Lee Wells
Since 2002
Works in United States of America

Lee Wells is an artist, exhibition organizer and consultant currently living and working New York. His artwork primarily questions systems of power and control and has been exhibited internationally including the 51 st La Biennale Di Venezia, Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinatti and the Museo d'arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto. He is a co-founder and director of IFAC-arts, http://www.ifac-arts.org, an alternative exhibition and installation program for artists and curators.
His artwork, projects and exhibitions have been written about by various national and international art and news publications to include: The New York Times, Art Newspaper, The Washington Post, Art in America, and Art Net.

Wells is currently a curator at large and Cinema-Scope director for Scope Art Fairs http://www.scope-art.com. In January 2006, he co-founded the video art community research portal and traveling installation [PAM] http://PerpetualArtMachine.com, with the artists Raphaele Shirley, Chris Borkowski and Aaron Miller.
Wells has been participating on the Rhizome since 1998.

John Cage Trust Moves To Bard

The John Cage Trust is moving to Bard College. "The Trust, which oversees Cage's works and performances, is to be called the John Cage Trust at Bard College effective as of its move in the spring. Previously, the Cage Trust had been housed in the Archive Building in the West Village in Manhattan; after 9/11 Kuhn and the Trust moved to Phoenix, Arizona."
Listen : John Cage - in love with another sound
documentary film (1992)
director: miroslav sebestik




festival: April 25 - 29 2007
exhibition: April 25 - May 20 2007

fon: ++49 -(0)541-21658
fax: ++49 -(0)541-28327
web: www.emaf.de

postal address:
Lohstrasse 45a
D - 49074 Osnabruck

20 Years of the European Media Art Festival - the forum for Expanded Media in Europe

The meeting point for audiences and guests from home and abroad. Around 250 new works of media art, including world premieres, will be presented. The festival shows film as a contemporary work of art in cinemas and exhibitions, both performed and using multimedia.

The exhibition "Final Cut" directs our view to the relationship between media art and cinema. From 25 April to 20 May an artistic look at the dream machine "cinema" will be given at the Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche. International artists will demonstrate their fascination with cinema, but will also question the values, codes and patterns behind the films. Works will be presented by artists such as Paul McCarthy, Alex McQuilkin, Mischa Kuball, Klaus vom Bruch, Candice Breitz, Mark Lewis, Christoph Girardet, Bjorn Melhus, Peter Tscherkassky, Christoph Draeger, Clemens von Wedemeyer and Pierre Huyghe. There will also be plenty of opportunity to participate in talks with the artists and attend lectures on the subject. The exhibition is funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation.

// Anniversary
A review of media art will be given by our special guests, the director of the ZKM, Peter Weibel, Lynn Hershman, Birgit Hein of the fur Bildende Kunste Braunschweig and Malcolm LeGrice, who will be showing their personal selection of films.

// Cinema
Around 180 current experimental shorts, feature-length films and videos have been selected from a total of roughly 2000 works submitted from around the world. They range from narrative approaches to documentary/analytical views of war events and environmental problems. Visually walking the borderline ...


Web 2.0: An Explanation

Michael Wesch, a cultural anthropology professor at Kansas State University, has created a four minute video that captures what Web 2.0 and social media is all about.

Web20TheMachineisUsingUs -


Visualizing the Blogosphere

TwinglyIt's old news (to some), but I finally got around to playing with the Twingly blog visualizer (via 3PointD). For those who can't tell from the picture to the right or from the video at the bottom of this post, Twingly is a downloadable application that displays a rotating 3D globe that includes plotted locations of blog posts as they occur in real-time. Basically, the longer you let it run, the more you'll see where blog activity is occurring around the globe. Statistics for each country are available in the big ring circumnavigating the globe. The application is available for download here and you can even turn it into your screensaver.

Google has something similar to this at their headquarters that plots geographic search volumes on a giant globe, also, although that isn't available for public consumption. Overall, the direct marketing applications of something like this are probably pretty low, but it may provide for interestingly analysis and it's certainly an excellent graphical representation of the blogosphere.

Another great example of this is the 3DLiveStats.com application (the link appears to be down at the moment), which allows you to plot data from any external database on a giant 3D globe.

Twinglyscreensavervisualizingtheblogosphere -




Tuesday, February 27, 7pm
School of Visual Arts
209 East 23 Street
3rd-floor Amphitheater
Free and open to the public

The BFA Fine Arts and Art History Departments at School of Visual Arts (SVA) present, Digital Diving: A Cut and Paste Update, a discussion of digital culture and its impact on the visual arts and information technologies. Moderated by Suzanne Anker, chair of the BFA Fine Arts Department at SVA, the program will explore the uses and abuses of such technologies as they effect knowledge acquisition and its manipulation, new media models of the visual and altered configurations of communities. The panelists are Lauren Cornell, Joseph Nechvatal, Judith Solodkin, Bruce Wands and McKenzie Wark. The event takes place Tuesday, February 27, 7pm at School of Visual Arts, 209 East 23rd Street, New York City. Admission is free. For more information, call 212.592.2010. read more


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Metropolis Art Prize 2009

Sat Oct 31, 2009 00:00 - Sun Oct 04, 2009


Babelgum Metropolis in collaboration with Time Out New York, Scope Art Fair and Perpetual Art Machine are looking for the globe's best and edgiest artists to win US $20,000 and have their work shown on giant advertising screens in Times Square, the neon heart of New York City. Not only will you get the chance to share your artwork with millions in the world's contemporary art capital, you'll also enjoy the kudos of being a maverick art squatter among New York's most expensive advertising real estate!

