leif BRUSH
Since the beginning
Works in Duluth United States of America

Since 2000, detailed Internet projects have striven to connect beyond the conceptual current canned web pages as each of the projects therein has monitored specific voltages from nature- terrestrially and extraterrestrially. Perpetual realtime streaming process from this flux has since swelled into mindvoice challenges which advocate two-way coalescences- from individualized fingerprints clearly recognizable and maintained- and whose challenge would be to create a self-sustaining menu-networking of global wholes. I plan to concentrate on sounds/images resources. Focused soundspotting for me involves the transfer of my existing sound collection to digital (dating from the 1950s to the present) and to use updated versions of perceptual sounds to create open ended realtime outputing. Another contributor could be supplying a sensor-derived Australian rock strewn creek together with its adjacent tree sounds. Still others could zoom in on existing human made objects. Someone could meld related works from an individual node by adding their DSP digitally merged into these ongoing streams forming an international listening opportunity. Such a cyclic process would have an endless collection of resources which would preclude any need to record. A given months sounds could be resumed at the same time in a subsequent year using UTC/GMT time codes. An ongoing interest for sure, to re-awaken the natural energy in a world wired for what. I want to reaffirm the need to reconnect with natural phenomena: PASSAROUNDSOUNDnet.mobi
Challenges: Resume focusing on long term memory sources as specific ear cleaners and is it possible to recapture prehistoric ear sensitivities?. My would be contribution in the sustained sensor-monitorings (hopefully using Microflowns,) wind-stirred objects (trees), the windribbon and other Terrain Instruments. Get going. Parallel and sound global's energies. Reshape and upgrade fluxed collaborations.