Lanfranco Aceti
Since 2003
Works in London United States of America

Lanfranco Aceti works as an academic, artist and curator. He is Visiting Professor at Goldsmiths College, Department of Media and Communications, and at the Steinhardt School, at NYU; teaches Contemporary Art and Digital Cultures at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sabanci University, Istanbul; is Editor in Chief of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (the MIT Press, Leonardo journal and ISAST). He is the Founder of Director of the Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC) and of Operational and Curatorial Research in Art, Design, Science and Technology (OCR). He was Artistic Director and Conference Chair for ISEA2011 Istanbul and the Director of Kasa Gallery, Istanbul. He has done digital art interventions and exhibited widely in Museums, Art Fairs, Festivals and Biennials. Recently he has exhibited Who the People? at the Chetams' Library and Museum. His artworks are in private and public collections.

He has a Ph.D. from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London and has published, lectured and exhibited internationally.
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Tue Mar 20, 2012 18:00 - Thu May 10, 2012

Istanbul, Turkey

As Director of Kasa Gallery I am happy to announce the new exhibition Charles Csuri: Sketchbooks of Time.

Charles Csuri’s new artworks, animations, drawings and early artworks will be exhibited as a survey of the artist’s career. Through a curatorial analysis of the relationship between the artist and the media (computer and software), the art is framed in a visual representation of the concept of time.

The opening cocktail reception for the exhibition is on March 20, 2012 at 18:00.

Charles Csuri: Sketchbooks of Time is an international curatorial partnership with Senior Curators Lanfranco Aceti, (Kasa Gallery Director, Sabanci University) and Christiane Paul, (The New School and the Whitney Museum of American Art); Curator Janice Glowski (Wittenberg University) and In House Curator, Ozden Sahin (Sabanci University).

The exhibition is a collaboration with the Leonardo Electronic Almanac, The Ohio State University and Goldsmiths College.


Touch and Go

Sun Feb 12, 2012 00:00

Leonardo Electronic Almanac in collaboration with Goldsmiths College in occasion of the Watermans’ International Festival of Digital Art 2012 announces a special issue titled Touch and Go.

This issue will explore the role interactivity and participation, as well as light art and new media approaches to the public space, may play in fostering engagement and shared forms of participation.

We would like to welcome papers relevant to the following themes:

- Interactivity and audience engagement (art, technology and participation)
- New media geographies and technology
- New Media art and illusion: physical interaction & perception
- Sound and gesture in New Media Art
- Gender, sport and technology
- Art in Virtual Reality / virtual spaces and game-space as artistic medium



Tue Jan 31, 2012 00:00

Speed, Dromology and Invisibility, Leonardo Electronic Almanac

Deadline January 31, 2012

Are we moving from the futurist’s speed through contemporary dromology to the disappearance of the human body? What are the future trajectories of a continuous process of acceleration? Is the disappearance of the body through artificial speed a process of invisibility or that of a visibility through acceleration?

The instantaneous communication across Web 2.0 and the speed of interactions has created the feeling of a contradiction between an idea of constant presence and that of the disappearance of the body in a constant trajectory of ‘self-dissemination.’ In 1909 the futurists envisaged a new world and some of their far-fetched visionary ideas have come to pass. What is the role that speed will play in the future of humanity in the twenty-first century?

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) is inviting proposals from scientists interested in light, speed and invisibility, from artists, critical theorists and academics in cultural studies and digital humanities for an issue on these themes with senior editors Lanfranco Aceti and Chris Townsend, Professor of Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London. Scientists that work on issues related to speed and invisibility, media theoreticians, historians, artists that represent in their work the high speed of life and contemporary society are particularly welcome to submit proposals for consideration.

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) will produce an online and printed issue, as well as host curated images and videos online.

Proposals to:



Tue Jan 31, 2012 00:00

Leonardo Electronic Almanac in collaboration with the Samek Art Gallery and with Kasa Gallery announces a special issue titled: Not Here Not There.

This LEA special issue follows two previous exhibitions, one at Kasa Gallery titled NOT THERE and one at the Samek Art Gallery titled NOT HERE.

This call for papers arises out of the territory between two cultural streams.



Fri Jan 15, 2010 00:00


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

After receiving many requests to extend the deadline we have decided to announce a new deadline January 15, 2011 for submission of presentations, art talks, panels, artworks and workshops.

The submission of full papers is due on May 1, 2011.

For our European colleagues and surrounding countries, please look at this link for Erasmus funding

We are also looking for funding in the United States in order to facilitate students' and faculty attendance to ISEA2011 Istanbul.

If you know of funding bodies in your own countries which would provide grants for attending the conference or for artists to showcase their work - ISEA2011 Istanbul will support you.

ISEA2011 Istanbul will publish the conference proceedings through the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) with ISSN, ISBN and DOI (citation indexed).

As always we look forward to working with you.

To be kept abreast with all activities please sign up to our two newsletters:

Please feel free to disseminate this announcement.

With kind regards,

Lanfranco Aceti

Artistic Director and Conference Chair