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re-new 2013 media art conference and festival

Mon Jun 24, 2013 23:59

Copenhagen S, Denmark

The Big Picture – the confluence of art, science and technology

Conference Chair: Gunalan Nadarajan, University of Michigan
Festival Senior Curator: Edward A. Shanken, University of Memphis

Copenhagen, Denmark
October 29-November 1, 2013

Proposals due: NEW DEADLINE June 24, 2013
Visit the re-new website and facebook page
Contact email:

Since 2007 re-new has presented electronic and digital artworks that explore and challenge technology and artistic practice, while fostering exchange between academics and artists. In addition to its internationally recognized media arts festivals, re-new has organized leading conferences in the field, including CMMR 2008 and 2009 and IMAC 2011 and 2012. These events have received over 2000 artwork submissions and 800 academic submissions, and reached a total audience of 12.000.

Beginning in 2013 re-new will join the media arts festival with its own academic platform. Our goal is to stimulate critical dialog, collaboration and networking between leading scholars, technologists and artists. re-new 2013 will make possible hybrid presentation formats where the confluence of art, science and technology is discussed in its full complexity.

Scholars, technologists and artists are invited to submit high-quality proposals outlining original research and/or artworks that contribute to this rapidly advancing field. Appropriate topics include but are not limited to:

- performing arts technology
- technology-mediated art performance
- technological/digital art installations
- slow media
- wearables / e-textiles
- (neuro) physiological data, biofeedback and art
- affective computing and art
- cognitive technologies and art
- neuroaesthetics
- adaptive technologies and art
- artificial creativity/intelligence and art
- augmented/virtual/hybrid reality and art
- immersive technologies and art
- ubiquitous/pervasive/context-aware technologies and art
- physical computing and tangible interaction
- liveness in a mediatized culture
- participatory art
- new interfaces for artistic expression
- gestural/multimodal/haptic/mobile interfaces and art
- embodiment and art
- media ecology
- networking and social media
- sustainability
- surveillance and privacy
- aesthetic computing and computational aesthetics
- big data
- visualization and sonification
- nanotechnology
- mobility

Papers must present original material and will be assessed on their contribution to the field.

Initial submission format: 400 word abstracts with supporting media files are due on June 15, 2013. Abstracts must be uploaded to the easychair conference management system

Final papers may be 4 or 8 pages long in Springer LNCS format. All papers will undergo the same review and publication process once past the initial round of abstract selection. The length should match the contribution. Authors may propose the presentation format that they feel best suits their contribution (short or long talk, demo, interactive exhibit, or both talk and demo/exhibit). re-new remains committed to the principle followed in previous re-new conferences – that all submissions are valued equally.

At least one author of each accepted abstract submission must register for the conference before the registration deadline in order for the final paper version to be published in the conference proceedings. The camera-ready deadline for the full paper is October 1, 2013. Please contact with questions about paper submissions.

Artworks may include objects, installations, performances, networked media, urban screens, socially engaged projects and other public interventions. Submissions will be assessed on their own merits and their relevance to the conference theme.

Submissions must be uploaded to the easychair conference management system by 15 June, 2013

Artists whose artworks are selected will not be required to register for the event, but may be asked to give a presentation about their work. Professional video documentation of all activities and artworks will be undertaken by re-new and published in our web archive. Artists may freely use this material for their own purposes.

re-new also invites proposals for studios to be held in multiple tracks on Monday, October 28, 2013.

Proposals must be uploaded to the easychair conference management system by 15 June, 2013

Studios are likely to focus on hands-on activities that offer new approaches and unexpected experiences to conference attendees, combining the arts with emerging technologies. They will be open to anyone who has registered for the conference, and each Studio will accommodate around 10-15 participants. Additional fees might be required for equipment, if needed for a particular workshop.

Each Studio will be represented by a 4-page extended abstract that will be included in the Proceedings and published together with the other accepted submissions. Organizers are also encouraged to arrange for later publications of a studio's creative output, such as participation in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac series mentioned below.

Studios should encourage new and enriching perspectives in the field of art and technology. Through the studios, organizers can share their work with other professionals, engage in co-creation and gain feedback to broaden their research experience. Studio topics could include for example, the exploration of new tools or techniques, creative approaches to merging technology with the arts, artistic or research-oriented topics, etc., or could take the form of technical experiments or creative sessions. We look forward to creative and original studios that will open attendees' minds to fresh and innovative experiences in the field!

All articles and artworks will be published in electronic format on completion of the event in re-new 2013 proceedings (ISSN 2245-7801).

An external panel will select the best academic and artistic works from the proceedings for a second editing and peer-reviewing process, which will result in a subsequent publication in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac series (LEA). Additional publication possibilities are being explored.

The abstracts will be available to registered delegates online before the event and an electronic copy will be presented to delegates at the event.

All artworks, academic presentations, panel discussions and studios will be video documented and made available at re-new’s online public access database.