Winners will be chosen by iconic art-house actress and video artist Isabella Rossellini, Cedar Lewisohn curator of the 2008 ‘Street Art’ exhibition at the Tate Modern in London, Lee Wells curator-at-large of Scope Art Fair and director of PAM, and Howard Halle, Art Editor of Time Out New York.

for more information go to: http://www.perpetualartmachine.com



Bright Nights - Manhattan Bridge Centennial

Wed Oct 07, 2009 00:00 - Sun Oct 04, 2009



Participating artists: Burak Arikan, Motomichi Nakamura, Marius Watz, Lee Wells
Curator: Christina Vassallo

An evening of projections on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage in DUMBO, Brooklyn presented by Random Number through the NYCDOT Urban Art Program.

Bright Nights is a curated program of digital artwork that celebrates the projected image, draws attention to the iconic architecture of the Manhattan Bridge, and electrifies the arts friendly DUMBO neighborhood. The program will be projected onto the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage, to coincide with the 100th birthday of the bridge and the 10th annual Walk21 conference.

Four Brooklyn-based artists created new works that interpret the unique physical, spatial, and historical components of the bridge. The artists were chosen for their ability to energize a public space, in celebration of the major thoroughfare’s 100th birthday. Please join us in this exciting event!

For more information go to http://www.perpetualartmachine.com



Sat Apr 11, 2009 00:00 - Sat Apr 11, 2009


What would do if you could do anything you wanted and knew you could get away with it?

20 artists from New York, London, and Rome, working in a variety of media were posed this same question. They were asked to make works in which they banished self-censorship and were encouraged to make art that provokes, annoys, and insights outrage. By wearing the mask of anonymity they could put any feelings of consequence aside. The artists, in turn, made works that confronted racism, homophobia, unpatriotic acts, and the sexually taboo.

Saturday April 11, 2009 at
Envoy Enterprises for this one night show.
Gallery open between 12pm - 8pm
Opening reception 6pm - 8pm
with performance by
Tough Slutting at 8 pm at Home Sweet Home (directly bellow the gallery)

After party and continued fun at HOME SWEET HOME until 4 am

envoy enterprises
131 Chrystie Street, ground floor
New York, NY 10002



Rose Art Museum Closes

Subject: Artists Against Brandeis Art Liquidation

Protest the selling of art by Brandeis. What makes a University if there is no culture? Make a difference and help keep the collection together.

email your displeasure to the President Jehuda Reinharz: jreinharz@brandeis.edu

Send your letters here:
Office of the President | Irving Enclave 113, MS 100 | 415 South Street, Waltham, MA 02453 | (781) 736-3001

Let's stop the liquidation of artwork before it disappears!

Starting this week we also urge all members of PAM to start sending artwork addressed to the office of Jehudah Reinharz, President of Brandeis.

Please make sure to not include anything malicious or crass, it is important to be on the right side of this argument. Make sure to include NOT FOR SALE on the front or back of the piece.

Ari Jankelowitz started a flickr group with the same name as this one in order for us to document and share the art we are sending to the office.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate the power of art. Yes, art can be made into a commodity, but artist can also protest this. Let our voices be heard on the displeasure of Mr. Reinharz's decision to eliminate art from Brandeis.

Also if you are on facebook join the Artists Against Brandeis Art Liquidation Group <http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=78383226392>
Thanks Ari for being on top of this.


Walking a Fine Line - Parables of the Sublime and the Subversive in Russian Video Art.

Fri Jan 09, 2009 00:00 - Wed Jan 07, 2009

Ministry of Culture, Russian Federation
National Center for Contemporary Arts, Ekaterinburg branch
in collaboration with International Fine Arts Consortium and Perpetual Art Machine (PAM)


Walking a Fine Line
Parables of the Sublime and the Subversive in Russian Video Art.

January 9 (Friday), 7:30pm

Monkey Town:
58 N 3rd St. (btw. Kent & Wythe), Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211
Admission: $5, $10 minimum, reservations are recommended

The program showcases the recent Russian video art works that reflect complex and controversial attitude towards the phenomenon of the sublime in Russian culture and mentality. Artists confront mystification and sacralization, engagement and spiritual detachment with strategies ranging from epatage to derision, eccentricity, and radical activism. Whom to blame? What to do? The viewer is invited to ponder upon these and other perennial “Russian” questions and find his/her own “fine line” of authentic response.

Research on characteristics of national and local identity is one of the main foci of the Ekaterinburg NCCA. The search for identity in post-Soviet Russian society and the development of a new value system have been raised in interdisciplinary projects like “Novorusskoe (The Nouveau Russian)” (2005), “In Transition Russia 2008”, videoprogram “Dreams in the Epicenter” (2007), and others.

The penchant to extremes, paradoxicality, and irrationalism have become stereotypical characteristics of "Russianness". In such a way, contemplative submersion sometimes rather easily turns into subversion, a response of blunt satire or heavy-handed irony. The fact of contemporary reality is that the radical “other” is embedded into the surface of what is already here, which is none other than the everyday, the event of life itself. Shifting perspectives, whether as a radical gesture, or just slightly, we are all groping to find that most authentic fine line that connects the limit and its beyond, the spiritual self and the social other. Russian contemporary artists demonstrate how a national feature speaks the common (universal) truth.

Artists: Leonid Tishkov, Blue Soup Group, Vladlena Gromova, Vladimir Logutov, Bombily Group, Alexey Buldakov, Yury Vasiliev, Victor Davydov, Victor Alimpiev, Veronika Rudyeva-Ryazantseva, Provmyza, Blue Noses Group.

Ksenia Fedorova, Alisa Prudnikova

www.uralncca.ru , ksenfedorova@gmail.ru
monkeytownhq.com , 718.384.1369, monkeytownhq@gmail.com