Laura Manney
Works in New York United States of America

I am fascinated by the mundane moments of life; the watching, the waiting, the passing through. I find them beautiful. My work explores these moments - where we physically are, and may return to, but the experience of which is never the same.

In my work, the borders between film, photography and painting are fluid. I piece together and layer imagery not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity, capturing the beauty and essence of passing moments.

Through the exploration of the "in between" places - bus stops, airports, train stations, city streets - I show how perception is formed by the unconscious editing of what goes on around us. The tools of video allow me to recreate a perceived scene. The foreground, middle ground and background of space are present together and in constant flux. In my photography, I piece together consecutive shots and take multiple exposures. When I paint, I build surface and depth on the canvas. In all mediums, my work involves layering moment upon moment.

These techniques expose the complexity of perceptual experience, which is both continuous and unique. Because “places” are fluid with no start or finish, my work allows viewers to study them, seeing more than is possible in real time, capturing the beauty and intricacy of moments that will never come again.