Lance Turner
Works in Morganton, North Carolina United States of America

Lance Turner has exhibited in galleries and Museums throughout the United States, including the National Ornamental Metals Museum and the Powerhouse Gallery in Memphis,TN; the Woodruff Arts Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Atlanta, GA; the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda, FL; The Southern Nevada Museum of Art in Las Vegas, NV; The Andrews Museum of Art in Andrews, NC; The Farmington Museum of Art in Farmington, NM. His work is currently published in Artbuzz 2012, Studio Visit issue 19, and BlueCanvas issue 13. A recent solo show intitled "Lance Turner: Process and Documentation" was included in the Memphis Flyer's Best of 2008 as "one of the most wildly imaginative shows of the year". Lance Turner was born in North Carolina in 1985. He graduated magna cum laude from Memphis College of Art with a BFA in Painting and Art History, and graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with an MFA in Painting.
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Opening Reception: Systems and Portraits at Push Gallery

Fri Sep 05, 2014 18:00 - Fri Sep 05, 2014

Asheville, North Carolina
United States of America

Lance Turner's latest installation of portrait paintings and moving images intend to further refine our understanding of the mechanics of painting, infinity, and the situation of the viewer through a seemingly limitless amount of patterning, mirrors and Photo-realist painting. He has recreated the PUSH gallery through murals of abstract landscapes that contain psychedelic systems of teeth and eyeballs that draw on a wide range of influences from Rococo painting to skateboard graphics to process art. The gallery is filled with moving images and paintings that incorporate the viewer as subject matter. These are placed on top of murals to immerse the viewer into a total work of art conveying information overload and rapid transition as an exaggeration of our sense of the present.

Reception Friday, September 5th from 6-9pm. The exhibition lasts through October 10th.



This is such a cool video! It's really clean too.