. Today we define information. Tomorrow it will define us. BYOB gives us a glimpse of what that future might look like.

We invite you to transform the White Building into a collaborative work of movement, experimentation and spontaneous interaction. All you need is to bring your own projector and something to project. This is open to interpretation: AVIs, GIFs, 3D worlds, live streams, reel-to-reel films, overhead projectors, TVs, and oscilloscopes are all welcome.

To register to take part, please send your name, website, and link to the work you will be showing to: lawrence [at] lek.co

Curated by Lawrence Lek and Omar Kholeif.

BYOB was initiated by Rafaël Rozendaal in 2010. Since then over 80 events have taken place around the world.

The White Building is London’s new cultural venue focusing on innovation and creative practice at the intersection of art, technology and ecology.