Proposal submissions due: June 15, 2013
Decisions on proposals: August 15, 2013
Camera-ready copy due: October 1, 2013
re-new 2013: October 29, November 1, 2013

Conference Chair:
Gunalan Nadarajan, University of Michigan

Festival Senior Curator:
Edward A. Shanken, Memphis University

Local Steering Committee:
Lars Graugaard – re-new digital arts forum
Dan Overholt – Aalborg University Copenhagen
Emmanuel G. Blanchard – Aalborg University Copenhagen
Jamie Allen – Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
Anna Vallgårda – The IT University of Copenhagen
Stahl Stenslie – Aalborg University
Arthur Steijn – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design
Rune Glerup – Athelas

Advisory Committee:
Lanfranco Aceti – Leonardo Electronic Almanac
Robert Rowe – NYU Steinhardt
Jaroslaw Kapuscinski – Stanford University
Atau Tanaka – Goldsmith's College, London University
Claudia Gianetti – Edith-Russ-Haus für Medienkunst
Alexander Eichhorn – McGill University
Lucas Evers – Waag Society
Pavel Smetana – CIANT
Paul Thomas – University of New South Wales
Christopher Salter – Hexagram Concordia Institute

Reviewing Committee:
Reviewers are announced at the re-new website

Registration will open on June 15, 2013 and is done through the re-new website

Subscribe to our newsletter at and you will be notified as soon as we open for registration, receive information on keynotes and similar.


re-new / IMAC 2012

Thu Mar 01, 2012 00:00

Copenhagen, Denmark


re-new / IMAC 2012 has now opened the call for proposals of papers and artistic works. The submission deadline is March 1st, and the event takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark on

November 19-24 2012

The combined media art and conference event is a critical and inclusive project that addresses the use of interactive media in art and everyday use. It combines a reflective attitude with an active approach and it is transversal in that it goes across institution profiles, production formats and consumption segments. The scope includes conferences, workshops, featured keynotes, video programs, installations and performative works. re-new / IMAC is always looking for persons and projects that help steer and scrutinize the vast and ever-expanding realm of contemporary culture.

The overall theme for re-new / IMAC 2012 will frame cybernetics in the un-controlled/-controllable organizations that penetrate and immerse contemporary mankind and society. Interaction, autonomy, innateness, emergence, meta materials, self-construction and -organization are among the factors that contribute to the field.

Proposals of maximum 2 pages can be made for full papers, posters and demos in these categories:
  • (Norbert) Wiener Classic
  • Cybernetics and (urban) politics
  • Bio-cybernetics
  • Interactive media art – towards a ‘third order’?
Artistic submission are accepted in all categories relevant to the event theme, with special emphasis on interactive media art forms - performative, installation, participative, collaborative, distributed in sound/music, visual, haptic and cross-media.

For detailed information and submission procedure please go to

re-new / IMAC 2012 is organized by re-new digital arts forum in collaboration with Aalborg University.


re-new 2011

Sun Dec 19, 2010 00:00


Digital Arts Festival
We invite visual artists, performers, musicians and composers working in digital media in its many forms to propose works for re-new 2011. The event will take place May 17-22 2011 in Copenhagen, and we are looking for groundbreaking works in combinations of digitally enhanced music, video and installations in collaborative, distributed and site-specific art. Emphasis is on non-traditional genres, and submissions are accepted in all categories including any not mentioned here: we want works that challenge and expand current vocabulary and practice of digital creation, performance and consumption.

re-new 2011 has several venues for a variety of performance and presentation possibilities. We will seek to present the selected works at the best possible venue, but submitters are welcome to indicate preferred venue(s) on the submission form.

Important dates
•December 19 2010 - submission closes
•January 17 2011 - notification
•January 31 2011 - program announcement


re-new 2011

Tue May 17, 2011 00:00 - Fri Dec 10, 2010


re-new 2011 is now in preparation, and will take place May 17-22 at various venues in Copenhagen.

Like previous years, re-new 2011 will combine a Digital Arts Festival and an Interactive Media Art Conference into one coherent whole that addresses digital media from artistic, technological, cognitive and conceptual perspectives.

Submission can be made in either category, but we are especially urging those submissions that combine scientific and artistic research. We are looking forward to your submissions, and further information regarding topics and deadlines are found on the festival and conference pages.

Important dates
•January 7 2011 - submission closes
•January 31 2011 - notification
•February 28 2011 - final paper deadline

•December 19 2010 - submission closes
•January 17 2011 - notification
•January 31 2011 - program announcement

re-new is organized by re-new digital arts forum in collaboration with Copenhagen University, Aalborg University and the IT University.

re-new 2011 is supported by the Danish Composers’ Society.


re-new 2010

Tue May 18, 2010 00:00 - Mon Jan 11, 2010


re-new 2010 Digital Arts Festival

May 18-22 2010 we present cutting-edge digital art from all over the world at the annual re-new digital arts festival. We will be hosting concerts, installations and multimedia performances at Huset i Magstræde in down-town Copenhagen.

We will also host a workshop in Max for Live on May 22-23 as part of re-new 2010. We will have top tutors from Ableton and Cycling74, names to be revealed soon…

Finally, we organise the three-day international seminar ‘Mixed Emotions’ that will deal with the use and exploration of human and synthetic emotion in digital design, software and art. Lecturers and presenters will be internationally reknowned designers and researchers from business and academia.