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!!Call for Papers!! NMC Media-N Journal: Art in the Age of Technological Seduction

Wed Jul 05, 2006 12:16


"Art in the Age of Technological Seduction"
NMC media-N: journal of the new media caucus Fall 2006 issue
Guest Editors: Legier Biederman and Joshua Callaghan


The fall 2006 issue of NMC media-N, 'Art in the Age of Technological Seduction,


Call for work: Technologized Bodies / Embodied Technologies

Tue Nov 15, 2005 22:53


Technologized Bodies/ Embodied Technologies
co-curated by Legier Biederman and Dave Burns
LEF + ArtInteractive / CAA06

Works on video that convey and/or solicit embodied subjects and/or embodied responses, and thus potentially rupture and/or problematize the notion that acts of viewing cohere us as the discrete and transcendent origins of vision and knowledge.

As the speed and intensity of technologically mediated modes of being have accelerated in recent years, technology not only has transformed our ways of doing things, it has conditioned our experience of ourselves and our relationship with others profoundly. It has transformed the attitudes and practices of creative expression as well as the criteria we utilize to evaluate art and media. Questions that arise: What are the specific intersections among visuality, embodiment, and the technological in the history of Western Art? What place do artists' or art viewers' bodies have in the violently revised nexuses of power relations that arise with shifts in technological processes of imaging, communicating, creating, identifying, and knowing?

How do artists perform their embodiment as resolutely technologized—technologized in such a way that their flesh (or the flesh of the bodies of knowledge conveyed or solicited) takes its texture and materiality from that of the screen/projection? How might the performance of technologized embodiment take its depth from the profundity suggested by the puncture-wound opening of the screen/projection in the dark space of the gallery?

So, in contrast to theories of new media or interpretations of technologies that insist on the obsolescence of the body—its replacement with the pure information of digital screens or digital codes activated on these screens—how do experimental media works explore bodies for their capacity to activate rather than suppress the object or subject produced/reproduced?

When considering "bodies" in this context, why is the physical human body always referred to as the ideal example? Cannot a body potentially refer to any vessel of knowledge or ideas and languages constrained by, often superficially, designed parameters? This exhibition will attempt to rethink bodies (human and inhuman bodies, bodies of knowledge, of thought, of discourse, or history, etc) and technology (the tools used to make or do or practice, but also recalling the Greek techne, the acts themselves) in the widest sense of the terms: "Technologized Bodies/Embodied Technology" is a direct call to bodies—somebody, any body.
Legier Biederman, bieder@humnet.ucla.edu
Dave Burns, pixelate@pacbell.net
Be a part of something big and collective. LEF, the Leonardo Education Forum, is calling for video work for an exhibition at the Art Interactive gallery during the College Art Association (CAA) annual conference in Boston. LEF members Dave Burns and Legier Biederman are curating Leonardo’s contribution to the show.

This exhibition Technologized Bodies/ Embodied Technologies represents a collaboration among art organizations involved with art, science, technology, and new media. The exhibition will consist of four separate screening areas within the gallery space: one screen will be curated by LEF, two screens by the New Media Caucus, and one by Art Technology Boston.

Hosting the event is Art Interactive, a non-profit experimental art space in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Situated in the heart of Central Square, Art Interactive's 2,500 square foot, one-of-a-kind space provides artists a supportive venue for showing cutting-edge work, and offers the community in the Greater Boston Area unparalleled opportunities for experiencing innovative art forms. For more information see: http://www.artinteractive.org/

LEF is a working group of artists, scientists, engineers, scholars, educators and students that belong to the Leonardo Network. LEF develops joint actions between Leonardo and other scholarly organizations, including CAA, and promotes the work of artists and art historians in the art-science and art-technology interdisciplinary fields.

The exhibition will be on view throughout the entire conference period (February 22-25). Opening Reception: Thursday February 23 from 6-9pm.

**You do not have to be a LEF member to submit work. The call is open to all.

Send to:
LEF Exhibition/CAA 2006
Legier Biederman
1021 York St
San Francisco, 94110

***Please include submission form with your DVD/CD/Mini DV

January 1, 2006 Deadline to receive work
January 20th 2006 Notification to participants
February 22-25, 2006 Exhibition on view at Art Interactive in Boston
Thursday February 23, 6-9 PM Opening Reception at Art Interactive
DVDs will be available for sale at the opening.

Prospective participants are encouraged to send work with falls into the
following categories, 1. project proposal/visualization, or 2. art video work. Works may be up to 12 minutes in length. Shorter works are encouraged. Work must be of a sufficient technical standard, as any imperfections are magnified when projected.


The work will be projected from a DVD at 16x9 aspect ratio. Multiple headphone sets will be provided for sound dependent work.
•Work should be submitted on a data DVD, CD, or Mini DV
•The format must be QuickTime using Quicktime or MPEG
•no AVI, WMA, DVIX etc.
•NTSC (29.97fps)
•If accepted submissions have title or credit sequences in video, we will request a final clean version for the program, as LEF will be creating consistent inter-titles for the program.

•All work submitted must have full clearances for rights including music and other talent rights covered. If selected to participate, we will need evidence that that there will be no liability for payments to artists/contributors/authors/directors, etc. by showing the work on the screen.
•The selection panel will refer to the guidelines set by Art Interactive gallery space to which all work must adhere.
•Work cannot serve any commercial purpose.
***All languages accepted (subtitles accepted but not required). New work and existing/historic work shall receive equal consideration.

******Please include submission form with your DVD/CD/Mini DV******
1) title/year

2) running time

3) submission format

4) ratio(16:9 or 4:3)

5) sound

6) language

7) brief description

THE MAKER (please list one contact for submissions process)
1) contact name

2) role in video

3 address

4) tel no. 1
5) tel no. 2
6) email address
7) member of Leonardo Yes No (circle one)
8) member of CAA Yes No (circle one)

I agree that if my work is selected LEF may incorporate it in the aforementioned exhibition and sell copies of the LEF DVD compilation created for the exhibition of which it is a part in order to raise funds to defray the costs of LEF’s non-commercial, not-for profit activities.

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