Lanfranco Aceti
Since 2003
Works in London United States of America

Lanfranco Aceti works as an academic, artist and curator. He is Visiting Professor at Goldsmiths College, Department of Media and Communications, and at the Steinhardt School, at NYU; teaches Contemporary Art and Digital Cultures at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sabanci University, Istanbul; is Editor in Chief of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (the MIT Press, Leonardo journal and ISAST). He is the Founder of Director of the Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC) and of Operational and Curatorial Research in Art, Design, Science and Technology (OCR). He was Artistic Director and Conference Chair for ISEA2011 Istanbul and the Director of Kasa Gallery, Istanbul. He has done digital art interventions and exhibited widely in Museums, Art Fairs, Festivals and Biennials. Recently he has exhibited Who the People? at the Chetams' Library and Museum. His artworks are in private and public collections.

He has a Ph.D. from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London and has published, lectured and exhibited internationally.
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Experimenting, Curating and Commissioning: LEA, a Case for Art Experimentation in The Age of Social Media

Thu Sep 27, 2012 17:30 - Thu Sep 27, 2012

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I am giving a talk on the 27th of September at Chelsea College. The talk is titled Experimenting, Curating and Commissioning: LEA, a Case for Art Experimentation in The Age of Social Media.

A presentation by Lanfanco Aceti, followed by a conversation with Prof. David Garcia.

Abstract: The current technological developments are re-designing the socio-political landscape within a complex economic context, obliging the art institutions and artists to re-thing old methodologies and find new approaches.

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac, under the directorship of Lanfranco Aceti, is responding to these technological challenges with re-newed commitment by creating a series of international synergies that allow multiple project collaborations.

Kasa Gallery in Istanbul, Goldsmiths College, Chelsea College, the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Monash University and FACT are some of the institutions that by collaborating are developing new curatorial approaches, art commissions and publications to pursue an integrated and visible approach in the development and testing of creative ideas.

The Leonardo Digital Media Platform founded and directed by Lanfranco Aceti sees the participation and support as senior curators of Christiane Paul and Vince Dziekan.


Touch and Go Special Issue Launch, Leonardo Electronic Almanac

Wed Sep 26, 2012 18:30 - Wed Sep 26, 2012

Brentford, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

An introduction by Lanfranco Aceti about Touch and Go, a special LEA issue produced on the occasion of Watermans’ International Festival of Digital Art; a year-long festival coinciding with the Olympics and Paralympics in London hosting a series of installations that explore the impact of technology in art as well as the meaning, boundaries and issues of interaction and participation.

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac special issue Touch and Go is the result of discussions and the themes explored during the year-long Festival seminars at Watermans in collaboration with Goldsmiths University of London including audience engagement, new media geographies, digital art and illusion, gesture and art in virtual reality.

This issue explores the role interactivity and participation, as well as light art and new media approaches to the public space, may play in fostering engagement and shared forms of participation.


ZERO1 Biennial launch event for LEA special issue on augmented reality art - Not Here Not There

Fri Sep 14, 2012 18:30 - Fri Sep 14, 2012

San Jose, California
United States of America

Together with Richard Rinehart I am announcing a special issue on augmented reality art of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac titled Not Here Not There at the ZERO1 Biennial in San Jose. This special issue is a curatorial and academic collaboration between Kasa Gallery (Sabanci University) and the Samek Art Gallery (Bucknell University).

The issue follows two exhibitions of augmented reality art, one at Samek Art Gallery titled Not Here and the other at Kasa Gallery titled Not There. In this special issue of LEA there are contributions by artists that work with AR technology and curators and writers that work on issues related to AR, sited art in relation to new media, or site-specific interventions. It is a survey of the field in order to understand how contemporary art practices are evolving.

Where – California Theatre Courtyard, 345 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113.
When – September 14th at 6:30pm.


In Darwin's Garden - LEA Digital Media Platform

Wed Aug 01, 2012 16:40 - Fri Aug 31, 2012

LEA Digital Media Exhibition Platform


Meigh-Andrews’ latest project is a site-specific, web-based installation on the grounds of Down House – the family home of naturalist Charles Darwin – in Kent, England.

This project takes as its focus an old mulberry tree growing at back of the house, which serves to represent the relationship between the domestic life of the Darwin Family, the garden as a site for Charles Darwin’s careful and systematic observation of natural processes that he drew on in developing his theory of Natural Selection, and the slow but inevitable change in the cycle of life and the seasons.

The work has been developed by the artist with the collaboration and assistance of Alan Summers (University of Chester) and Rowan Blaik (Head gardener, Down House).

Vince Dziekan
Digital Media Curator, Leonardo Electronic Almanac

Senior Curators:
Lanfranco Aceti
Director and Senior Curator, Kasa Gallery

Christiane Paul
Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art


Be paid to fan yourself!

Mon Aug 27, 2012 23:59

Manchester, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

A Dream Came Through

Have you ever dreamed of doing nothing but ‘fanning yourself’ all day long? This is the dream come true – you will be paid to sit around and fan yourself for the duration of a working day.

There will be a contract signed between you and the artist producing this art project. And yes, you will be the art object, sitting there, fanning yourself, for all to see.

Please send an expression of interest, plus your contact details and basic information about yourself to

The performance will happen during the AND Festival (Abandon Normal Devices) in Manchester, England.

Note the performance takes place Wed 29 Aug 18:00 – 21:00 and Thu 30 Aug 11:00 – 18:00, participants absolutely must be available for the entire duration.